Progress – Finally!

I went to the barn about 9 pm with a can of food for Mama Kitty and I was surprised to see her out of the box and 3 kitties with her.  She ran back to the box which gave me the chance to pick up the black kitten who didn’t hiss at me or anything!  I put the food on the plate and went back to the house for my phone.  These are pretty bad photos but at least you can see that the kittens are out and about – one was even in the carrier!

By the time I got back to the barn the food was gone!  I think the kittens are even starting to eat on their own so tomorrow I’m going to mix up a feast and sit in the pen with them.  This is a great improvement!

Reed came to help me plant today but we had a thunderstorm so we stayed in the porch.  Reed is 9 which means if I’m really good to him he’d be around another 9 years to help this old lady.  And he loves animals!  I’ve never had a friend who really liked my barn animals very much.  Here he is with JB.

Hazel has started a very bad habit of jumping up to get the cat I’m holding.  I can only wonder if it’s jealousy.   I will have to nip this behavior in the bud!

I put the leftover blocks from the wedding quilt into a small quilt which is on the quilting machine now.  

Chick update – he/she is very brave and forges ahead leaving his mom to keep up with him.  He is almost able to fly up to a roost which Mama Hen jumps up to and then clucks to him to follow.  Soon – he’ll be flying up to that roost.

That’s the update around the farm, folks!

27 thoughts on “Progress – Finally!

  1. Kathy Hanson

    How great that you have a new helper – hope that he wants to stay and help you with your animals, etc. He is a cute kid! Good progress with the kitties, hope that continues to go well. Hazel is giving you some challenges, but you will get her in line I am sure. Such fun to hear about your farm and furry friends!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Is school out already? I think our RC schools have at least a week left. The country schools are probably done this week if they don’t have to make up snow days.

  3. Carol

    I search for your posts first thing every morning, before I read anything else. They make my day. Thank you!

  4. Sue

    Reed is a very cute boy. Perhaps a veterinarian someday? Good choice for a boy who loves animals so much. Glad he is there to help you.
    The kittens are getting so cute. The white one with black spots is my fav so far.

  5. Diane

    Yes, Reed will be around for many years to help. He is a cutie:) You are doing great with the kittens and even Mama. She’ll come around eventually. If we lived closer, I’d love the little white kitty; it looks just like my old buddy, Spike who was in the “Goat Gazette”:) Maybe hubby will be willing to “drive over” to Iowa from Ohio–lol. I love the colors in the big and little quilts. Happy and sunny quilts. Our oldest grandchild climbed into my lap when I was holding the second one and pushed her little butt right on my left knee. #2 stayed on my right knee and they’ve been friends ever since–14 1/2 years. Hazel will figure out that you have a big enough heart (and lap) for all!!!

  6. Dee T.

    I finally got your mail in spam but, not able to remove it from there permanently. I need to get some help. I have several that have gone to spam. Don,t know why. It was not me. Glad to hear about the kittens. I don’t know anything about cats. Just dogs. To stop dogs from jumping, give them the knee. But Hazel is probably to short. Ask your trainer when you go.

  7. Kay Crandall

    Love it that you are able to pick up the little kitties – they are so cute! So is Reed! I’m betting that you two are going to develop a special bond that will last forever! You are both very fortunate.

  8. Loris Mills

    Wonderful progress with Kitty Mama and her babies. It’s good to know they are so safe!
    It is also wonderful to see Reed enjoying helping you with the barn animals. He sounds like a delightful friend. The friendship will be helpful for both of you. You get the enjoyment and help with your animals and he will surely benefit from knowing you and your care for the animals. A great way to grow an awesome man!

  9. Carolyn W.

    Hazel is probably a bit jealous, but in time she will learn you have time for all….including her.

  10. Kathy

    What a heartwarming tale to read this morning. Life is good! Mama kitty will learn eventually you are providing a safe shelter and nourishment to her and her babies. It’s all about patience. And such a blessing to have an eager helper. Yes I would be looking long range too and figuring out how many batches of cookies I would be baking to feed him to keep him around!!

  11. PJ

    I don’t always comment on your blog, but just want you to know how very much it brightens my day to read it n see all your photos, I simply love it. Am so happy that Momma kitty is getting more trusting, soon maybe she will let you get closer!!!! Thanks!!!! PJ

  12. Cindie

    I think she is saying, I am keeping an eye on you, but keep bringing food! Can’t wait to read the next chapter Mary. 🐾

  13. Patsy

    If you handle the kittens as much as possible now, they will love you forever. I’ve had this same experience twice. Mama who is here now still doesn’t trust me much, but her kitten loves to be loved.

  14. Patty McDonald

    It’s always nice to have a young helper who enjoys the barn. Also, the white kitty with polka dots is very cute. Wish I lived within driving distance to adopt him/her. Patty Mc

  15. Peggy

    Great update, Mary. Glad to hear the good news about the kitties! Hoping they will learn to be friendly!! Maybe Hazel can be a friend!! She’s so cute! Keep the spray bottle handy if she’s trying to get to the cats!! Keep up the good work!! And good luck with sittin’ in the pen for a feast!! 😺😸😼😽

  16. Angie Rowland

    Can you imagine the torment Mamma kitty has been through to be so scared of someone that is trying to help her. She must be terrified that something will happen to her children. Poor baby. Thank you for your patience and understanding that she is so scared.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – and she is still terrified but I won’t give up trying to get her to the vet after the kittens are weaned. Then she’s welcome to live in my barn full time!

      1. Julianna

        Mary, you are so generous and welcoming to all God’s creatures. Look at all those years you welcomed quilters! Mama and her kittens are blessed to have found you. Reed seems so sweet from your pics. Love that age when they are so willing to help and at ease showing their true selves with their love for animals, and people too. Cheerful, honest help always so welcome 🙂 But I think in the next 9 years he’ll have giggling friends tagging along. I’m sure you can put them to work too. HA!

  17. Louise

    Reed sounds like a keeper…two likely buddies. I like what you did with the leftover blocks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I am so encouraged with this progress! Maybe she won’t be a “wild child” after all! Prayers needed for complete success!

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