Pumpkin Patch Update

   Pumpkins are looking good!  A couple of vines do not have one single pumpkin however – what’s with that?  I planted varieties that did not get over 25 lbs. or so the package said but I have a couple of jumbos out there – Rick will have to pick those.  I love the small round white ones – I hope there’s lots of those hiding in the vines.  I go out nearly every day and weed and it looks pretty good.  If you live in North Iowa, don’t forget Pumpkin Day, September 19, 9 am – 3 pm.  
I mowed today and here is Gus waiting patiently.

Then I sat in a lawn chair and finished this book – excellent read!  Gus stayed close by. 

Then it was chore time and Gus enjoyed looking for mice in the feed room with Telly and Faye.


And tonite when I was quilting the Granny Square quilt, I went looking for Gus.  I found him in the living room – wiped out.

And so my day goes – telling all of you about it is my social life – by choice.  Thanks for listening.

34 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Update

  1. Lauren

    I love reading your posts which keep us up to date with your every day happenings. So glad that you finally can enjoy all your hobbies and life in general!!

  2. Paula S.

    Thanks for sharing Mary. For me it is the simple everyday things that make life enjoyable.

  3. Charlotte

    I love your posts, Mary. They give me such a lift and I look forward to every one about the wonderful animals and of course projects. Thank you!!!

  4. Holly

    And reading about your day is a large part of my social life. Thanks for sharing. (I’m loving the picture story of Gus!)

  5. Rose Mikulski

    Gus couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate National Dog Day that your place. I would love to see the Pumpkin Patch, those pumpkins with the bumps are the ones I like.

  6. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love your social days with your 4 legged buddies. Pumpkins looking good. Bought 2 small lunar pumpkins at our local produce stand. Love Gus. Look forward to your posts.

  7. Katie

    Hola from Gilbert,AZ..
    Love Love those pumpkins, they r beautiful, nothing is blooming here, still very HOT,
    Our lil acre is green thanks to irrigation water, my 3 dogs stay indoors 98 percent of the time, the turtle hides under the patio chairs , I hide indoors, and enjoy my lil sewing room. Working on 2 wedding quilts, and a Frida Kahlo quilt….thanks for sharing
    From my Casita in Gilbert, AZ.

  8. Angie H

    LOVE keeping up with life on your farm!! It is such a great and inspiring “escape”. Gus is such a Labrador!! The pumpkins are wonderful – just don’t know how you do it all. Thanks so much for including all of us.

  9. Louise

    ….and it looks like reading your blog is the social life for many of us out here..love the pumpkins with the warts. As I drive into town on our country roads I pass many gardens and farms with pumpkins growing. I am amazed with the size of them already!

  10. Linda

    Love your posts, Mary and especially love all of the dog pics. Keep them coming! How about a review on the book your were reading?

  11. donna j

    No, Thank You for letting us listen to your farm and quilt talk! I miss Iowa very much. You keep me in touch. I love dogs and it’s fun to see yours whether they live there or are visiting. And I love to see your quilts and projects.
    Take care!
    dj from a wheatfield south of Wichita, KS

  12. Mary Ann

    Although I don’t comment often, I wanted you to know that I love hearing from you and look forward to every post. I am so glad you continued after you closed the shop.

  13. Carol

    And you even have time to paint those toenails! Good golly! Lovely colors and textures on those pumpkins!

  14. MartyCae

    Love each and every post. Especially the animal stories. Thanks also for all the comments on the books. I have read several that you and your customers have mentioned.

  15. Jan

    My favorites are the white “punkins”. Enjoy all of your blog; the dogs, the land, the projects, the books and the peacefulness. I’m a great fan of Iowa and visit family there many times during the year. Up here, in the north woods of WI, we are a few planting weeks behind you. Despite the shorter season we always seem to manage to get the gardens in, and out, before the freeze begins again.

  16. nancy

    Wow! I marvel at all you do, how do you get it all done?
    Enjoy your daily “news”

  17. Linda

    I look forward to your post every day. Love to hear how things are going in Iowa.
    Germantown, TN

  18. Noël

    I love reading about your days on the farm! I just shared your no-cook pickle recipe with a co-worker after she tasted some of the ones I made. 🙂

  19. Nikki Mahaffey

    Wish cool enough here for pumpkins…am growing a volunteer cantaloupe..yum…question..what is the bumpy pumpkin?

  20. Launa

    Hey Mary……You sure give a terrific new meaning of “going to the dogs!” What a delightful place yours and the visiting dogs have to play and stay with plenty of TLC. Gus seems to enjoy mice hunting and all the romping around.
    Went past the pumpkin patch and corn maze this week and things are really looking good there.
    I like to stuff the very small pumpkins with a tangy meat-rice mixture and bake….so good.
    Knights Ferry, CA…just east of Oakdale on the way to Sonora…has a pumpkin roll contest after Halloween. Always a fun time and a nice walk over the long covered bridge.

  21. Jeanie

    I do love your blog, Mary. I look forward to both the quilts and the pet news. We have been out all summer in our camper and are heading home to sw IL from Bozeman MT. I am ashamed to say, I did not accomplish much in the way of quilting or knitting this summer. I plan to have a more productive winter.

  22. Ann Barlament

    I think Gus got the better end of this vacation experience!!! He will need a week to recoup after all his adventures on the farm.

  23. Carolyn Worthington

    Yes, I am light all the above…I wouldn’t trade for the adventures you share everyday. They are absolutely priceless. I thought my retirement from teaching was great with lots of time for quilting, rug hooking and a bit of traveling with friends, but yours is definitely tops. As an animal lover I am always anxious to read and see this latest adventures. Your post are a bright spot in everyone’s day.

  24. Cynthia

    Hi Mary. Your pumpkin patch looks great! Love all your selections, but I think the white pumpkins are my favorite. Gus is such a cute pup. I think he is really enjoying his adventures at the farm. Thanks for sharing your farm life with all of us. 🙂

  25. Carol

    Love reading about your daily adventures! The pumpkins look wonderful and make me feel as though, even though we are still having 95 degree heat on a daily basis here in Central California, that fall will be here soon.

  26. Gina

    Look forward to reading everyone of your posts about the dogs,cats,goats,geese and chickens. I grew up on a farm and it was the best way of growing up. I can back to those times through you. Thank You! I’m happy that you are enjoying retirement.

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