Rainy Monday

It’s been raining for hours.

I think this grass turned green just today.

I love my grass but I fight a losing battle not only with the tractor and Rick but all the dogs who run through the soft muddy lawn leaving  giant paw prints!  I hate it – it makes me so sad because I love that green grass far more than flowers or shrubs and I can’t get it to thrive.  We also have lots of shade east of the house but still…..

This is what it looks like today – I just bought another bag of grass seed – guess I’ll go out and throw it around.

Hope, Tucker and Telly have been outside playing – they’re all wet and muddy – again.

Someone asked about Pammie – she’s doing well – these pictures were taken this morning.

Here’s petite little Heidi.  I think she’s about 13 years old but tiny.

Millie loves to tiptoe through the plants.

And here’s Ethel who came with Rox last May and was missing for several weeks last summer.

I spent this rainy afternoon working on a baby quilt and watching Season 5 of Homeland.  It is soooooo good!

20 thoughts on “Rainy Monday

  1. julie stancato

    We had rain yesterday too, here in Wisconsin. Feels like spring, temps in the 60s I think. My son in LA tells me they’ve had rain almost nonstop. But, when he has rain with all the concrete it doesn’t make as much of a mess as on a farm, right? Cute pics! Julie

  2. Alison Burnett

    Hi Mary, I so enjoy reading your blog. I wish to thank you for telling us about the Dyson V8.
    I bought one and I love it. I have a hundred pound English Labrador, need I say more. I also
    use it on the rugs I hooked. Thank you, Alison

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patricia – it’s a cable tv series but I bought each season on DVD. The 6th season is playing on tv now and I’m watching season 5.

  3. Sherrill

    My sister has a cat that really reminds me a LOT of Heidi..no clue how old she is and she’s had a least one litter of kittens several years ago but is SO tiny! Pammie’s looking beautiful. They’re all adorable.

  4. Debbie grisanti

    I wouldn’t get anything done with all those fur babies, I’d have to play with them!!!!!!

  5. Jean Elliott

    Love the cat pictures…makes me think about getting one. Wondering about the cat in the barn. Hope to get to Garner in a few months and will call you if I do.

  6. Anna M

    How do you handle the dogs and mud? Do you wash their paws every time they come in? Our Jack Russell Hates having his paws messed with, it’s a struggle when it’s muddy.

    Love all of your cats!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anna – our concrete floors don’t show the mud too much and when all the mud dries up, I’ll scrub them. I ran the dogs through some water puddles to clean off their paws – a spotless house is not as important to me as happy dogs.

  7. Barbara

    Glad to hear Pammie is doing so well. The petite Heidi is so cute. Love Mary’s projects, too. What book is she using for her hexagon flowers? Sounds like her visit to family was fun. Thanks for all the news–pets, quilts, friends and family. Always a good read.

  8. Diane

    Dogs and mud– perfect combo for them, but not for grass! We think Tuxedo kitties like Millie are always getting in trouble😺😺. I love the kitty pictures, too. We’ve had 5 calicoes and no problems. Isn’t that funny–different cats, different temperaments. Your rain will be in Ohio soon, Mary. Thanks for answering my question about the goats coats. 😃

  9. Joyce

    I agree that Homeland is very good this season…..as it has always been! I enjoyed Homeland on my DVR today working on a hooked rug on my day off while watching the rain in Minnesota. Pure bliss! I love seeing your animals and projects as I was a big fan of your shop.

  10. Holly TH

    I love seeing pictures of the kitties! With all those calicoes, they must have learned to either get along or avoid one another. Most of the calico and tortoiseshell cats I’ve had have not enjoyed the company of other cats and tend to get snarky. But they’re so pretty and someone has to love them.

  11. Donna

    Mary your kitties are so precious. How about “Colton”. I didn’t realize you had so many cats plus the one in the barn. Yes dogs know how to get muddy muddy 😏

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – I’ll take Coltons picture tomorrow – he loves to hang out in the barn.

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