Recuperating Is Exhausting!

Sitting in a chair and keeping my leg elevated is exhausting! The more I sit, the more tired I get. And as I sit here I think of things to write about – haha! And there’s lots on my mind so here we go!

A couple months ago I got an email from a lady in Minnesota who wanted to rehome her mother’s antique pincushions – WHAT???? A reader had told her about my extensive collection and of course, as I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice, I said that I would love to include those pincushions in my collection. This will be an upcoming post when I get all the photos taken. You won’t believe it!

I’m missing my barn animals terribly but the ground is so uneven between here and there that I have agreed not to attempt that walk. I no longer need my cane in the house – 2 weeks and no cane. But if I were going someplace I would still take it along for insurance. Just a little while ago when I was sitting in the recliner, I heard one of the cats bring in a fluttering bird. I didn’t know I could get up so fast but I managed to capture this this downy woodpecker who settled in among my potted plants. And once again I’ve gotten a close look at a beautiful bird!

Yesterday I received these fun towels that express my thought exactly! It’s time for me to start writing the thank you notes!

I have fallen behind in my Martingale book reviews. I received these before surgery but am just getting around to them now.

Lisa is the queen of wool appliqué and this book will explain it all to anyone wanting to learn how to create beautiful wool projects. The cover of the book says it all — “the go-to guide for wool stitchery”. Her company, Primitive Gatherings, was a vendor at Quilt Festival and she said she sold out of 5 cases of this book! You’ll all hope to be the winner, won’t you?

The next book is Mix It Up! 16 quilts from cake mix and cupcake mix papers.

See how many projects Connie has marked? I think Connie will have to be the winner of this book because she LOVES paper piecing. There are some really wonderful projects in this book such as Quilters Confetti which I love so much I might be a convert. I generally don’t like anyone telling me what to do which is essentially what these papers are. Don’t laugh.

The next book is Edita Sitar’s Patches of Stars – 17 quilt patterns and a gallery of inspiring antique quilts.

I mostly enjoy looking at the antique quilts – most of the patterns are over the top for me but are beautiful just the same.

And the last book in this give-away is a home dec book, hardcover and chock full of gorgeous photos. This is Little Farmstead Living, creating a country life just past the city limits by Julie Thomas.

The photos are beautiful but don’t come close to my farmstead past the city limits. As beautiful as this is, it is unattainable in my world but I love looking at these pictures! Here’s a sample.

The winner of this book will have many hours of home dec pleasure!

So how will we enter for one of these books? Maybe just tell me which book you’d like if we pick your name as a winner. How easy is that? I don’t want these book giveaways to become too complicated.

So last night I wanted to sew something – anything!- so I started my Jellyroll 16 patch. When Connie made hers, she paired her strips up with white but this time I’m just going to mix up the strips like this and sew in pairs.

I decided to leave out all the blue strips in the jellyroll for a more controlled color palette. I plan to sew on this again tonight.

I’ve had lots of time to read Facebook and Pinterest and I started saving some beautiful pictures that aren’t loaded on the Pinterest App.

When I look at this old log cabin, I think of Linda Brannock and her strip pieced log cabins in several of my quilts.

I think I’ve cleared the deck today – oh, no, there’s one more thing. My oldest cat named Moda has disappeared. She’s been gone since I had surgery and it has turned so cold I’m convinced she’s dead but we have found no body. Last night I dreamed that I saw Moda and in my dream I kept searching for her. She is the feral cat that has been here for about 20 years and I’ve never touched her. She has always lived in the house and gone outside through the cat door in back, never wanting to walk through the room where we might be. I believe I posted an unbelievable picture of her laying on my sewing island awhile ago. She was a beautiful calico cat – had developed cataracts – and her fur just didn’t look well kept up – typical of an old cat. It makes me so sad to think she’s out there somewhere and I don’t know what happened to her.

This is just way too much for one blog post – you might not even want to read it all. Yikes! Too much typing on a tiny keyboard!

314 thoughts on “Recuperating Is Exhausting!

  1. Linda in Estherville

    Hello, Mary…this is Wednesday morning. I can’t respond to your late Tuesday post…just thought I would say so. I tried last nite and just now.

  2. Meri in SoVA

    Mix it up looks fun…so does the Needle & Thread book.
    Glad you’re doing so well now! I hope you find out the mystery of Moda, too.

  3. Jane Alabama

    I have been working with woo for about 15 years, have taken a class with Lisa and have he wool book which is wonderful. I would love to win the cake mix and cupcake book, “”All Mixed Up”.

  4. Heather K

    Patches of Stars-I will someday make one of her quilts! I feel terrible about the recovery -I can’t imagine how much it hurt from some of the pictures and then being in recovery ….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Heather K – my recovery is nothing to brag about – so many people have had this surgery and I’ll just be glad when I feel completely well again – just in time to have the other knee done!

      1. Heather K

        You are a bigger person than me- I would be whining up a storm if I had one surgery and two!?

  5. Karen Strohschein

    I would love the wool book or the Little Farmstead Living book.
    Praying for a quick recovery for you.

  6. Cinders

    Such nice books!! If I am a winner I think Mix It Up would be divine! Hope you are getting stronger each day! The wind was out of the south today, such a very strong wind, it brings warmer weather, but that wind is so cold! We visited relatives in Noeth Dakota and the harvest there is not going well, if you can get into the fields at all, moisture everywhere, too much. Low test weights, shortage of propane here in Minnesota, and with the low test weight in the corn, elevators are not taking the corn. Be safe outside also!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cinders – that south wind today was brutal, I agree. Oh, those poor N. Dakota farmers – it just seems to go from bad to worse for them. Our farmers are slowly finishing up but there are still fields of corn standing. Because of that bitter wind I tried to stay in the house and I was lucky that I could. I hope nobody in the barn dies before I get back there!

  7. Linda Kay Smith

    I love Lisa Bongean’s style and her beautiful work with wool. I am starting to do some wool applique again after a long time of not working with it, I hope I remember how to do it – Lisa’s book would hellp.

  8. Nancy Norris

    Mary so glad you are feeling better and able to get around some.
    I would love to have the Mix it Up book or the Patchbook one by Edyta.
    So pretty all of them.

  9. Debbie B

    I would love the Wool Needle and Thread book. They all sound delightful. Wishing you continued healing.

  10. Karen Juergens

    Oops, I sent my comment off too soon I think-retirement brain!

    Karen Juergens

    I would love to have the Little Farmstead book, or the wool book.

    Heal up soon Mary!

  11. Anonymous

    I would love to have the Little Farmstead Living book or the Wool book. I don’t live in the country, but I go there vicariously through your blog!

    Heal up Mary-the world needs your talents!

    Karen Juergens

  12. Diane B

    Patches of Stars by Edyta Sitar would be my first choice and Wool, Needle and Thread by Lisa Bongean would be my second.

    PS – I am amazed you feel up to sewing. After my partial replacement it took quite a while to be able to sit at a desk with my leg down for longer periods of time. Good for you that you’re progressing so quickly!

  13. Marsha Ransom

    I would love to have any of the books – but since I’ve purchased wool and have no idea where to begin, would love to win the Wool book!

    A comment from a friend who lives on a farm about the current trend for “Farmstead” décor was, “Who ever dreamed up white everything never lived on a real farm!” LOL But the book looks like it would be fun to get ideas from! My décor has had to change to toddler-proof once again since our granddaughter and her mommy have taken up residence with us. I’ll be happy when I can put table lamps back on my end tables! LOL

    Totally enjoyed your post today!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marsha Ransom – the farmhouse book is beautiful but far from believable.

  14. Judy

    I would pick the book Mix It Up. I am glad you are able to get around in your house without the cane. How fun for you to be able to hold the little woodpecker although maybe not so fun for the bird considering what happened to him.

  15. Julie D.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a book! I think I would choose the “Mix It Up” book. I do have a cake mix so it would be fun to create a quilt with this book.

    So very sorry about the loss of your cat. I hate losing any of my farm cats, but I fear that is the reality of living on a farm.

    I have to tell you that my dad placed an order from a man to build a small building, somewhat the size of a small chicken coop. It has a front door where he enters to put their feed and clean their kitty litter pans. Then there is a very small door that the cats enter the building. He has pillows for them to lay on and they are just cozy in there! He is so happy that his farm cats won’t be out in the elements this winter.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie D – please tell your dad I love what he did for his cats! Farmers around here would NEVER take care of their cats like that. They decide not to feed them so the cats will catch more mice! What a crock! My cats are excellent mousers and they’ve never been hungry a day in their life since showing up here. Thanks and admiration go to your dad from this cat lover!

  16. Patty McDonald

    Little Farmstead Living by Julie Thomas caught my eye. We’ve lived on our acreage for nearly 44 years and last month we listed it! We live in southern Ca. and are now surrounded by city so it’s worth a bit more than we paid way back when. We say to each other, if it was still rural like years ago, we wouldn’t sell. We are much older now but our place is as perfect as acreage gets……just like your place. Of course it doesn’t come close to pics in magazines. Mary, I really, truly, don’t know how you get everything done!! We are about the same age and there are only 3 things I want to do…….sew, garden (flowers and vegetables), and have my chickens. You do soooooooo much more. May you have a quick recovery and a happy week. Patty McDonald

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patty McDonald – but what about all that other stuff that has to be done just so you can live on the acreage? The work is never ending and I never think I can read or sew until I’ve crossed that other stuff off my list. And then there’s Hazel who demands my attention all the time. Pets require lots of work and some days, like today, I’m just exhausted.

      1. Patty McDonald

        You are so right. Our motto has always been work before play. It has to be when you have property and animals. I love to read and that is done when I crawl into bed. Just some more reasons of why we are selling too. The weeds are never ending from Feb. through July. With all our trees, the danger of fire is always on our minds. We weed, paint, fight the squirrels from eating all our fruit and the rabbits from ravishing our garden. Yes, I love the opossums and raccoons and the hawks that nest in our grove of trees. On occasion we still see barn owls and coyotes. That part is heaven. We no longer have cows and other farm animals but do have 2 labs. They are nothing like Hazel. They follow us around and want to be our constant companions. We call them our kids. There are definitely aspects of farm life we will miss but I pick up most the slack of work because my husband is 9 years older than me. We’ve loved our days on this property but my dad always said the secret to growing old is being able to adjust to change. I’m ready to lolly gag and just maintain a half acre or so. Love reading your blog.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Patty McDonald – this episode of a bad knee has shown me a glimpse of the day to come when I can’t live here anymore. It breaks my heart but I suppose that’s just part of getting old and facing the end of life. There just isn’t anything else I’d rather do than live on this little farm. I will continue to work first and play second for as long as I can.

  17. Judith Ann Jaques

    Hi Mary, I kept reading but no mention if the bird was injured.I do not have cats any longer but my 2 girls keep me company. I am glad your recovery is coming along so well. j

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith – I answered somebody, I don’t know who but no, the little woodpecker was not injured. I stepped outside and opened my hand and he took off!

  18. Debbie Rosenbrook

    Oh I would just love the Mix it up book, Iv’e got a couple paper packs I need to find patterns for!
    I hear ya about laying around being exhausting, I was sick all last week with that nasty flu! Its painful to have the TV on day after day and just lay there! HaHa

  19. Nancy J Finch

    Wow What a response . Must make you feel so good and help in your healing. So sorry on Moda. Having had one who slipped out when I was bringing in groceries , the thoughts that went thru my mind . We have a older feral that we feed and have made her a box to keep her out of weather but I was thinking of somehow getting heat to her. We did have her spaded and shots.
    I would love to see the book Little Farmstead Living. Hubby misses his farm life and would read your newsletters every issue. Missed them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy Finch – I bought a heated pad – not like fabric but hard plastic – for my cats in the barn. It was very safe – have you seen those cat shelters made out of insulated coolers? Excellent idea!

  20. Linda

    I would pick anything Lisa Bongean….love her….I hope you are feeling better today–no fun….It took me some time to recover from a broken leg last year….so no fun…

  21. Deb in MN

    I think “Patches of Stars” is my favorite but would like any of them. Glad you are recovering nicely and hope you find Moda.

  22. Kate

    Little Farmstead Living sounds good to me. Hope you find Moda. A twenty year old cat is pretty old. My oldest cat died at 18 and I still miss her.

  23. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    It’s good to hear of your rapid recovery from knee surgery!
    I’m so sorry about Moda. Losing an animal friend is so difficult. She was a lucky cat to enjoy your hospitality for 20 years!
    What a delightful collection of books!
    Since I just invested in some wool pieces and patterns, the book on wool appliqué is my choice.
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  24. Norma Gebhardt

    I taught myself paper piecing with the help of a book called Kimberbelle(Sew it by Number:Paper-Piecing Throughout the Year) It was fun and I easily made a small framed quilt block.. I’m not sure if I would be ready for the Mix It Up Book. Probably should go to Connie as you two seem to be a team.
    Where would we be without friends, both human and animal? Definetly something to write down in your gratitude journal.

  25. Penny S in MN

    Mary, I would choose Lisa’s wool book first but love them all and would be grateful to win any of them.

    Glad your recovery is going well, and that you can get back to sewing. I bet it’s not much longer before you are back in the barn. I know your feeling of laying around and getting more tired. I’ve had the misfortune of breaking my arm a week ago, had surgery now wait for recovery. I wish I could sew something but unable. Enjoying your new book and can’t wait to start something new. Maybe I can go organize my sewing room one handed.
    Hoping Moda has found her way back home.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Penny – oh dear, how did you break your arm? Is it in a cast? For how long? Disappointing, isn’t it?

  26. Janet M

    They all look like great books. “Mix It Up” looks fun to me.
    So glad your recovery is moving quickly.

  27. Micky in Northern Illinois

    Mary, I understand your concern for Moda. Tonight will be in the single digits and maybe tomorrow might get in the 20’s. I am going to my 4th major surgery in 12 months in Dec. I to got very restless and realized My Body has to rest. Your have been so active and your body is telling you to take the time for it to be restored Peace Micky

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Micky In N.IL- I’m sorry to hear you’re going under the knife – again! I have always been pretty active so sitting all day is very hard – you better be prepared to rest again. And me, too, when I have the other knee done.

  28. Karen Gaithet

    I might be too late, but Mix It Up and Wool Needle & Thread Books are on my Christmas list.

    I am glad you are staying inside and not going to the barn is a good. If you still have your ice machine use it. I as 5 weeks out of surgery and still use it most days at least a couple of hours once or twice a day!

    1. Micky in Northern Illinois

      Mary, I understand your concern for Moda. Tonight will be in the single digits and maybe tomorrow might get in the 20’s. I am going to my 4th major surgery in 12 months in Dec. I to got very restless and realized My Body has to rest. Your have been so active and your body is telling you to take the time for it to be restored Peace Micky

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen Gaither – oh, I have my ice machine but I hate it! Probably because I have to lay down to use it. And I don’t want to lay down.

  29. debby brandon

    I would love to win Lisa’s applique stitchery book as I only know the basics. However, any of them sound like a fantastic win.
    Hoping you find Moda. Keep up the good recovery progress on your knee. Love all of your pictures and newsy emails.

  30. Diane in WI

    I would enjoy Wool, Needle, and Thread. I look at the picture of the log cabin, and I am so glad to be in a warm house today. It is snowing again! This is the fourth snow event we have had in November. My husband’s soy beans are still not harvested. I’m sorry to hear about Moda. I have had two cats simply leave and never come back. We have never found them. I think they sense when it is their time to leave. I hope you find her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane In WI – oh, no! Soybeans still in the field? Rick says snow is harder on soybeans than rain because the snow sticks to the leaves and pods. Oh, I hope the weather turns around so he can harvest.

  31. Karen D Martin

    Mix It Up looks like a good book for a scrappy quilter like me. I had a cat disappear a few years ago and it still hurts my heart

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen Martin – Moda’s disappearance will hurt MY heart for a long time as well.

  32. Rebecca

    Hi Mary
    I think I like Little Farmstead Living, as i think i need help in my decorating😋
    Becky from WA

  33. Wendy T.

    Mix It Up is my favorite (sorry Connie!!) So glad to hear that you are getting around sans cane. Sorry to hear about Moda. We had a cat that we didn’t find and it definitely keeps you wondering. Twenty years though- think what a wonderful long life you gave her.

  34. Maria L Zook

    My first choice would be Mix It Up, and Farmstead Living would be my second choice. I love really appreciate your blog and the way you share about quilting and your life.

  35. Kathy Roloff

    I would be thrilled with any of the books, but Mix It Up would be my first choice. It sounds like you are recovering beautifully. Knee surgery is the worst. I cannot wait to see the pin cushion collection. Keep up the good PT work!

  36. Connie P.

    Wool, Needle and Thread by Lisa Bongean would be a wonderful choice for me. i also love to work with wool! Take care and continue to improve!!

  37. Jean

    Hands down patches of stars would be my pick. I’ve looked at that cover quilt for years now. A real beauty!
    Lots if ads today but none will allow me to close them.
    So sad about moda. I had a cat disappear several years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it!

  38. Kristie M Michalowski

    Mary I’m glad your recovery is going well.
    I like the Mix it Up book…looks like fun!

  39. Pam Milbrandt

    You are doing well in your therapy!! You are making right choice not walking on uneven ground because you do not want undo your surgery. Right?
    All of the books are wonderful but love the Wool, Needle & Thread.
    Thank you for your blog!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
    Pam from Iowa

  40. Carol Collier

    So glad you are progressing well!! I always so enjoy your posts– like a wonderful visit with you and your farm!! All the books look wonderful — would like the Patches of Stars. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your strips!!

  41. Deb Renken - SW Minnesota

    Would love any of the books but especially like the wool applique one. I love to applique and have made a few wool applique wall hangings for Christmas decorations.

  42. Anne Thate

    I would love Mix it Up!
    I love the precision of paper piecing and all ready have the wool book. It is fantastic:)
    I will send good thoughts for Moda.

  43. Donna Albright

    I think I have to say my favorite book is Wool, Needle and Thread by Lisa Bongean. I’ve been going to order it but have put it off because it’s time to do my Christmas shopping….for other people, not myself:):):)

  44. Janet D

    I would love to win the wool, needle and thread book by Lisa Bongean. Thanks for all the book give aways.

  45. Patricia Pratt

    Mary, where did you get the contraption that helped you put on socks. My friend is having hip surgery and I told her about it and she would like to get one. Thanks in advance…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patricia Pratt – I got mine in the hospital but you can order one from Amazon – it’s called a Sock Aid. OR I found the paper with mine as well as online address.
      Performance Health Supply, Inc.
      W68N158 Evergreen Blvd.
      Cedarburg, WI. 53012

  46. Lee

    Mary, i would treasure the Farmhouse book. ….should I win it. blessings, Lee

    Glad you are doing so well……aren’t doctors such a blessing.

  47. Pat Smith

    Well, I’m probably too late to participate in the book drawing, but, I’d love the one with the confetti quilt. We are in the RV in Daytona Beach at a Winnebago club gathering, so I was busy all day yesterday going to a church event and then driving over here. Mary, you are so active that sitting with you leg up must be so difficult. But you are making such great progress. Sad about your cat. I can’t imagine living with a cat that I had never touched. It must be like a phantom. One of our cats escaped one evening, and although I followed her in the woods, I was not able to catch her. I went out and called to her periodically during the night with no luck. She was wearing an ID tag with our phone # and a man called to tell us her body was on the bike path that runs behind our house. We were thankful he did that although saddened at her loss. She was our daughter’s favorite.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – whenever I see a dog or cat dead along the road, I think about the owners looking for it. Thank goodness that man called you.

  48. Deb Harrison

    Mary, so sorry Moda is missing. I know it weighs heavy on your heart. I love the tea towel and perfect get well card! The woodie is beautiful and my personal favorite of the woodies species. Enjoy sending the books to new homes. I have been sending off more to the Pine Ridge Reservation. I send fabrics, tools and books as I decide I don’t need them any longer. I will always keep Country Threads collections, my Pam Holland books, Kaffe Fassett, Miss Rosie (you know the reason for those) and Fons and Porter. Those will go to my daughter in-law after I am gone. I have lots of quilt history books, which will go to the library after me, and my precious two books about quilts from my home Davis County.

    May each day bring new joys in moving around again!

  49. Jessica in Florida

    I would love the wool book!

    The downy woodpecker is gorgeous! I’ve only seen them from a distance on the power poles and didn’t realize how striking their feathers are. So sorry you can’t find Moda. I’m hoping she’s holed up somewhere keeping warm.

  50. Carrie Mayer

    I’d love to learn more about stitching with wool so my choice is the Wool, Needle, and Thread book ( I think I remembered the name of the book correctly 🤔)

  51. Paula Philpot

    Your cat may be hid out in the barn staying warm. Love all the pics you sent. I would like to have any of the books and would love to win. Paula in KY

  52. Sharon Bennett

    I hope little Moda returns soon…

    I would love the PG Wool Book, please!….It is winter, after all….lol!

  53. Linda in Estherville

    I will toss my name into the hat. And, if I had a choice, Edytha’s book would have to be it.. when I think of her, I can hear her wonderful dialect. Isn’t she a fun speaker? I love her stories. And, oddly enough, I do not have one of her books. I do have one of her blue kits from a shop in Minnesota.

    You are doing so well. And, I am happy to hear you are resting, but sorry about your dreams of Moda. I understand animals will just go off to die, much like the old Indians of long ago.

    Sadness in our town, a fellow my sons’ age died in the woods not far from us. I feel so bad for the family, it has been two or three years since his young cousin was murdered. Such violent deaths…it is good the family has a lot of sisters to hold each other up. I this this man had so much pain, he was like Moda and just went off by himself and now has peace . So, if Moda isn’t just out doing his thing…that small friend of yours is at peace.

  54. Mary Kannaa

    Oh wow, which book is my favorite? I think it would be Mix It Up and then The Wool Stitch’s book.

  55. Wendy P

    So glad that you are on the mend. Love your plan and color choice for the 16 patch. As for the give away it’s tough to chose between Mix It Up and Patches of Stars but it Mix It Up wins.

  56. Janet Schultz

    Wow! A lot of competition for these wonderful books. Although they are all wonderful, my favorite is Mix It Up. Thank you so much for sharing.

  57. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m with you on that paper piecing…not my cup of tea. I think your recovery is phenomenal, 3 weeks ago you were in the surgery room. My how time flies.
    So sorry about Moda, you gave her the gift of a good life for a long time. If she has crossed the rainbow bridge, she will join others watching over you.

    I’d rather be quilting, but..I’m trying to organize passwords, emails and addresses. What a pain in the neck! Everybody wants something different, how can we possibly remember all that.

    Pick me for a book and I’d like the wool one!!! If you only knew what misery I’m in tonight. But, this too shall pass and it will be better.😪😧😢

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – and it won’t be 3 weeks until this Thursday! It’s going well but now that we have snow, I don’t dare go outside for awhile.
      I should do what you’re doing but I keep putting it off – why does every single site require a password????

  58. Carol T

    I’d love either lisa or edyta! I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well with your new knee! It took me a lot longer when I had them done 30 ish years ago!

  59. Beverly Lockmiller

    I so enjoy your blog. I love Mix it up or patches of stars. if I should be lucky. Hope your cat comes back what a cool name Moda. I lost my missy a couple of weeks ago she just got sick and died. She was 11. Hope you are back up and in the barn soon.

  60. LouAnn Engelhardt

    I think that Lisa Bongeans book would be nice to have to improve my wool stitching. Take good care of that knee. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for doing it.

  61. Kathy Hanson

    So glad that you are getting better, even though it is hard to keep your leg up a lot. Doing well not needing the cane in the house but good to have it when you are out. I like Mix it up best I guess. So sorry that you aren’t seeing Moda, hope she is ok or that you will get an answer. How exciting to hold that Downy woodpecker!! WOW! See getting better!!

  62. Diane Bauer

    So much news in your post today!! Glad to hear you have graduated to only needing your cane for insurance! That’s great!!

    What a beautiful woodpecker!! I found a feather in my backyard awhile ago and finally did a search on feather identification today. Looks to be a Northern Grossbeak. Such a pretty feather!

    My favorite of the books is Patches of Stars, though I have been wanting to dive into some wool appliqué as well!! Lots of fun options!

  63. Jane

    So thankful you are recovering so quickly! PT is no fun, but very important to range of motion. Glad you are sewing again. What a wonderful collection of books you are giving away. Patches of Stars would be my first choice.

  64. CheriP

    I would like Mix It Up or Little Farmstead Living. We just moved two months ago, and I am trying to
    use all the country items I have been saving to decorate our home. So many boxes — and so many rooms to paint first!

  65. Gayle Shumaker

    I would really like Wool, Needle and Thread by Lisa Bongean. I hope Moda comes home. My son and his family thought they lost their cat to either an owl that was living by their house or to the small pack of coyotes also nearby. That was a year ago he disappeared, last month he showed up at their house. They think he wandered into a nearby group of homes and someone thought he was a stray.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Shumaker – their cat came home after he’d been missing a year? I’ll bet they did a double take when he showed up at their door! I love stories like this!

  66. Agatha Baldwin

    I am so sorry that you are still struggling with your knee. I have been having so much pain in mine that most nights I can’t get comfortable enough to even sleep. I love paper piecing so Mix it Up wouldbeperfecy

  67. Sharon

    Mix it up looks best to me,but they all look like great books! Hope you find your kitty 🐱 !

  68. Barbara Vest

    I would pick wool, needle and thread.
    I lost my 19 year old cat one cold November day yeats ago, we looked everywhere. I had let her outside for just a few minutes to sit in the sun while I fed our horses. When I came back 20 minutes later she was gone… I will always wonder where she went and what happened for those 20 minutes .. anything you are not alone with that situation.. it just happens.
    Love your blog.. hope your up and back to normal soon!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara Vest – oh, that is terrible to lose her in 20 minutes! I wonder where she went – now I’ll dream about your cat as well as mine.

  69. Darby in WI

    Wool, Needle & Thread would be so fun! I’ve never tried wool applique but have always admired it. As for your health, I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted getting a new joint. The only thing they regretted was not getting it earlier!

  70. Nancy

    What a sweet woodpecker. So glad you saved it from its investigators who could have done it harm.
    Thank you for offering the books. I would love to give a home to the Farmhouse book!

  71. Cindy S.

    Good to hear your healing so well. Your doctor did a great job. What brand knee did he put in? I need knee surgery. I enjoy books with decorating ideas, Little Farmstead Living Book.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cindy S – what brand? Should I known the answer? What are some of my choices – I’ll ask him.

  72. Connie M

    I would love to win Lisa’s Bonjean’s book, Wool, Needle and Thread. Thank you for the opportunity!

  73. Rosalie

    So glad you saved that tiny bird!
    I had a baby hummingbird hop onto my hand a few months ago! A wonderful experience.
    Wool needle thread is my choice!

  74. Ellie

    So sorry to hear your kitty is missing! They are family members whether they know it or not or even acknowledge it! Wonderful post! Not too long at all. We all love hearing from you. So glad your recovery is going so well. You will be able to go to the barn soon.

    My choice would be Mix It Up As that is closer to my sort of interest.

  75. Rikki

    I like the mix it up book love scrap quilts that is all I make. Hope you are getting better each day.

  76. Deborah

    The Wool books interests me as I am working on my first wool project. Patches of Stars also looks like a great book

  77. Annette F.

    Wool, Needle and Thread would be my choice. Thank you again for this blog. The picture of the woodpecker is amazing, just beautiful.

  78. Bonnie Glidden

    I would enjoy all the books. Mix it Up would be a favorite for me. Again Patches of Stars by Edyta Sitar I’m sure is a fabulous book. Such good choses. Glad you doing better. Keep up the good work.

  79. Ann Gupton

    Wool, Needle and Thread.
    Praying that Moda finds her way home. Soon.
    I love all the books.

  80. Barbara Bennett

    My first choice would be the wool book by Lisa Bonjean since I’m ready to start her Twilight Garden quilt.

    Also love Mix it up and Patches of stars.

    My condolences for your missing cat.

  81. Patti in W Barnstable

    Another beautiful bird! I can only imagine how quick you got up to be able to scoop it to safety. Sorry to hear Moda is missing. Even with the leg on the mend, you are up and about sewing.

  82. Jennie

    “Patches of Stars” would be my first choice. But they all sound very interesting. It really is hard to lose a pet and not know what happened. Take care and many blessings. Jennie

  83. Mary Neitzel

    If my name was chosen, I would love any of the books; but if I had a choice I would probably choose Patches of Stars by Edyta Sitar. I have several of her books, and I love her quilts. Thanks for the chance to win! Take care!

  84. Peggy Thompson

    First choice is the Wool, Needle & Thread book! ❤️ I’d say I’m an intermediate wool stitcher & I know Lisa’s book would help me perfect my skills! 🧵 Little Farmstead Living would also be a special book! Take care, rest & keep healing! You’ll be back out in the barn soon!!

  85. Pat C

    I am glad that your recovery is going well. Keep up the good work and see how great you feel. I am sorry your kitty, Moda is missing. It is always a feeling of panic when one of my barn cats go missing.
    I would love to win the book Little Farmstead Living. Always fun to dream.
    We’re all enjoying your interesting post. Continue your recovery.
    Pat in Michigan

  86. Marian Stever

    Mary, I like the Mix it Up book. Lots of ads to close. Keep recuperating. We are missing the barn photos! Didn’t see Hazel sweetness today!!

  87. Jan Smith

    Mix it Up has been catching my eye lately, so that would be my choice.
    Happy to hear your recovery is moving swiftly. Isn’t it amazing what can be done? I’m sure in the past it was days in the hospital.
    So sorry about Moda. My friend’s elderly house cat slipped out last fall, and was never found. No chance for goodbyes.
    Beautiful butterfly!

  88. Melody Lenart

    Mary, if I should be so lucky that I my name is pulled, I would love to have the Patches of Stars book.

    Hope your cat has found a warm place and returns soon.

  89. Sunflower from Michigan

    Mix It Up! That would be my choice. I also can’t wait to see the pincushion collection. I’m so glad you’re doing well.

  90. Jan from TN

    Closed 7 ads tonight! I’d love to win either the Moda All Stars book since I have all the rest of theirs OR the Little Farmstead Living. I’m with you about Edyta Sitar’s book — way over the top for me but her quilts are gorgeous. I know Lisa is the WOOL QUEEN but I’m not into wool so that one wouldn’t really help me much. But I certainly appreciate her talent for not only wool but also teeny tiny pieces when she pieces quilts and the fabrics she designs are to die for. I’m a blue person & love her Indigo Gatherings coming out soon. I also like the Farmhouse Gatherings in blacks, grays, etc.
    Glad you’re healing so well & feeling so much better. Did you know that the “all stars” in the new Moda book are having giveaways on their blogs where they introduce their quilt(s) in the book & tell a little about themselves? They’re fun to follow! Take care & Stay warm. We may see our first snow Monday night into Tuesday. Again, waaaaaay to early for TN! Brrrrr………….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from TN – yes, I’m enjoying the interviews so much! I should have mentioned that in the post. I hope other readers know that’s happening.

  91. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Mary, this was a wonderful post! I loved hearing all your thoughts, as you work hard at recovering from your surgery. I know this is hard on you, since you are normally a very active person; this too shall pass.
    Thanks for the book opportunity. I would enjoy the Farmhouse décor. We just moved into a small house with a big, cozy kitchen. My round oak table, crockery, and Grandma’s picture are quite at home here after only six weeks. I love being so adaptable. Who said you can’t go home again?

  92. Dee Winter

    We had a calico barn cat, Callie, who wandered into the barn and was the Queen. She put them all in their place. I hadn’t seen her in a couple days and was concerned. As I left home to go on an errand, I saw her laying in the neighbor’s yard. I stopped, she died in my arms, then I was able to bring her home to be buried. That was a very tough day. But I was glad to know what happened to her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee – oh, I’m so afraid I won’t find her! Maybe in the spring but she’ll be a skeleton by then and I’d like to bury her. Your experience is a fear of mine. Did your Callie get hit or was she dying a natural death or don’t you know?

  93. Cheryl

    Sounds like you are doing well and are getting around better each day. Our daughter had foot surgery, not putting any kind of weight on it is a challenge. She has taken up the art of English paper piecing. I have made some of the Moda cup cake paper pieces, and I truly love them. I would love to have the book with those patterns. Take care and may God continue your recovery.

  94. Janice

    Mary, Hoping that there is closure soon as to Moda’s disappearance. It’s so hard not knowing what happened to a loved pet. On a different note: Wow, that woodpecker is a fascinating bird to look at, and your lucky to be able to view it so up close. What interesting markings. Also, not sure if you mentioned in a prior post but did Gypsy Junk Fest go well for you and Connie?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice – Gypsy Junk was not very successful – we won’t likely try it again. We worked hard preparing for it and the crowd just wasn’t our clientele. We also did not see much advertising in advance. We will stick with Junkin Gal and the local thrift store. If something doesn’t sell at Junkin Gal, it doesn’t come back home, it stays in the car until I get to the thrift store.

  95. Susie Q

    Patches of Stars would be my choice if I should win a book.

    Moda is someplace beyond I am sure from your description. Peace to you and her.

  96. Karen L Barto

    I would love to win little farmstyle living, my house would never look like those pictures, so I could dream. And today is my 63 rd birthday. Thank you. Good luck on your recuperating.

  97. Karen H

    Glad you’re doing so well after your surgery- great to know you are already off the cane while you are in your home- Sorry about Moda- hope she is just hiding somewhere and you will get her back-
    I would pick the Moda all stars Mix it up book for my choice
    Thanks- enjoy your blog

  98. Pam from Waterloo

    First and foremost, Mary, take it easy and let that healing continue, seems like you’ve made a very good recovery and soon you’ll be doing all the things that give you happiness. Have you read any good books lately? That would be a good way to enjoy yourself and be still so the healing would be even quicker.
    I’m going through Ann Patchett’s “State of Wonder” like I’m on a time machine! That’s pretty fast.
    If I’d ever be so lucky, I’d love to have Lisa Bongean’s Wool Applique book.

    P.S. Do you have anymore Goat Gazettes left that I could purchase?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam from a Waterloo – yes, we do have Goat Gazettes left – you have to pay only the postage – we need to get rid of them.

  99. Sue in Oregon

    I think that when one gets tired and impatient with recuperation, it means you are actually on the mend.
    Such a sweet bird. It looks relaxed in your hand.
    My favorite is Lisa Bongeans Wool Applique book. I have some wool applique and it is so enjoyable.
    I have been watching for the winners of the last give away. I think that post may not have gotten to me. Can you tell me who they were? Thanks.

  100. BarBQue

    I would love either the wool stitches book or the paper piecing book. Love, love, love to do both.
    Mary, how long has it been since you were at your sewing machine? I cannot bear to be away from mine for more than a couple of days. It is my happy place!

  101. Alice

    Wool, Needle, & Thread would be my pick, but then I love books! I’m so glad you’re doing so well! I’m sure your barn animals are missing you as well. Hopefully the weather will cooperate & you will be able to visit soon! Take care!

  102. Carol F.

    Wool, Needle and Thread. I love Lisa’s work and just started doing a little wool appliqué so would love learning from the best! Thank you for this chance to win. So happy to hear how well you are doing!

  103. Jill of N.E. Iowa

    Thanks for sharing the picture of the wood pecker. So amazing. I am a fan of Lisa Bongean and that book is on my some day wish list. I love the colors in the jelly roll that you have started…can’t wait to see the finished project posted. Also — look soo forward to the pin cushion pictures… Thank you for your blog.

  104. Susan Moore

    If you choose my name I would love the decorating book. The post are so interesting I love to read them. I Met You in Columbus Ohio at the country living craft fair. Introduced some of my friends to you through your blog and we feel like we have added a new friend to our life.

  105. Carol Garner

    Hello Mary, my favorite book would be Mix it Up, I really like making quilts with the cake mix papers. I also want to recommend Lisa’s wool stitchery book to anyone who is interested in learning about wool appliqué. It is a fabulous book! So glad you are recuperating and getting a little sewing in besides. Take care. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  106. Sharon Lowy

    I am wishing for”Wool Needle and Thread”. I am so sorry about Moda but ahave heard feral cats usually go away to die.

  107. Charlotte S

    Mix it Up would be my choice.
    The butterfly picture is amazing. Of course purple is my favorite color! I really enjoyed the read today. Glad you are healing well and hope you will be visiting your animals soon.

  108. Ann Wissbaum

    The wool appliqué book is on my must need list. So is the Mix it Up book. I would be happy to take either one of them off your hands!

  109. Vicki from West Des Moines

    Glad you’re restraining yourself from doing all the things you see that need done or want to do. Patience!

    I started doing wool appliqué and can do the blanket stitch fairly well. I would love to win Lisa’s book as I too think she’s one of the best wool appliqué experts and would like to improve my appliqué skills . Her book is on my Christmas list, but maybe I’d win it from Santa Mary!

  110. Deb

    I’ve only done 1 wool appliqué (it was a PG kit) but I enjoyed it so the Wool, Needle and Thread book would be a great resource.
    Glad you are able to get around the house without a cane …….recovery is slow but steady!

  111. MartyCae

    Oh those kitties that bring in birds! Glad to hear you don’t need a cane inside.
    I would enjoy any of the books. Love the comment about paper piecing!

  112. Linda in NC

    Would love the needle and thread wool book. I love stitching with wool. Have done a number of projects. It’s really quite easy to do. I encourage anyone to try it. Love Lisa Bonegan. So glad your recovery is coming along so well. Keep up the good work. Sorry about Moda. Hope she comes home. My daughters Chow passed away during the night on Friday. So sad to lose our pets.

  113. Val

    Would love to have the Wool, Needle and Thread book. I have bought so many kits and do not really know where to start. Joined two clubs and everyone is very nice and friendly but they are really experienced. I have started one project and keep taking it apart to try to get better stitches. Would love to get some direction-

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Val – stop taking out those stitches! This is your first try and if you keep expecting perfection the first time you try, you’ll simply throw up your hands soon and say “forget it!”. That’s no way to learn a new technique. You should see my first punchneedle project – I have it framed and hanging in my kitchen and it’s far from perfect but I love it anyway!

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        Your right Mary, I’ve always told my students, if you make a mistake …just keep going and the next one will be better, then the next one is better, then better…

  114. Martha Osborne

    I’m one week into my replacement and sitting is exhausting! Gotta get better every day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Osborne – we need to exchange recuperation ideas! Hope you’re doing well – the first week is the hardest.

  115. Nancy

    I would like the book Wool, Needle and Thread. I would really enjoy doing some wool applique. I like to look through quilting books, like I look through cookbooks. Whenever I am done for the day, if I am not sewing or knitting I am looking through books. So many nice ideas and inspiration from patterns to color inspiration, or tempting recipes to try.

  116. Donna Sproston

    Closed lots of ads oday. Some days they only have arrows and not an x. Poor Moda! Our house came with a feral cat but the first winter, she moved in. Guess she preferred warm laps to a cold garage. My log cabin looks nothing like the one pictured, and my interior decorating looks nothing like what is in that book. Maybe I need the book, but I would rather have Mix it Up when Connie is finished with it. I met Kristyne C., the lovely Canadian who designed the confetti pattern. She designed two lines for Moda and loves pink. I am not much of a pink person but I have layer cakes and yardage from both her lines. I think I have been waiting for just that pattern

  117. Julie B in Cedar Falls

    I have always wanted to learn wool stitcher, therefore I’d love to win the Wool, Needle and Thread, The Go-to Guide for Wool Stitchery book

  118. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Patches of Stars would be my choice if I won! Love Edita Sitar’s designs!!! Thank you for the opportunity! I’m so glad you are getting around so much better…you even rescued a beautiful bird!! I’m so sorry Moda is missing. Living on a farm, I know how easy it is for them to disappear forever.

  119. Jane Eilderts

    Because I have a container of wool that I want to learn what to do with, I choose Lisa Bongean!

  120. Judy J

    I like Mix It Up! I have not tried the cake or cupcake mix papers, but I have a couple of them. I bought Patches of Stars from Edyta in Houston, and I am trying to work up the courage to start one of the quilts. The one I want to make is more complicated than the quilts I normally make. I wish you the best with your recovery.

  121. Liz Schrader from TX

    You are on the mend Mary! After my surgeries I couldn’t sit too long at my machine at a time. So kind of you to gift some books. I would love the Wool, Needle & Thread that I would give to my niece who does beautiful quilts and wool projects. Or I would enjoy the Mix It Up book. Can’t wait to see your photos of your pin cushions!

  122. Diane and Squeak

    It sounds like your recovery is normal which is great. Good to be careful. My husband’s knee was replaced in January. Since he feeds the birds, I was on the ladder filling various feeders his first few days of recovery. Then, one day I came home to find him on the ladder!! 🥴🥴. Not the best thing to do!

    I am glad you rescued the little Downey Woodpecker—very cute. Poor Moda. Let’s hope she Just went to sleep. Our cat, Fluffy, died at age 22 years.

    Did you have snow? We’re getting a little tomorrow in Central Ohio.

    I would like to try the Mix It Up book. But, they all look interesting. Thanks, Mary.

  123. Anita Holt

    Sending prayers for Moda.
    Glad to hear you’re doing well. When I was down after shoulder surgery I ended up ordering online, at least you’re working on some projects!
    Would be interested in your wool book.
    Take care and keep healing!

    Liberty, MO

  124. Caryn Goulden

    My favorite book would be Lisa Bongean’s book. I’ve attempted two small wool projects, and judging from the results I could sure use some help!!
    Glad you continue to improve. Did the little woodpecker make it?
    I hope Moda returns, but if she is truly gone, know that you made it possible for her to live the best possible life on her terms.
    Thank you for continuing to send out the blog through all your personal challenges.

  125. Mary McCarron

    Healing is so tiresome Could never imagine having both knees done at the same time I would love the Wool book by Lisa Primitive Gatherings is a wonderful quilt shop Looking forward to pictures of the pincushions

  126. Rosemary W

    I would love to give Little Farmstead Living a home! I can’t wait to see the pin cushions….my collection gets larger all the time…..I probably have more “modern” ones, though! Love them!! Glad to hear you’re doing better each day!

  127. Teresa Allison

    Hard to pick from such nice books! I think Wool Needle and Thread would be my choice.
    Hope your independent little furball shows up all well.

  128. Robin Boggan

    Mary glad to see you are getting a little sewing time . It’s hard to just sit when your not used to it. Would love to add to my books Mix it up or Patches of Stars! Sorry that you haven’t seen Moda in awhile. Take care of yourself! 😊

  129. Jeanine W from SE Iowa

    “Mix It Up” would be my favorite book.Enjoyed all the pictures again. We are to get snow in southeast Iowa tonight.

  130. Judy White

    Winning Little Farmstead Living would be Just perfect for my birthday today. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  131. JudyE

    My favorite book would be “Wool, Needle and Thread”. I am just learning how to work with wool this way and this book would help me a lot. Thanks for the chance to win it!
    Glad you are healing so well!

  132. Sue franke

    My favorite book is Mix It Up. Thank you for making these great books available to others.

  133. Penny C Maryland

    Poor little Moda! Don’t fret Mary perhaps she peacefully passed over the rainbow bridge. If so, she had the best life with you.

    I would love Patches of Stars!

  134. Candy

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a book. My pick would be “Wool, Needle & Thread”. I’ve done a couple of small wool table mats, but I’d love to try one of Lisa’s large crazy-patch table mats … they’re so beautiful, but I know nothing about the stitching used for a crazy-patch. Moda obviously loved you in her way. Animals are so tuned into what we are feeling, I wonder if your surgery scared her into hiding. I hope she shows up soon. Could you post her picture again? Glad to see you’re sewing again … you must be “on the mend”!

  135. Vickie Lemonds, Davidson, NC

    Any of the books would be wonderful to add to the library, but Edyta Sitar’s book is very beautiful. I leaned through it at the local quilt shop.
    So sorry to hear about Moda. I’m sure you gave her much love and the best care that she would allow. I’ll tell Kim Polson, Moda’s Southeast representative about your cat named Moda. I’ve met Mark Dunn, Moda and United Notions owner and President, and his wife several times as he often visited the Asheville Quilt Guild Show. We dined with him twice and he is interesting and delightful, as you can imagine.

  136. Debra Wilbourn

    Oh. O, how can you chose just one book!?!? All four of them are excellent!
    “Little Farmstead Living” is my choice as love looking a boos for decorating ideas.

    So glad you saved the downy woodpecker from the cat. One of my favorite woodpeckers!

    You just can major surgery so recuperation does take awhile. The older we get the longer it takes to heal!

  137. Linda from MN

    I hope you will find Moda. We had that happen to us once too. Very hard not knowing.
    Hoping your knee continues to heal. Keep up with the exercises!!
    My favorites are Lisa Bongean’s wool book and Little Farmstead Living.

  138. Jeri Niksich

    Ooo I’d love a chance at Mix It Up! I love using precut and I just happen to have a couple of Cake Mix’s.
    Jeri in Texas

  139. Jean ruger

    I would love either the Mix IT Up or Wool book. Thank you for your generosity. Glad to hear you’re doing so well on your recovery and back to some sewing!

  140. Mary

    Lisa Bongean’s. Or Edyta!
    A friend of mine made the quilt on the cover. It’s amazing!
    May God grant you patience Mary

  141. Chris H. in Washington

    My favorite is Wool, Needle and Thread. I love working with wool but sure could use some tips on how to use the wool to the best advantage. Thank you for this opportunity, Mary. It’s good to hear that your recovery is going so well.

  142. Linda in So Cal

    I agree with you – Quilters Confetti is awesome in Mix It Up. I would love to add Mix It Up to my quilting books. I can use my stash for Confetti!! Sorry to hear about Moda. Hopefully you will find her. A “mother” always wants to know where her kids are. Keep exercising but don’t hurt yourself. Soon you’ll be dealing with icy walkways.

  143. Donna in Kentucky

    So glad you are doing so well! Love the picture of the woodpecker. I have never seen one that close before.
    If I am chosen, I would like the Little Farmstead Living book.

  144. Janet B

    My pick would be Mix It Up. I have some cake mix and cupcake papers so I’m looking for some cute quilt patterns for them.

  145. Barb Peterson

    Mix it up looks like it would go with my stash. Sounds like you are making good progress with recovery. It takes time to get your strength and movement back, but you are over the worst of it!

  146. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary…It is good news to know you are healing so well. Take Care and continue to get well. About paper piecing “I just have to force myself to do “ even tho I understand the accuracy/speed of doing . I do like the quilt “confetti” and would give Mix It Up a go. Farm decor is always on my brain as I like the various pieces from the past that I have accumulated. The bird is lovely, here the woodpeckers are red-headed. Perhaps Moda will get back before the extreme cold that is on the way. Several of the blog readers need a get well wish and especially Pam W. Always enjoy your writing!

  147. Montana Kathy

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book. My choice would be Lisa’s book. Love her stuff. So glad you’re doing so good, but so very sorry to hear about Moda. It breaks my heart when animals get old. Poor baby. Can’t wait to see your 16 patch completed!

  148. Sheila S

    I would love to win Lisa’s Wool Needle & Thread. I enjoy working with wool and I think Lisa’s tips about wool would be very helpful and her projects in the book look wonderful!.

  149. Alvera Dothage

    Recovering from knee surgery is not for sissies. Have had both of mine done.I would love to win the wool applause book.

  150. Susie Lenz

    I would love to win Wool,Needle and Thread.I have wating to ” upgrade my wool work,and this book would help me to do that! All the books look great,so nice of you to share them! Be patient with your healing,take care!

  151. Susan Jonak

    Love to win Edyta’s Patches of Stars-it’s just lovely, but any would be terrific! So glad you’re getting around better, you’ll feel so much better in a little while!

  152. Diana

    I’ve been admitting the Mix it Up book. I recently completed a paper pieced quilt and enjoyed the process and learned a lot. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I like to try things that make are out of my comfort area.

  153. Bobbie

    Hi Mary,
    Mix it up would be my pick. Looks like great things to make.
    I’m so sorry your kitty hasn’t come home. She had a wonderful life with you. That many years to come and go and know she had food and a warm place to sleep. Moda was a blessed kitty.
    When I had shoulder surgery I though I would go crazy before I could use it again. But it does end and I have so much more pain free movement now. It’s worth the wait.
    The country book is amazing but I don’t have a country farm. Our house burned in 2007 and we built back so mine isn’t that old now.
    Your picture of the old log home just makes me Thank God I have running water, electricity. I’m not sure I would have been a good pioneer. I’m sure I would have died young.
    Have a great rest of your Sunday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – I also had rotator cuff surgery 20 years ago and I thought PT was difficult and the pain intense!

  154. Barb K

    I would love to win the “Mix it Up” book!! Also, just want you to know I enjoy every bit of your posts and none are too long!

  155. Terry

    It’s good to hear you’re doing so well after surgery. You’ll be back out to the barn with your other animals soon. If you should choose my name, I would love to win the Patches of Stars book.

  156. Brenda In Iowa

    Sorry to hear about Moda. Glad to hear you’re doing better. I love all things wool so I’d pick Lisa’s book. Thanks.

  157. Shirleyann Van Dyken

    I was out of town for awhile. I think my husband was ‘clearing ‘ stuff off of the computer. What happened to you? I have 2 new knees and they are wonderful. No more pain……

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Shirley Ann – so glad your new knees are now pain free! I have been posting almost every day so I’ve been here as usual – looks like you’re the one who was missing!

  158. Earlene in Arizona

    My favorite would be Quilters Confetti as I love paper piecing. Wishing you the best during your recovery.

  159. Brenda C, CA

    I would love any of the books, but if I had to pick one it would be Patches of Stars.
    Thanks for the chance to win and continue with the great recovery on your knee. So sorry to hear about Moda. Fingers are crossed.

  160. Sandy Allen

    So glad to hear you are being safe and taking your cane with you when you go out. Wouldn’t want you to have a set back!

    All of the books look wonderful! If I were to win one, I would select Wool, Needle and Thread. I have wanted to learn wool applique for some time now.

    Also hope you are able to find Moda the cat!

  161. Deb G. in VA

    I would love to win Wool, Needle and Thread! Mix It Up is also on my wish list. Thanks for the giveaways and I hope you are able to get to your barn soon!

  162. Gloria B.

    Your bird is so beautiful – a perfect real life example of color contrast. I can imagine you hopping up with the sound. I’d live the wool needle and thread book. Weather is encouraging some snuggle in hand sewing time.

  163. Connie R

    I would love the Little Farmstead Living book. The pictures look beautiful.

    Hope Moda finds her way back home.

  164. Marie Fibelstad

    Hope the kitty will come home soon. I always wonder to when they disappear what has happened to them.
    Bet the chicks have really grown also.
    I loved the Little Farmstead Living and Wool Needle and Thread, both look very interesting and fun to see.
    Glad you are doing so well from your knee surgery. Marie from Storm Lake, IA

  165. Sherry Whalen

    I’ve just dipped my toes into wool…(I know, just what I need is another hobby), and on our fun trip from Minnesota to Missouri and back – I bought a couple of Primitive Gathering patterns/kits! I have a binding and a stocking that needs to be done in the next week or so but then I think I will have to get some wool out and start stitching! I think Lisa’s ‘go to guide to wool stitchery’ would be just the ticket!! Awesome book giveaway, it is so nice of you to share with all of us!!

    I think your recuperation is going A-mazing! Two weeks and no cane around the house, good job. I think you are the poster girl for ‘just do it’!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – I’m now weaning myself off the nerve/pain pills. I intend to drive myself to PT tomorrow – unless there’s too much snow in the yard! And I’ve already taken back some of the household chores – the biggest one would be cleaning the litter boxes – I’m sure Rick is really broken up over that, huh? Haha!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Oh ya – I bet he is pretty sad about you taking that job from him!! lol……………oh wait, I still giggling!

  166. Janelle L. Bucher

    I would be happy with any of these books. However, I think my choices would be 1. Needle and Thread, 2. Mix it up, 3. Patches of Stars, 4. Farmstead
    Thanks again for this opportunity.

  167. Tina in Oregon

    Wool, Needle and Thread would be my choice if my name is drawn.
    Did the little woodpecker survive? I hope so. The butterfly picture is gorgeous!! I can hardly wait to see your new-to-you pincushions! The best note cards I ever had were ones from Country Threads of different pincushion pictures photographed in the snow. Just loved them.
    Keep on with your great recovery and I hope you find Moda.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tina in Oregon – YES! I took him outside and he just flew out of my hands!

  168. Anne at Walden Woods

    Mary I have so appreciated all of your ramblings about your daily life around the farm – I’m always so anxious to hear about all the chicks & cats & dogs. Love that you send us pictures of the birds you catch. But mostly right now I want to thank you for all your thoughts and concerns about your knee surgery – I’m so glad you are recovering so well. After hearing your daily progress I have to tell you that I am no longer so scared to have my knee surgery. I know it won’t be a “walk in the park” but I will get through it and be up and about in just a couple weeks. So I guess I’ll tell the doctor yes! Thanks for getting my mind geared up to move ahead.
    I do hope Moda is at peace wherever she may be. I’m sure if she is gone forever she has first put out the word about your warm and welcoming home.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anne at Walden Woods – if your knee hurts as much as mine did, you’ll be so happy to walk around without limping on a crooked leg and gritting your teeth with every step. Have the surgery! I will be doing my right knee after Christmas. I’m not so sure the pain I felt after the surgery was much worse than the pain I had prior to the surgery.

  169. Carol Harriman

    Thanks for the chance to win. Love to win Lisa’s wool book.
    Keep up the hard work of recuperating.

  170. Louise K.

    “Mix it up” would be my choice.

    I’m sorry about Moda. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. Maybe she comes in while you’re not looking.

    We have a few local Facebook pages where people post their lost pets. I view them just in case I see the pets around town, but it does make me sad.

  171. Debra Miller

    Just think of all the things you have thought to do when you get able-energizer bunny status! I think I would like the Lisa Bongean book. I have been collecting wool and need ideas.

  172. Peggy

    I would love the Patches of Stars as a first choice or Mix it Up. I am amazed at your progress. I thought I did well to go to the Valentine’s tea 2 weeks after my surgery with the walker. I used it for about 2 months especially outside as it was mid winter. I really look forward to your blogs as they are very interesting. Keep up the good work. Take care. If you get this twice I am sorry as was having some trouble and did not see my post come up.

  173. Gingerbread

    My favorite book is the Wool, Needle and Thread; since I am not a quilter I started with the small stitches, embroidery, and appliqué. Hope Hazel is not itching!

  174. Rita In Iowa

    I am reposting this because I don’t believe my first post went through.
    Book choices are Wool Needle and Thread or Mix it Up.
    Mary I hope Moda is just hanging out somewhere warm and you just haven’t seen her. Sometimes when you have been gone awhile they take off also and turn up after awhile.
    Glad to hear you are sewing and recovering well. With the snow coming don’t take any chances.

  175. Judy

    I would love the Mix It Up….a new technique for me to experiment with. I have Edita’s book. It really is almost a coffee table book; the quilts are so beautiful….way beyond my skills. Keep up the good work towards mobility. I totally understand the having to “sit”. I was not born to do that either.
    Judy in cold cold Michigan

  176. Joyce C

    I would love ❤️ Little Farmstead Living… my farmhouse is 110 years old. Actually any book is fine with me 😊. Prayers for Moda 💗🐾

  177. Anna M

    I would love the wool sewing one. I’ve got a couple of kits but so far haven’t had the nerve to start them. Hope you find your kitty. Snowing here in SE SD

  178. Sharon Ray

    Oh my such a choice but I think the one by Lisa Bongean is the one I really need! Glad to see you are feeling better and thanks for the giveaway!

  179. Rita In Iowa

    Book choices are Wool Needle and Thread or Mix it Up. So generous of you to giveaway these nice books.
    I Hope Moda is ok and just hiding out as it is cold. I am glad you are recovering nicely. Just take it easy especially with winter coming on. No need to take a risk,

  180. Pam W.

    Hi Mary! I’m impressed with your recovery. 5 weeks ago today, I had surgery on my shattered femur. My right foot slid off and up while going downstairs and my body fell back and pinned my left leg under my body. Because of my artificial knee, the bone shattered right above the knee. I now have 11 screws and a metal plate! My fibula also broke, but didn’t require surgery. Originally, I was told I couldn’t put any weight on my broken leg for 3 months!!! But I see the surgeon on the 18th and he said I might be able to start putting some weight on it. I’ve heard 30%, which will be interesting to see how that’s determined, etc. Hopping around on one foot with the walker for short distances in the house is getting old.

    Our cat is traumatized by the walker and wheelchair. She’s just began to come out of the top shelf of the closet. Treats help.

    If my name goes into the book drawing, I’d prefer the Edyta Sitar book.

    Looking forward to seeing the antique pin cushion collection and to hearing more about your progress, your projects, and your animals! Hope Moda returns. Take care!
    Pam W.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam W – I am so sorry for such a terrible accident!!! I’ll bet you’ve been in pain for 5 weeks, haven’t you? Last year when a Rick had his ankle fused and rebuilt at Mayo, he couldn’t be on that leg for 12 weeks and after that he had a boot for another 4 weeks – it seemed endless to me – probably more than to him.

  181. Teresa

    I’d like a chance at winning the book, “Mix It Up.”

    I have Lisa Bongean’s new wool appliqué book and it’s a great reference for anyone who’s wanting a how-to book.

  182. Diana

    So glad things are progressing well.

    Moda was lucky to have picked you as her human.

    For a book choice I would Like the Lisa Bongean or the Edyta Sitar book. But to be honest they all look wonderful.

  183. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary, recuperating is energy sapping. Over the past 2 years I have had a cancer chemo that zapped every bit of my energy and my lungs and breathing have been horrid due to a rare disease called chronic eosinophilic pneumonia. My brain can get so much done, but my body wont let me. I imagine so many quilts.

    I am so happy you are progressing—My hubby loves his knees. It has been 2 years since the second knee was done and he can kneel, ice fish and do the things he loves. He wonders why he ever waited.

    I am so sorry about Moda. I still miss our big fat black cat named Guinness. He died suddenly right before my eyes. I tried CPR, but it was not to be. He was more dog like at times.

    I am in the Martingale book club and order every month. Lisa’s book is fabulous. Anyone who does wool applique (I do) should have her new book in their library.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Katherine a Gourley – I’m so sorry you’ve had some major health problems – your good attitude is to be commended. Did you get another cat? If not, you should!

  184. Janet

    I would love farmstead living.
    You are doing well with your recuperating. Good job keeping your feet up.

    1. Marilyn

      The baby woodpecker is so adorable. Did you release him? My what a beautiful butterfly, the colors are amazing.
      Sorry to here about Moda.. Hope the sewing went well.

  185. Carmen Montmarquet

    So glad you are really doing so well. Good that you were able to catch that little downy woodpecker, just love them! Sorry to hear about Moda, i had to say goodbye to my 20 yr old Emma a few months ago, it was the last of the 4 siblings i had bottle fed, what a time i had with them, i still miss each and every one of the 8 cats i have had over the years. Now i have 2 feral kittens that i adopted thru the SPCA. I have managed to make good friends with Sybil, but not sister Sadie, she tolerates me but doesn’t want to be touched. I have news for her, i will never stop trying!!
    As for the book drawing, if i my name was picked i would be happy with any of the 5 books being offered but if i had a choice Mix It Up would be great, i think it would be fun to try those cake mixes, cupcakes and papers!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  186. Peggy

    I would pick the Patches of Stars for first choice and then Mix it up. I am amazed that you are doing so well. When I had my Knee done I used the walker for a couple months especially when going outside as it was in the winter. I thought I did well to go to the Valentine’s tea 2 weeks after my surgery using the walker. I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work.

  187. Rhoda Ebersole

    And look how far you have come on the recuperation path. Lucky you to get all those pincushions. and what a good idea for the owner to send them on to a good home. An elderly woman at church is no longer able to quilt so our Stitchers group at church divided up many of her things and the rest go to Good Will. That will be where my stuff goes one day I am sure of it. Anyway I inherited more cutting mats and decided the counter in my bathroom would be a good place for one. It is high and perfect height for rotary cutting with good light and easy access. 🙂
    Sorry for your Moda but animals know what to do don’t they?
    My kids have gotten their first puppy ever – a mix of Shih-Tzu and Yorkie and his name is Rocky.

  188. Denise D McDonald

    Would love to have”Mix it Up”. My hubby is 6 weeks post knee replacement and was cleared to drive on Wednesday. I’m not sure who’s happier about that- him or me 😊

  189. Rainie in Maryland

    My choice of books would be the one on wool.
    Mary, I hope that every day you move forward in your recovery.
    I added borders to my “what was I thinking quilt”, the one you call HIPS and I am having it quilted. I didn’t want to mess it up. I’ll send you a picture when I get it back, probably not before February. I showed the quilt to my husband and to my surprise instead of “uh huh, that’s nice” he said “wow”. Now that made my heart happy.

  190. Rosie Westerhold

    My favorite book would have to be the one by Lisa Bongean. Have always wanted to learn how to stitch on wool. Hard to learn as I’m a lefty and instructions mess with my head.

    So sad about your kitty☹️. When I was younger, one of our cats was hit by a car while out wandering, not too far from our house. Someone witnessed it, and felt so bad that the owner would never know what happened. As I recall, he put an ad in the newspaper describing the cat, and his phone number. My mother, who read the paper from cover to cover, saw the ad, called the number, and sadly discovered the fate of our cat. I always thought that was the nicest thing for someone to do for an animal lover who wondered about the fate of their animal. Think this was in the 50s or 60s, can’t remember exactly when it happened.

    Keep up with your PT exercise, and you will be better in no time at all. I had trouble walking over uneven ground for 3-4 months after I had my knee replaced, even though I had no trouble walking anywhere else within about 2 weeks of surgery. Just didn’t walk out to our pond/waterfall for many months as I felt so insecure on my feet trying to navigate that area of our property. But I could still see the pond and hear the waterfall from our back deck. Very relaxing. Seems to me that I slept a LOT after surgery. That really is the body’s way to heal so don’t fight it. Just go with the flow and enjoy being loved by your animals.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosie Westerhold – that man was indeed kind! Wow! What a great thing to do so you didn’t have to keep wondering. I hope I don’t dream about her again tonite. I cried in my sleep.

  191. Sue Bowles

    I hope you find out what happened to Moda. It’s the not knowing that’s so painful. I like the Mix It Up book’s quilts on the cover. They look the most attainable for me. Glad you are doing so well in your recovery Mary.

  192. Gail Maslan

    I’d love to win Wool, Needle and Thread. I love wool projects and I have quite a few on my
    “To Do” list so I have decided that 2020 it will be my “Year of Wool”

    Gail Celeste, Illinois

  193. Gloria Y

    Choices, choices…..I’d like Lisa Bongean’s book since I need help with wool applique! Thank you!

  194. Karla T

    Love the Lissa Alexander book, but any one of them would be great to win. So sorry to hear about Moda. But 20 yrs. Is an incredible lifespan for a feral kitty. You’ve been a lifesaver for her for sure. Glad that you can ditch the cane in the house!

  195. Kathy Warren

    I’d love the Patches of Stars book. That being said, my sister in Idaho has a hunting cat. He’s always bringing critters into the house, much to her dismay. Squirrels are the worst!

    It took Larry a long time to recuperate – said the one who had to drive him here, there and everywhere! That was 5 years ago and he’s had no problems since.

    Had a little excitement here Thursday. A fire down the highway. They got it out in about an hour, thankfully. It still feels like summer . 76 degrees at the moment with blue skies and sunshine. Not a drop of rain in sight.

  196. Beth T.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Moda. I worry when our old cats stop tending to their fur, as I think that tends to be a bad sign. But maybe she is hunkered down somewhere.

    I’m not commenting for the contest, just one pet lover to another.

  197. Mary Kastner

    I think I would use the Mix It Up book the most. They all look lovely to me. Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  198. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Mix it Up! I have some cake mix pads of papers, but haven’t decided what to do with them! Crazy!

    I have the wool book and it is fabulous.

    Edyta Sitar, beautiful, but not attainable for me.

    Little Farmstead Living, sure wouldn’t mind that book, plus a few hundred thousand spare dollars to achieve the look! Guess you’re not offering that!

    Poor Moda, I hate to think of her out there in the cold. My limited experience with animals… I noticed both of my dogs distanced themselves dramatically when they took unexpected turns for the worst, maybe Moda knew it was her time? It’s still sad to lose our buddies.

    Love your bird! We have two types of woodpeckers at our feeder, the red heads are gorgeous!

  199. Judith

    Oh Mary, how I enjoy reading your musings. I hope to keep reading for many years in the future. You are a real wonder to be recovering so rapidly from major surgery. It’s just terrific to hear how you are doing. It is so sad not to know where Moda is. We have Riley who will be 18 early in December. He’s a sweetheart who will be sorely missed when he’s gone. I would love to own Wood, Needle & Thread so if I am the lucky one who receives it from you, I will be delighted!
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Cathy

      Mix It Up is the one I would choose!
      So sorry about dear Moda….sounds like she had a wonderful life and was a very lucky kitty to have shared it with you!

  200. Paula Ziegler

    I would love to win Little Farmstead Living or the Wool, Needle & Thread, both look like absolutely wonderful! Thank you! Glad you are on the mend!

    Paula Ziegler 🙂

  201. Debbie G

    Of I were chosen for a book, I would take Lisa’s wool book. I’m a wool “dabbler”. I love her inspiration! Sounds like you are getting better each day and I happy for you. Dad to hear about Moda.

  202. Judy A

    I’d love to win the Wool, Needle and Thread, The Go-to Guide for Wool Stitchery book 🙂

  203. Susan Moore

    Mary, I would love to have a copy of the Little Farmstead Living book! We live on a little farmstead and I truly need help decorating it!

    I’m so glad you’re progressing so well but completely understand your strong desire to be able to see your wonderful outdoor friends!

      1. Michelle

        I would like Lisa Bongean’s book. I’ve just started working with wool and this book might help me with prepping and sewing. I think you gave Moda a wonderful life and she probably went off to die peacefully.

    1. Ida Tendam

      I hope your recuperation passes quickly and you are soon able to visit your critters in the barn. Thank you for offering another book giveaway. Patches of Stars calls to me. All the books are terrific though.

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