Spring Planting

Tim is planning into corn across the road – planting season has begun in North Iowa – finally!

Time to clean the screened porch.  Here’s my starting point – winter dirt.

I bought a small power washer to clean the screens and concrete floor.

It worked great!  Tomorrow I will finish and hopefully move in for the summer.  I love porch season!

Hazel found the muddy pond in the goose pen – this is hard to see but she was really dirty for the first time and  we will be introducing bath time tonight.

I found another surprise in the barn – ha! I’ll keep you guessing until tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Spring Planting

  1. Vickie Devore

    I wish all the farmers in Iowa a better start than Indiana farmers like my husband got. Indy were actually able to get some corn planted and then mother nature decided to “help.” Many of the fields already planted are underwater and most will have to start over. Wishing you guys some much warmer weather!! And Indy too, so they can start again.

  2. Brenda archambault

    Gotta get that corn in so it will be knee high by the 4th of July! That would happen over night here as Phoenix hit a record 108, possible 110 today. Thankfully, it’s just a teaser and will be in the 70s next week.
    And so, I’ll await patiently for you to reveal the big surprise. Does it have anything to do with barn cat? 😱🙀🕶

  3. Sue Davis

    Thank you Mary for your suggestion on material I will do what you said. Also I found people to use my lamb wool. They will wash it and do what needs to be done and promised to send me something out of it for a memory I can keep. I didn’t get rich selling it but I’m so happy it will be made into something. I’ll let you know what they make me. I took it to a community outside West, Tx in the town of El Mott.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue Davis – a reader sent me an email. She has the fabric you are looking for!! Contact me at marye@ncn.net so I can give you her email address. What a great bunch of blog readers I have!!

  4. Sandy Kolarik

    Where do you get all your energy from? I get tired just reading all you do. Let alone all the quilting you get done.

  5. Sue Davis

    Hazel, Hazel, Hazel!!!!😉🐩 🐩🐶 love the poodles and shiz shu from Argyle Tx

  6. Debbie Miller

    I bet you have a hen setting. We just had a first time guinea mom hatch 2 babies.

  7. Diane

    I can’t wait to hear about bath time and find out the surprise. Screened in porches are so much easier with a power washer😃😺🐶. Stay dry during bath time– ha!!

  8. Sue

    I did not know they sell small power washers. That is very interesting. You look hard at work on those windows (screens?) on the porch. I guess spring has been late almost everywhere and then suddenly appeared as if to say….Hey, here I am with the same temperature as usual for May.
    Let us just forget about April.
    Hazel, Hazel….where have you been? The geese must love her too.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    And here I thought Hazel had a teflon coating since it seems she never gets dirty. Can’t wait to see the Saturday Surprise.

  10. Carolyn W.

    If I go to bed early that means tomorrow will come sooner. Right? I can hardly wait to see what you found. Just gotta’ love that Hazel ….clean or dirty. She sure pulls at the heart strings. I just know she and Paddingtonwould have a blast together. Have a good weekend.

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