My sister, Becky, retired from teaching 3rd grade and this winter has taken up watercolor painting.  Look what she painted for me!  Reminds me of Janey a lot.  I love it!

Finished 3 books recently – this was the best one.

I also read these two but can’t rank them in my favorites.

Owen was baptized this morning – he is a perfect little boy.  Here he is with Sam and Brian, Aidan and Lucy.  Brian Lund is our pastor – and I’ve talked about Sam, Aidan and Lucy many times here on the blog.

Tucker arrived yesterday for two weeks – he’s an active 2 year old yellow lab.

Elmer is going home today.  We’ve enjoyed having him here for 10 days.

Late winter in North Iowa is an ugly time of the year – frozen snow mixed with mud is the norm.  Yuck!

Telly just wants to hang out with Dad unless I leave in the van and then she’s ready to go with me.  We love Telly!

Connie will be back on Tuesday.  Carolyn’s funeral is tomorrow.  The girls are coming to sew one night this week……and so it goes.

19 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Martha Engstler

    I’m impressed with your sisters water color. I understand water color is hard to work with. She did a great job. This time of year is yuk here in Pennsylvania (Gettysburg area) also. It’s been warm then wind and now rain, not good for the ski resort we live near. We hope for cold nights so they can make more snow.

  2. Marian

    Thanks, Mary, for the pictures. Love those doggies!!!! The SUNSHINE is really nice but there is a whole lot of melting going on and then ice overnight.

    Have you read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman? I recommend it highly and it is the best I have read so far this year!

    Enjoy your blogs so much; don’t ever quit!
    Marian in Rochester with her cat Phoebe!

  3. Lisa Chaplin from snowy, cold Washington state

    Mary, your picture of the MUDDY track reminds me of how it is up where I live in March, nothing but mud, patches of slowly melting snow and big puddles of water (almost pond size!) until the ground thaws. We still have about 2-3 ft. of snow on the ground. I hate March! Could we just please jump from today straight to April?? LOL
    Love the dog watercolor, your sister is also talented, it obviously runs in your family.
    I also highly recommend A Man Called Ove, a great read.

  4. Kathy

    Love seeing the pictures of the dogs. And your sister is lucky to have such talent just like you. Good for her to take up something creative in retirement. It’s muddy here too in western NY but snow looks like it might appear overnight. I am ready for a good old fashioned snow storm cause I am sewing away.
    Took a jelly roll and sewing the strips together lengthwise to make a chair pad like I see on your chairs.
    The 42″ will work on my loveseat where my doggies like to lay. Needed something spring like to replace the brown cover. We will see how it turns out!

    1. Diane

      Kathy, Do you know if the quilt show will be back at Chautauqua in September or will it be in Erie again? I grew up in Cuba. Where are you? Thanks.

      1. Kathy

        I have not seen anything yet out for it. Maybe Creekside quilting shop in Arcade NY would know if you check their website, as they usually do a bus trip to it. I am in Spencerport, suburb of Rochester.

        1. Diane

          Thanks, Kathy. I’ll check; it’s a fun show. I’ve been to Spencerport when I was a kid.

  5. Nancy England-Poole

    I always love your pictures. I won’t complain about my dirty dogs in Cali. How do you keep things clean??? The watercolor your sister did is wonderful. That is so much harder than oils or acrylics.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy – no carpeting really helps! And I know how to scrub floors really well – ha! – but don’t intend to start until some of the mud dries up.

  6. Sue

    Your sister did a great job on her watercolor dog portrait. He (she) looks like a Jack Russell. Was Janey a Jack Russell?
    Thanks for the book list. I must look those up on Amazon and also A Man Called Ove. I suppose everyone has read The Girl On The Train. I just finished that one and ….oh,my goodness. Thought it was really good.
    Your friends and family are so lucky to have a great farm to bring their dogs to when they leave. That was one of the big problems we had with our dogs.
    Happy Sunday evening. Tonight Victoria will be recorded and I can watch it tomorrow night. Is anyone else watching it?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – yes, Janey was a Jack Russell and Faye was a Jack Russell mix. We miss them both very much and mention them often. There’s still a big hole at our house.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee – baths are not part of my care – thank goodness! He’ll get a bath at home. Tucker is now muddy, too.

  7. Diane

    Is everyone in your family talented? The watercolor is very good; what a cute picture. Your dogs and dog guests are all cute fur babies🐶🐶

  8. Paula (Texas)

    As always enjoy reading about your doings. Lucky dogs! Unfortunately, our 4 acres are unfenced and dogs tend to wander onto the country road, so no dogs.

  9. Ann Barlament

    What a great likeness, your sister has captured!!

    I would enjoy each of your boarders, loving them…dirty or not!

    Book I just completed: A Higher Power by Daniel Davidsohn

  10. Jeanie

    It is always fun reading your blog, Mary. Your sister’s watercolor is great. Having heard so much about them, I really enjoyed seeing the picture of Sam’s whole family–how cute! I am really behind, but I have chosen colors and cut the fabric for Homey Triangles–love this quilt book.

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