The Blue Quilts

I’m going to try posting this again – I hope I can remember.

I have collected funeral flower baskets for many years – I probably have 40 or more and I decided to enjoy some of them this winter. You might remember that this is Millie’s favorite perch.

This quilt was made many years ago when we were experimenting with bleaching and overdyeing fabric. It was expertly quilted by Gladys in Baptist Fan, my all time favorite quilting pattern.

This kaleidoscope quilt was made from a bag of antique blocks purchased at a flea market.

Here’s a closeup so you can see that the blocks weren’t pieced perfectly nor did all the fabrics match but I used them all anyway – some woman painstakingly sewed these blocks and I loved them.

Here is the same area with all my thrift store blue dishes.

The dog picture in the blue frame was $1 – this is the era of vintage dog pictures I like the most!

The 4-H kids have been making shirt pillows so I made one, too, from an old denim shirt I never wear anymore.

I had more blue quilts than I thought!

Here’s another $1 thrift store find from the other day.

The quilt on the table is called Chopsticks – a project from the old quilt shop.

The bitter cold continues – the goats are anxious to get outside again but it won’t be till next week when we get a break again. Thanks to all of you who posted birthday wishes to Hazel – makes it fun for me to share her with all of you. One of you said -“all dogs should be so loved” and I couldn’t agree more!

I’m going to hit “publish” before all of this disappears again!

49 thoughts on “The Blue Quilts

  1. Maryjane in CA

    Great quilts and great pics. The cat just posed perfectly – so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eleanor from RI

    Such beautiful quilts. Love your cat, too. And your blue dishes. By the way, blue is my favorite color.

  3. Sara Reynolds

    I love all the blue quilts and all the other blue things, especially the blue dishes sitting in what looks to be an old dish drainer. Blue is my favorite color. i have a lot of blue in my home also. Thank you for sharing , Mary.

  4. Mary lund

    Thanks for sharing Mary. I love the blue. Tomorrow I’ll love the purple when the Vikings win!!!

  5. Marsha V.

    Beautiful blue quilt collection. I’m so glad you were able to post and share the pictures. I am planning to make a couple of blue quilts this year from Edyta Sitar’s new book. But I love the old quilts, too. Looking forward to retreating with Charlotte and Cynthia at the Hyatt next weekend so busy cutting out projects. Hazel looked the queen of the party in her tiara. Cold in Kansas, too.

  6. helen

    I love all your pictures, especially the ones with Hazel, the other dogs and animals. You certainly have a good heart. P.S. Reed, also. Keep warm and stay safe.
    In your first picture with the blue quilt and the large screen TV, there is a picture of a shepherd with some sheep. What is the verse or saying on it? Thanks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Helen – Proverbs 31:13. She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. It’s a wool appliqué piece.

  7. Ellie

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blue quilt collection! I’m so glad you reposted this because I sure wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. What a treat! I love the little angel!

  8. Kathy

    love all those quilts, so beautiful, also love all those blue and white dishes, your thrift store is so much better than any near me. i love all your animals to, i have 4 cats and 1 dog, they are so much fun

  9. Marilyn

    So glad to see all the blue quilts and sharing some of their history, Hazel is a real keeper.

  10. Martha Engstler

    You have a lot of blue lovers, me too. Your quilts are amazing, a wonderful collection. Also admire the the beautiful blue and white table cloth in the full picture with the kaleidoscope quilt and blue dishes. It looks like either embroidered or hardanger (?sp). It’s beautiful. Love the kitty on the shelf with baskets, great pose.

  11. Sue

    Ah-h-h…Blue and

    Ah-h-h….Blue and White quilts might be my favs. Except maybe for Red and white. Two color quilts are just awesome.
    Millie knows just where to sit. She looks so cute.
    I think I especially love the blue and white feathered star quilt. Just beautiful, as they all are.

  12. Louise

    Happy New Year Mary and thank you so much for the wonderful post. Love all the pics especially the blue framed print of the cute..all the best Mary and thank you for being you! Reed is such a cutie!

  13. Rita S

    I love all your blue quilts. I now have out my snowman collection. Still need to make up some snowman kits I have but that’s for another time. Stay warm and safe.

  14. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, I’m another blue lover, and especially blue scrappy. I’ve make quite a few of them. I’ve got the pattern for the blue quilt under the big TV. . And the blue and white table cloth. Is that embroidered? I just marvel at all the stuff you have all over your house and how nice it looks. I just don’t have the space or the knack of displaying. You might say my home decorating consists of piles of fabric laying on every horizontal surface!! The thrift stores probably love to see you come into their stores. The old farmer women are probably getting rid of stuff, too? Or estate sales? The spinster lady who lived near Clarion died at 103 and her estate sale lasted 3 whole days. And you do find some really neat stuff. I stay away as I’m trying to get rid of stuff.

  15. Debbie Archer

    I enjoys your posts so much. You always have a lot going on. Did you do all of these things when you had the quilt shop?
    I’ve enjoyed watching Hazel grow up.

  16. Peggy

    Thanks so much for these pictures. Love them all. I’d say you did pretty well decorating eith the blues. . . Like you said you found many!!
    Hope the weather gets better for the critters. It’s cold, cold, cold here in MN not far from the MOA!!
    Stay warm girl.

  17. diane matthews

    Thanks for sharing your blue quilts. I enjoyed looking closely at them to see how they were made. And yes, there are a lot of them. This year I am joining in my first ever quilt-along doing an all blue sampler since I have retired from teaching quilting and have time to sew for myself instead of store projects. I’m looking forward to it. I liked seeing your pets included in the pictures. They are, of course, our families.

  18. Sharon Geiger

    I LOVE your posts and your quilts are absolutely Wonderful! I love the angel, too. Quilts, angels, and butterflies are my faves. Oh, and cardinals, too. Stay warm!

  19. Marilyn Miller

    Your home is a feast for the eyes, so much interest and creativity. Thanks for sharing your home, family and friendships with us. I am an animal lover, too, but lack the spaces you have to House all of them, so I really appreciate your photos and comments.

  20. Lisa Chaplin

    Thanks for sharing all the quilt pictures in your home. I love the blue quilts and all your vintage dishes. Would you also mention what room we are looking at in the various pictures? Hope you warm up soon, so hard on all the critters. I also enjoy your reports of what you and Reed are doing, it must be wonderful to have him around. Boys that age are such fun, I remember my own son at that age, he was interested in so many things and such a pleasure to be around. They grow up so fast!

  21. Judy Rounds

    I LOVE all the “blue” pictures!! And loved the birthday pictures of Hazel. She has the most adorable face!

  22. Beverly Lockmiller

    Love all those Blue quilts. Happy Birthday to Hazel. our fur babies are so easy to love.

  23. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    The blue quilts look terrific, Mary. I love the blue and white dishes, too. All my dishes are blue and white – not matching, but because they are blue and white they all go together, and it makes for an interesting table! Some of them belonged to my grandmothers, or my mother who gave me her blue and white pieces already, so they have stories attatched to them too.

  24. Carolyn Rector

    You have always been a warm generous person. Thanks you for sharing your beautiful home and collection of quilts. My first class in quilting was in Cedar Rapids around 1982. Now I am back in Ohio where it’s 6 degrees this morning. Trying to get motivated to make small doll quilts for my small home.

  25. Mary Webster

    Love all your blue quilts. Love seeing the animals and the “kids” whether human or animal. Keep your posts coming.

  26. Sue

    I looked at your blue decor again this morning and I just love everything from the quilts to the dishes, tablecloths and wall hangings. Wonderful old quilt blocks you put together. How fun.
    Oh….and what do you use to hang your quilts?

  27. Mareen

    Oh Mary I love the dog picture……and of course the quilts you are so talented and Hazels party looked like a fun time! Indeed one very blessed dog but all your animals are!

  28. Jan Smith

    Loved seeing your blue Quilts. When I first began Quilting I really thought that was all I would ever make! Still feel the need for blue and white after a series of scrappy Quilts.

  29. Diane Cannon

    Love your funeral baskets–especially kitty up there enjoying them too–years ago I also collected them–everyone thought I was ‘nuts’!!! (we won’t go there!!)
    Love love all those blue quilts and blue dishes–I want me some!!
    and happy belated Birthday to Hazel!!
    enjoy, di

  30. Diane

    Hi Mary, Your blue quilts are wonderful. I especially like the Churn Dash one. I think Squeak recognizes Millie on the computer😺😺. Stay warm. It was only 7 this AM in Central Ohio.

  31. Cathy

    My favorite color is blue so I love all the blue quilts & the blue & white dishes. Millie, I must say is looking a bit perturbed at the baskets taking ‘her’ spot. Our animals are so funny . 😁

  32. Diana in WISCONSIN

    Thank you for sharing all your blue quilt pictures! What wonderful collections you have too! I really love getting all your posts – keep up the wonderful sharing.

  33. Paula

    I just love this post. You have so much energy and a perfect home to showcase all of your treasures. I enjoyed the blue/white quilts almost as much as the red/white. I was able to start my red/white quilt after the book arrived and it is pretty easy. Using my white on white scraps and solid red. Look at all the quilts that will be made from you posting your red/white quilts. Thanks so much for keeping our beloved quilt heritage alive. Paula in KY

  34. Linda

    What a beautiful home…Love how you can just change everything out and have a totally new look…Love the chopstick table mat….

  35. Felicia Hamlin

    My goodness, Mary! That is a lot of quilts. That Millie is so good at modelling, isn‘t she? I love the. Pic of the cherub, it is cute! Your blue dishes make a nice collection and sometime could you show a close.-up of what it looks like a tablecloth? Thank you. Nicer temps today.

  36. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary I love these “winter blues” you shared. So refreshing and uplifting, from the quilts to the vintage China and of course the vintage art. Happy happy new year to you and of course happy birthday to Hazel!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte – thank you! I hope I can change them out for spring quilts very soon! Hazel says HI!

  37. Roxann in Texas

    The blue and white quilts are wonderful to see and you have them displayed superbly. I am new to your blog, followed over from Jo’s Country Junction. Your place appears frozen 🙂 .

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