The final day of Civil War Remembered


These little quilts are each about 16″ square and are made entirely of scraps – one quilt is Broken Dishes pattern and the other is a simple 4 patch block.  We wanted these little gems to look like doll quilts from the Civil War era so when they were finished  we aged them in a coffee bath and after drying, we used a candle to scorch and even burn holes and corners of the quilt.  I took close-ups of the scrorched areas for an up close and personal look.  Of course, be careful when burning the quilt with a candle and know that the scorching is optional.

That concludes the house/quilt tour with the exception of 2 quilts still at Martingale.  It’s been a fun activity for me, too, and I have loved hearing from you.  I am not very social on a daily basis except for “talking” to you guys so thank you.  I will continue to blog and have a terrific Colton story to tell you.  My van is going to the dealer for work – the sliding door motor went out and the door will not open or close!  This happened when we went to Mpls. on a day when the wind chill in the parking lot was about 30 below and we were stuck in a van with a door that was stuck open and that would not close.  And being in Mpls on a Sunday afternoon, nobody would help us.  Now, that’s a story in itself.

20 thoughts on “The final day of Civil War Remembered

  1. Nikki Mahaffey

    We are the ones that need to Thank You for sharing the quilts and stories. Enjoy your retirement and quilting until the sun comes up if that is your desire. Please keep blogging.

  2. Sue Dietz

    I so agree with Nikki. I love the stories of the qulilts, animals and farm and town life. Please keep “talking” to us.

  3. Rose Mikulski

    I received my book several days ago and keep looking to see which quilt I want to make first. I think it’s going to be Devil’s Claw. My Sizzix Big Shot is going to come in handy with the 960 2-1/2″ blocks. I was wondering why Colton hasn’t been on the blog lately, can’t wait to hear the story unless someone adopted him which is good news. Thanks for sharing your wonderful house, very inspiring and hopefully will see you in June. Sorry to hear about the van.

  4. Launa

    Morning Mary,
    I enjoy the two small quilts shown today and also the ones you and Connie have in 101 Fabulous Small Quilts book. I’ve sewn a few as I like them on end tables and of course each new doll I’ve given to my granddaughters had to have a new quilt as did the dolls donated to the local Christmas toy drive.
    Can’t wait to hear your Colton story and of course any news of the possible Oriole nest. Looking forward to further Chicken Scratch blogs.

  5. sandra

    I have enjoyed the house tour.I got some greAt ideas for displaying my collections.The book came Saturday.It’s a winner.Many thanks.


  6. Diane

    Thank you for sharing the quilts and your home with us. These last little ones look just like some I have “saved from the cutters” that I buy at auctions or thrift shops. I went to the Sewing/Quilt Expo in Cleveland on Friday. Some of the vendors had this new book and many others of yours:) Keep sharing with us; it’s fun. 54 degrees here today.

  7. Karen in Breezy Point

    My copy of the book came in the mail today and it is wonderful! I want to make the cover quilt first–love it. It’s been a lot of fun seeing the quilts in your home–thanks for the sneak preview and the tour!

  8. Penny C

    These little quilts are so neat. Before I read your explanation, I thought wow she scored some antiques, great job!!! I enjoy all your posts and am in a very rural area as well, and enjoy the connection. Cannot wait to get my book!!!

  9. judy

    I have enjoyed the tour and I enjoy your posts. Love the colors and fabrics in these little quilts. Not crazy about burning and dyeing quilts. I figure they will get old on their own.

  10. Carol

    I have enjoyed the quilt journey and house tour! Thank you. I’m not very social either, so it’s nice to have a cyber friend! Now I must get your best selling book!

  11. Delores

    I have enjoyed seeing all of the quilts with their stories. I have enjoyed you sharing your home and activities. And, I especially enjoyed all of your animals. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the news on the BLOG.

  12. Bronwyn

    Hi Mary. Have just received the new book. Wow I just love all the quilts. My favorite is the string pieced quilt. It is a joy to read and anticipate which one I will make. Bronwyn. ( Sydney Australia)

  13. Donna O

    Mary I was just reading my email from Glad Creations ( Minneapolis shop) and it states that they sold out of heir first shipment of your book and have ordered more. Great news!. I have mine already.

  14. Carole

    How did you get the mottled look with the coffee bath? Did you just dip certain places or do it all and then re-dip the darker spots? Thanks for the up close pictures.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gosh, carol – I think that mottled look just happened with very strong coffee and letting it dry from a pretty wet stage – not wrung out much.

  15. Connie Olson

    My three boys live in the Minneapolis area and if they knew you needed help, you would have gotten it from one of them. That’s TERRIBLE that you could not get any help from any one! Good gosh!

  16. mary jane

    I want to add my thanks to you too Mary, thanks for the displays of your lovely quilts and for the house tour..I was wondering if we would get to see or hear about your “old stuff” purchases..I believe that every home should have many books about, to display, to read and to should be part of decorating. So glad you are sharing your life and your “critters” lives with all of us..simply enjoying it all..Thanks again..MJ

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