The Two Hour Couch Quilt

It’s September 1st and here’s the pattern for our couch quilt that we have made many times over the years.

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Here is my quilt with the floral fabric purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Here is Connie’s quilt and fabric.

The color in Connie’s quilt is not true – it’s really a beautiful shade of orange with gray. It comes off blue no matter how I edit the colors. Here is a closeup of the border fabrics.

See, they aren’t blue! But they look like it in the picture of the quilt.

Here are the fabric requirements:

When choosing coordinating fabrics we sometimes refer to the color dots in the selvedge.

It’s an easy way to pick fabrics that will look good with the center print. Have any of you ever used these color dots in this way?

Here’s another photo of the pattern just in case the one on the first page posts too large.

We are providing this pattern free as a thank you for supporting this blog. Please feel free to print it out on your computer. If you’d like to order a hard copy from us, send $3.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA.

Sugar Maple will be extended until October 1 and we will post a hand appliqué project that will also expire October 1. Why you say? It’s still fall in October BUT Christmas is coming and in October we will want to work on a couple Christmas projects, won’t we?

I’ve been waiting to post this pattern and just now I realize I never took a picture of the quilt on the couch. Since it’s almost midnight right now I will take that photo tomorrow and post it for you.

Connie wanted me to thank you for all the sweet comments about Betty. I will post her on the blog as she grows – we can enjoy her together.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, Everybody!

38 thoughts on “The Two Hour Couch Quilt

  1. Diane M.

    Thank you for the pattern. Betty looks adorable. We had another 1.9 inches of rain again last night. It has really put a damper on our county fair. Have a good holiday!

  2. Cindy

    Since I have just adopted a rescue from our local humane society I could really use this couch quilt. Its so much nicer than one of those faux velvet pet throws from the home shopping channels Thanks for posting

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cindy – thank you for rescuing a dog or cat! So many animals to rescue and so few willing to rescue. Makes me sad.

  3. Janice Brown

    Hi Mary, Love the quilt design, and the fabrics both you and Connie selected for your quilts.

  4. Sharon Lowy

    Thanks for the pattern. Have a great Labor Day and a good time in Madison. Love little Betty…she is adorable.

  5. Mary

    This reminds me of a pattern in your newsletter years ago. I made it for my bil who had cancer. I used muslin for the center and traced handprints of family and friends onto fusible-backed fabric that reflected their interests or ages. He took it with him to chemo treatments. After he died his kids would curl up with it for comfort. They stil use it years later.

  6. Jan Mittler

    I can’t tell you how many time I have made this quilt!!!!! In fact, I just made it in Texas A&M prints and colors for my grandson’ second year at college. I always get so many compliments on it!!!!!!!

  7. Tanya

    We have an IKEA store locally. It sells wide fabric in some unusual patterns. I can’t wait to go by and check out fabrics for a couch quilt! Amazing how many people plan to make multiples of this one! You scored another hit in your long line of successes!

  8. Jan Behm

    Couch quilts look great! Nice easy pattern! Thanks for offering it here free on your blog. If only I can figure out how to print you since you’ve permitted us to do so. Hmmmm……

    Connie’s new puppy, Betty, is so sweet! A friend of mine adopted a black lab that wasn’t a puppy but was still less than 1 year old about 2 years ago from a local shelter. BEST DOG EVER! So smart, so affectionate & now SO BIG! I wish Connie & Betty good luck together for many, many years!

    We haven’t seen much of Hazel & her antics lately. Think we’ll need an update soon!

  9. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…Thank you and Connie for sharing this couch-throw pattern/idea which I really like. I have passed by the beautiful fabrics rolls at HL and wondered what to do with them. (now I know and will go there soon). Also appreciate all Both of you share with quilts, gardening, kids, animals, books and daily life. I have learned several things from you and Reed this summer, that is fun too! Thanks again for your friendship “across the miles”…

  10. patti leal

    thank you so much for the great pattern. i had fallen in love with ‘the ghastlies’ by alexander henry. i can use this pattern as i don’t want to cut it to pieces. i also found an image of one using the portraits in the center of blocks. who knows when they will get done. health over rides everything. take care and thanks again. patti in florida (

  11. Colleen

    The main fabric you used is the thicker home decor type fabric is that correct?
    If so what about the other fabrics do/did you use regular quilting cottons?
    I have seen some decor type fabric I’d like to use with some quilting cottons I already own I just don’t know if it works out ok to mix the different weight fabrics together
    I truly enjoy your blog all topics

  12. Kris

    You are so generous!!!!! Thank you for the pattern… clicking on the ads is the least I can do. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to every post… I always read it first!!! Looking forward to watching Betty grow up… Please let us know what Hazel is up to, too! Thanks again Mary! I feel like your my sister that lives in Iowa…. sorry if that’s hokey … I only had older brothers …

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kris – I feel the same about you girls! I so look forward to hearing from all of you, my sisters and friends across the country!

  13. Martha Engstler

    Many thanks for the pattern. I have some huge amounts of fabric from a bolt sale at a going out of business fabric store, this will be a fabulous way to use a couple of them. Can’t wait to get to work.

  14. Launa

    Many thanks to both for sharing the pattern. Nice to see finished Couch Quilts.
    Yes, I have used the color dots many times as a color guide.

    Enjoyed seeing the Giannini Garden Center ad.
    41degrees out up here @ 6am!

  15. Alice Brown

    Love Connie’s new puppy! Look forward to seeing Betty grow up. After losing our senior dog suddenly we have taken another senior dog from a rescue. He’s been in the shelter off & on for over a year. He has biting issues that I hope we can work with. He’s very possessive of things that he thinks are his! We have to see how he does over the next 3-4 wks. I pray we can give him a forever home!
    Love the couch quilt pattern, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Alice Brown – a huge thank you for giving this dog a chance! Good Luck – with love and care you can change his life!

      1. Alice

        He’s out 4th rescue dog we’ve had. Bentley’s a bit standoffish, but that’s to be expected. Right now he gets very excited about going for a walk & literally dances in circles. We’re following PAWS advice on what we should & should not do to the letter.

  16. Darla Hunt

    Thank you very much for this pattern! It will be perfect for some Australian fabric that I bought and can’t bear to cut up. Going up stairs right now to see what I have to coordinate with it!

  17. Linette Anne Stewart

    Thank you so much Mary and Connie!!! This pattern is just what I need for the volunteer quilting/sewing that I do for a children’s center and nursing home. I love it!!

  18. Janice Hebert

    Thank you so much, Mary and Connie! Have a great weekend. It has cooled off nicely here for a few days. Really makes me want to do some crafting and sewing!

  19. Kathy

    Thank you Mary and Connie for sharing the pattern with us. It shall be one I will remember to make up for the grandkids this winter in their favorite colors.
    And you quilted it with your signature straight lines, correct? Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend with time in your yard playing with the dogs and the cats rolling on sidewalks in sunshine.

  20. Gail

    Have I ever used the dots on the selvage?
    I recently used some of the words
    on library blocks. Thanks for sharing
    your couch quilt pattern!

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