83 thoughts on “This is a test

    1. Gayle

      Yes, it came via email, but like the other comments, the link did nothing after I got to the blog.

  1. Lisa Chaplin

    when I click on “Click on here to read more” there’s nothing there. it does take me to your blog page but that’s all.

    1. Shelba

      Same here. But I am now in the habit of going to the blog and clicking on the ad.

  2. Beth T.

    Hmmm…it came to me by email, with a link to click if it came to me by email, but when I clicked the link, it led me nowhere. I hope that is helpful.

  3. Martha Engstler

    I also got it by email and the same thing as Lisa when I hit click on here.

  4. be

    Well, I got story of wedding earlier today and then got this test. Clicked and everything opened.

  5. Judy Linn

    Reply to the test –
    when I click here – on the blog I was able to click on a Belk ad and a WalMart ad.

    I clicked away.

    Judy in Texas

  6. Susan

    Mary, it worked very well for me. I can see all of your past postings. I read you on an IPad.

  7. cindy m

    got by email however when clicked on “read more” it just lead back to the same thing. Got tired of clicking, figured you were messing with us for fun! lol!

  8. Amy M

    The link works to take you to the blog. This would be great so people would then read from the blog instead of the email and see the ads. The ad is definately generated based on my browsing history because it is showing items I was recently looking at on Ace Hardware website.

  9. MaryAnnHulon

    Got it ..I’m raised a farm girl and still am sort of. We live on land in middle of cornfield. So peaceful.

  10. Mary Lou Grabner

    I received the post by clicking as it said. Thank you!
    Is it Tim Tusha who is your neighbor and Father of the Bride?
    Tim’s Dad, George was my Dad’s first cousin, I remember going
    to church at St Wenceslaus when I was younger and attending
    a few wedding receptions at the dance hall there.
    Good memories!
    My maiden name was Falada, a Bohemian name from the Duncan area

  11. patti leal

    yes i get your blog updates by email. when i clicked on the link, it took me to the blog where i found the same ‘click if you get mail’. nothing here but more of the same. hope all is well, patti in florida

  12. Karla Thompson

    I got the email, I clicked on it and went to your blog post and saw all the posts you have done, which i had been getting. No ads. Hope this helps too.

  13. Jo

    I also clicked, no new news. No ads, just repeat to click.
    I do get the notice in my email of a new posting.

  14. Jane Dumler

    It worked fine for me. Love these posts and all your news Mary. Thanks for keeping this going.

  15. Marsha T

    Email received and link worked perfectly! Thanks, enjoy reading your blog posts, but have never seen any ads to click on to help defray costs. Would be happy to click the ads anytime I see them.

  16. Ruth Cozad

    I liked this. Maybe it’s easier for you as well. Good read selection: The Rent Collector by Cameron Wright. I loved this book and since it was borrowed I can’t refer back to it so may have to get my own copy.

  17. Sandy Bessingpas

    Clicked on it and got nothing..no news, no ads..when I clicked on replies it took me here

  18. Kathy Hanson

    I got it on my email. I seem to get it on email looking different and looking different.

  19. Pat O'Neill

    I get all your emails OK! When I just clicked on here for more I got the emails attached without a problem! Love all your emails & look forward to them💕

  20. Susan Lenz

    Yes,this came to my email account,as it has for a long,long,time.when I clicked on the link it took me to yesterday’s post( wedding- so cute!) do you want it not to go to mail?

  21. Launa

    Clicked n got your wonderful blog…I never saw the Belk’s ad tho. Oh my, I shopped in Belk’s years ago when visiting friends in SC.
    So enjoyed the wedding pics n the children.
    Thanks, Mary!

  22. Brenda archambault

    Not sure how I got here at this point. My email has been messed up a bit but i have managed to read and enjoy your blog and wish we had some of your rain in sw Arizona. The wedding pictures with the Kids are particularly enjoyable.

  23. Sandy O

    Clicked on read more, went to your blog page and nothing to read was a Walmart ad. Read yesterdays blog about the wedding and glad that you shared the happy day with us.

  24. Sue

    Got it by email, clicked, and then it went to your blog with this one being on the top and others below in the order of their dates. Nice.

  25. Angie

    Got this thru email, clicked on link and was taken to your blog – thinking that is what you hoped!! It worked great.

  26. Arrowheadgramma

    Received by email, clicked and here I am. Really appreciate all you do for all of us to receive your blog. It’s a real high point in my day. Thanks, Mary. ❣️😘❣️

  27. Jane Plourde

    Got this via email mail earlier in week then received this as a test. It all is very interesting so I looked at again. Thank you so much for your blogs.

  28. Sandra Ries

    Yes, got the email and the “click” took me to your blog page! I like this better because I’m lazy and once I read your posting in email, I don’t usually go to the blog.

  29. Dale matlock

    I got it by email and it took me to your blog, but when I clicked read more, there was nothing.

  30. Cindie - WI

    Beautiful pictures of a country wedding. I really love reading and seeing the beauty of your area.

  31. Kathy Bahn

    Mary, I was able to read on, in my email as I usually l do- no ads this time, tho.

  32. Connie Blyler

    Came by e-mail, I clicked where you said to and got to Chicken Scratch – complete with all the photos and saw one ad (which I clicked on) 🙂 I assume that’s your end goal – to get people to read the Chicken Scratch and see the ads to help with the costs of the blog. Worked for me!!! Loved the photo of you and the kids at the wedding – a keeper – frame and hang on the wall!!

  33. Marsha V.

    Same as Karla Thompson:

    “I got the email, I clicked on it and went to your blog post and saw all the posts you have done, which i had been getting. No ads. Hope this helps too.”

    1. Maria Honkala

      Hi Mary,

      2 ads ebay and fabric.com
      Clicked on both. Good luck!
      Maria Honkala

  34. Carol

    If only a test, we’re good.
    If there was a new post or ads, nothing.
    But, yesterday’s post showed up underneath “this is a test.”

    Carol Eberhardt

  35. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Got the email, and clicked on the link, which brought me to your blog page, but when I clicked on the ‘click to read more’ nothing appeared. I could see your previous blog post(s) immediately below.

  36. Debbie

    I received the “test” email. Clicked read more and went to blog. I usually click on the blog to read the post even though I get the email. The ads are hit and miss for me. Beautiful wedding pictures!

  37. Janice Brown

    Janice Brown – I received your email, and I clicked on the “Click here to read more” link. That action took me to this blog. I read what others had commented about your email. A few people mentioned the ads. I do not see any ads. My security software prevents my browser from displaying ads.

  38. Barb

    Didn’t get an email as I usually go direct to the blog. Clicked in the link and nothing!

  39. Caryn Goulden

    I got the email and clicked on the link. That brought me to the blog.
    The link in the blog went nowhere.
    Are you trying something new?
    Loved the wedding pictures!

  40. Dot Howard

    What wonderful wedding pictures. love to see what happens on your blog. Thank you for the information on books, ordered.


  41. Ginney Camden

    I am sending my $3.00 tomorrow for the Hometown USA pattern. It is so cute. Do I mail this to the 2345 Palm Avenue address:

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