This is not good! 5-28-21

Remember this view from just a few days ago?

This is today.

Remember how I was bemoaning the fact I had too many plants? I think these cold temps will take care of that for me. Tonight is predicted to be colder – maybe even frost! I just heard our wind chill right now is 32 degrees. So today I will be moving plants – again. I could hardly sleep worrying about my plants so that’s what I’ll be doing today. Ugh.

We’re both working hard on the book for Martingale so I have nothing to show you. I need carpal tunnel surgery badly but will have to wait until the quilts for the book are done. I am so tired of my right hand being numb!

Just a reminder that we have only one more Dirty Dozen project – you’ll know the number without me announcing it on June 1. And then you’ll have the month of June to locate 12 unfinished quilts to be your Dirty Dozen and number them. On the first of every month I will draw a random number and tell you here on the blog. You will then have the next 30 days to finish your quilt which we would all like to see here on the blog after you send the photo to my email address found on our blog home page. I have not had many photos this month to show you. I think you’re all gardening instead of sewing.

This night blooming cereus is loaded with buds which will likely fall off due to the cold weather – I’ve been waiting for a year to see it bloom again!

Stay warm, Everybody!

22 thoughts on “This is not good! 5-28-21

  1. Teresa

    This cold weather is crazy and has made more work for you, Mary! I hope your Cereus buds survive, I’d love to see it bloom too.

  2. Janice Hebert

    I get it! Last night we had gone to bed, I was half asleep enjoying he really cool (cold!) breeze coming through the window and remembered that we hadn’t taken in the elephant ear plant that I’ve been babying for months! It’s only just sprouting, about 8″ tall and I just had to run down and cover it with a blanket – the pot is too heavy for me to move alone and my husband was sound asleep. It looks fine this morning but I am still worried. We took all of the seedlings in last night and I was so glad we did. They may have been fine but I don’t want to take a chance. Can you just cover some of the heavier ones Mary? Only take in the ones that you really cherish, like the Cereus? Oh, I hope it blooms for you! No sewing here lately. Between seedlings, my dog that supposedly is on borrowed time but still runs around like a puppy for a treat and everyday stuff I’m just not getting any sewing done. Maybe once the garden is actually planted. We do have raised beds that have produced spinach and mixed greens already, that’s been fun! Peas will like this cooler weather I hope. No signs of flowers yet. Do you have ticks out there? They are just awful here this year. Last night I found three on my poor little dog’s chin! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Hebert – we have not seen any ticks on the dogs this year but I have them on Nexgard – we are heavily wooded and usually have ticks – maybe I got them treated before the ticks appeared. The ticks won’t like this cold weather!

  3. Vicki

    I feel for you and your plants. We are to get to 35 degrees tonight, so we shall be covering our tomatoes. I have huge planters of petunias that I hope will survive. I love the colors this time of year, especially after a winter of snow. Spring is a time of renewal. I am looking forward to pulling my next 12 dirty dozen projects. This was fun for me, my first year. And I love seeing everyone’s quilts. There are so many creative ideas out there. Quilters are a fun bunch!

  4. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Oh, Mary. I hope all of the plants will come back and especially the Night Blooming Cereus. I look forward to that every year! I have a few things almost ready for DD, guess I better HURRY since it’s almost the 31st. Hubby’s back surgery recuperation has kept me busy, busy with plants and birds etc. I enjoy the birds and flowers so don’t mind helping:) When you’re in need of a laugh, I will send you an email of my experience at our Department of Motor Vehicles trying to get a 30 day handicapped sticker so he can go to our first grandson’s HS graduation. Ahhh, bureaucracy–lol.
    Hang in there with the plants:) Rainy and cooler here today, but no frost.

  5. Tanya T.

    Thinking if you and your plants! Thrilled to hear about the new book and can’t wait to see it!

  6. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    We got 1.5″ of snow this morning and it is predicted to be a hard freeze tonight. Hope my iris buds don’t freeze off. I haven’t a single lilac blossom, they were frozen a couple weeks ago. It was 83 a few days ago, and right now it is 43. Not a good weekend to be camping.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – snow??? No!!! We’re under a freeze warning so we could get snow, too. NE wind is very strong – what a miserable day! I didn’t get any lilacs either and my yellow irises are blooming now – they’ll freeze off tonight. Ugh.

  7. Jan Swanda

    Oh, Mary, take care of your hands – most important. Cover plants with old quilts.
    Sending hugs & prayers

  8. Jan Smith

    I’m not even a gardener, but this made me tear up. Hope they are salvageable, and will bring you joy.
    Best of luck with the new book, and with your hand. I found it to be a very quick recovery. Hope you are having it done using the new method, and not cutting through the palm. Seriously, no pain and only a few days recovery & simple physical therapy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Smith – what’s the new method? I was told 4-6 weeks recovery and I just can’t spare my hand for that long!

      1. Jan Smith

        My surgeries – both wrists, were done by a tiny slit in the wrist and the carpal ligament is pulled out and snipped so there is no longer any pressure on the nerve. It is called endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Please go this route. It is a piece of cake. I had zero pain, and had my other hand done two weeks later. There are easy therapy exercises to do for just a couple of weeks. Let me know if I can be of any further help. This is not a new surgery. Mine was done at least eight years ago!

  9. Linda Baker

    A cold and windy day in West Michigan, a good day to stay inside. Northern MI has a frost advisory for tonight but we should be okay. I had lilacs and a few iris and the asparagus and rhubarb are doing well. Mary, I’m just curious-how do your succulents survive all the rain you’ve had? I put a Christmas cactus out one summer and it didn’t make it.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    It’s cold (47) and rainy here today so glad we did not go camping on this holiday weekend. Good day to be snuggled inside. I did get to sew some with not being able to go outside. I am excited for your new book! I decided your Sea Glass quilt from the last scrap book with Martingale you did is my next scrap quilt to make as I find it a fascinating pattern. I would try covering the plants to get thru this temporary cold spell cause otherwise it’s a lot of work for you to bring them back in.

  11. Fran in Dubuque

    Mary some surgeons do carpal tunnel surgery emdoscopic approach. You should check it out, ask your surgeon about it. it is sad to be at the mercy of this crazy weather. Best wishes for you.

  12. Sue in Oregon

    I feel bad for you having to move all those plants…again. The weather out your way has been beastly this year. Nights here are still colder than usual but the daytime temps are pretty good.
    It won’t be long before we are eating fresh peas and putting some in the freezer. I love peas in salads.
    I am still working on a FB mystery quilt. I don’t like mine very well but other members’ quilts are really nice. I just didn’t choose my fabric well. Oh, well. Maybe I will be happier when it is all done.

  13. Joy in NW Iowa

    So chilly here in NW Iowa also! I do not have all the plants you do! My back will not allow it.. my hands aren’t numb…my leg usually is 😳. So getting old isn’t for sissies! Love your blog

  14. Pat Smith

    Ah, Mary, and you had that chicken bed looking so beautiful. My friends are all covering all their plants in VT tonight. We are in Paducah, KY in the RV and it dropped 20 degrees while we were at the quilt museum. It’s getting down in the low 50’s tonight here—nothing like you’re having. I had never been to the quilt museum in Paducah before and have never seen a skill level like I witnessed today. These aren’t quilters in the normal sense but fiber artists. Hope you and your plants are able to stay warm enough tonight with a quick warm up in the next few days so your plants can go back outside.

  15. Susan K in Texas

    Oh my! Freezing weather in late May! This year the weather is just nuts. We’ve got another 10 days of rain chances. Two of our plants had dog vomit slime mold in them from all of the rain.
    I hope all of your plants make it.

  16. Mary H

    It’s hot. It’s cold . It’s crazy. We were camping in Wisconsin and it got down to 39 with a cold rain. Ugh. Tucked in and read and hand stitched. Can’t wait for you to get your hands fixed.

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