Warming Up, 5-29-21

I’m not sure how cold it got last night but it was one strenuous day yesterday. Not only did I move the plants inside, I found help to clean the barn – 3 guys did the heavy work, I just moved stuff out of the way and cleaned corners. Thank goodness, that big job is done!

So today will be a sewing, vacuuming and cooking day – I put soup in the crockpot for my friend Mareen who just had rotator cuff repair surgery and Connie baked me a rhubarb pie which I’ll share with Mareen. Maybe it will warm up enough to sit in the porch?

Remember Cyndy’s piano project?

This picture showed up in my Pinterest feed – another piano idea!

DD quilts:

Succulent desk
Sweet potato vine hit by frost

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend, Everybody! And don’t forget the reasons behind the day!

13 thoughts on “Warming Up, 5-29-21

  1. Diane in Maryland

    50 degrees and raining. It’s a good sewing day but I really do need to shovel a path thru the sewing room! Clean or sew? What do you think will win? A pot of soup would be yummy today. May have to do that first!
    Yes, we need to remember all the ones who gave their lives for us to have the freedoms that we do.

  2. Roxanne

    I love Linda’s sewing machine (I think) cover. This new piano conversion is also cute but I like the desk better! Your work yesterday sounds superhuman, Mary! Wowie!!

  3. Kathy in western NY

    God Bless our veterans for all their sacrifices. I always try to thank one when I see them out selling poppies or in a store, now I also seem to do the same for policemen as it’s just as risky doing that as it is going to war lately! The pictures today are just wonderful to look at so thank you for sharing so much with us.
    Great work everyone sewing away. I think I am done with outside work for a few days so hopefully it’s sewing in my sanctuary today.

  4. Sue in Oregon

    I don’t mean to gloat, ladies. It’s sunny and warm here this morning. I am having trouble staying inside, but I must bake a Banana Cream Pie for my hubby who has turned 83 years old today. BCP was his request. Our grandson is visiting right now. He is 30 now and can put away the food at every meal. I forget how much a young person can eat.
    Another thing we need to do this weekend is to decorate family graves with flowers from our yard.
    Wishin all of you a Very Happy Holiday.

  5. Lois Ann Johnson

    Hi Mary: I am sure there was a “frost advisory” for last night here in the Humboldt, Iowa area. Some of my neighbors covered their plants. I chose not to as they were in pots up close to the house; very sheltered. I checked them this AM and they did fine. Bailey and I just spent about an hour sitting on our porch in the sun. How wonderful it felt after a week of solid rain, wind and cold! I know we need the moisture so I won’t whine! I baked two rhubarb coffee cakes; one is for ME and the other I will divide up and share with friends. I love all of your photos, especially of your farm and how you decorate with plants and antiques. It all looks so inviting and cozy. Have a blessed and restful Sabbath tomorrow.

  6. Launa

    Good you had friends helping rescue your plants from frost, Mary.
    If I had an old piano I would just enjoy playing it …poorly…so only when I was alone! 😉☺️
    Today is a chilly 🥶 52o sunny day up here in northern Idaho. The Lupine are growing taller with the longer daylight hours and more Elk and Deer are visiting the greenery. Noticed a group of Swallows arrival this week, too.
    We fly the flag every day! My husband is a Marine , Korean War veteran! Bless all who have served!

  7. Connie R.

    it was 27 degrees this morning in Northern Wisconsin. We usually don’t plant our gardens until after Labor Day so, nothing to cover yet. I did take inside the few hanging baskets I did buy so far. Looking forward to a warm up.
    I agree with you about remembering what Memorial Day is all about. (It’s not about mattress sales and rummage sales as seem to be the trend). It’s important to attend the Memorial Day ceremonies and honor our veterans and service men on duty now.

  8. Connie R.

    I meant Memorial Day for planting gardens, not Labor Day!!! I should read through my comments before I post!

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    I just came home from the store, flags are everywhere. A local realtor plants flags along the main streets, thousands of them. Having a large Air Force base here, it’s a beautiful honor to to the service members.
    The DD’s are inspiring today. Thanks to all.

  10. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Gosh, Mary. I am so glad you had help with the barn. That is a big job.
    This cool weather is something! There were several graduations around us today. At least it is better than 90* in the hot sun. Our daughter, son in law and grand daughters placed flags at a big cemetery in Columbus today. They said it was chilly, but so worth it🇺🇸
    The DD’s are great.
    Happy Memorial Day. Have a good weekend.

  11. Lyn

    Thanks to Kathy in New York for thanking and recognizing the policemen also. I am a Mother of a daughter in law enforcement and also lost a young husband Marine in Viet Nam. Yes, remember those who have given their lives as well as those serving now and the Veterans. From an avid quilter!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      At 3:00 today when we take a moment to pause and remember all of those who gave their lives to give me my freedoms I have and should never take for granted, I will say a prayer for your family. We are a police, fire fighters family and only my dad served in the Navy so I try to remember what my friends are feeling today.

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