This Is So Fun!

I LOVE reading your comments – I’m familiar with many of your favorite quilts but some I’ve never heard of.  Guess that’s why I enjoy your photos which you can send to my email.  I have spent hours reading your comments and memories and even though I have not replied to many, I’ve read them all and enjoyed them all.  And it’s working – you’re closing ads like never before making this a continuous effort – I write, we talk, you close ads and I talk some more over and over.  I love it and thank you for your support.

And again I’ll post the book reviews later today.  It got to be evening yesterday before I got to the book reviews because it was such a busy day which included mowing.  I didn’t think I’d have to mow again this season at church but it’s coming up again the first part of October and the grass is still growing.

I’ve got a few more #5’s – all great!

As I write here are my two lazy companions just waiting for me to go outside!

I’ll be back later today with the book reviews – two books=2 ads and tell me what you’re currently working on.

103 thoughts on “This Is So Fun!

  1. Marcia in ID

    I love reading your bog. But this morning there are no ads to click. Just big yellow boxes. The Bullseye quilt is lovely whoever made it. Your puppies look like mine, lazy until I head for the door. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sharon Ray

    I only found one ad to close. Sometimes they are at the very bottom so ladies look there! I just finished a small wall hanging designed by Jo Morton but I made it smaller and discovered I love grey with dark orange.

  3. Kathy Teske

    Quilting a Buttermilk Basin Christmas quilt and binding my 365 block quilt. And of course, planning more quilts than I’ll ever get To!

  4. Tanya T. in Houston

    LOVE that little Dala horse! We stopped at the Norwegian Heritage Center in Stoughton, WI and were so impressed with their facility…highly recommend it!

    1. Carla J

      Tina, I will look your suggestion up. May just have to be a cousins destination visit. Visited little Norway when it was open, been to the Stavkirks in Morehead and Rapid City. I want to get to the museum in Iowa someday in our retirement travels.

  5. Launa

    Nice to see your Norwegian Dala horse! My high school offered Norwegian so I had two years. I won a nice cash award from Sons Of Norway, too!
    9:15am and the sun hasn’t shown yet!
    Am machine quilting a scrappy house wallhanging today!

  6. BarBQue

    Two lovely #5s I would like either one. No ads. Love the way you put different items into
    your little vinyete (sp?)

  7. Debra Miller

    I just read last nights post and was able to close all ads. This post has 5 ads and none are able to close.

  8. Jane Busby

    I have many favorites!!! Soared to pick just one!!!!
    The ads on my page were all the same…click 3 of them.

  9. Jeanine from Iowa

    There are ads in this entry, but not x’s to close them…….just the triangle. Most days there are 6 or 7 for me to close. That is a very bright a beautiful Bull’s Eye quilt! I enjoy seeing other people’s UFO’s.

  10. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I couldn’t find any ads to close this time. I love seeing the number fives completed, I have fallen dreadfully behind; however today’s a new day and we still have six more in September. I love the nudge in getting these projects out of the closet; that is progress! I have a sleeping dog on my lap right now as I type. 😉

  11. Elaine

    I have several favorite quilts I have made and among them is the Sampler Quilt I made from the instructions on this blog several years ago. I keep clicking ads whenever they appear. Admire your fortitude for persisting with the blog even through all the difficult times.

  12. Ellie

    First time I read your blog there weren’t any ads built later I was able to close seven! Bingo! Great finishes ladies!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I was so impressed with that quilt, too, even though I’ve never really cared for black and white – I always want color!

  13. Nancy T

    Love reading your blog and looking at projects that got done. No ads to close today. Can’t wait for next write up to come.

  14. Linda G Ohio

    Love your companions! I’m trying to get a couple Halloween quilts quilted! I sometimes think I’m not a quilter but a Topper! I have so many to quilt it’s ridiculous .

  15. Donna Sproston

    I closed five ads twice! Hope you are winning the ad close lottery. I just finished a strip pieced quilt by Amy Smart using a jelly roll of her very first fabric line Gingham Girls. It reminds me of all the fun calico prints I used to make my daughter’s clothes and matching doll outfits. It is too large for me to quilt on my sewing machine so it is off to a friend to quilt on her long arm. Love the dala horse!

  16. Diane from TN

    I love your blog. Look forward to getting them whenever you feel like writing. Reminds me of my teenage years (too long ago). I am currently working on a slip cover for a chair. Couldn’t part with the chair, so I am making it work with the decor by making the slipcover. I always try and close whatever ads are available. Just finished a good book too…the things we cannot say by Kelly Rimmer.

  17. Anonymous

    I will be quilting Dashed Dreams from Beyond the Battlefield. I wanted to start doing Hiding in Plain Sight to participate with the quilt-along, but wasn’t motivated to pull the various fabrics I needed. So I’ll save working on Hiding in Plain Sight for another time. Dashed Dreams was fast and easy. I got to use up a lot of scrappy strips. A very make-do kind of style. Practically a ” free quilt .” Was able to close 5 ads this post, however the 3 ads posting last night in your later post could not be closed????? I really appreciate this blog, thank you for all your input.
    Annette F. in Temecula

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      So glad you made Dashed Dreams! Every book needs a simple quilt thrown in and you’re right, it’s nearly free if you use your old strips! I might have to make it again myself – thanks for the thought!

  18. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Working on a quilt called Marigold, from the most recent AQS magazine! I love it! Blues and cream, Pam Buda fabrics, with a pop of gold, reproductions.

    If wishes come true, Mary, I shall expect a handyman at my door any minute. Otherwise, the bathroom remains As is, water damage -too bad! Next year, hopefully it will get remodeled anyway.
    I would give my mom a hello from you, but it’ll have to wait. Someone is feeling chipper… off to bingo!

  19. Anonymous

    Enjoying everyone’s completed 5’s, they are all so
    beautiful. My big fun after finishing mine was to start a new quilt. “Maize” designed by D. Smith. Lots and lots of yellow!
    Always love to see the pups, they bring so much joy to the day.
    Laura P.

  20. Barb K

    Hi, Mary! I was able to close four ads. I’m working on a quilt called Scrap Dance Minuet by Carole from “My Carolina Home”. Lot’s of little pieces, but I used “stash” fabrics and it’s been fun.

  21. Brenda in Iowa

    I love your table top arrangement with the pumpkin on the platter. So cute. My Guild is having a quilt retreat this weekend at a local quilt shop. My friend and I will be working on an I-Spy quilt for our grandchildren for Christmas. Today, I’ve got to cut out the pieces.

  22. Sandy

    Finishing a sampler from earlier days.
    Love your “lazy” dogs. And I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to keep it going.

  23. Sharon Lowy

    Well, it is me again in Illinois. I am currently working on Noel Christmas quilt from Temecula. It is a basic 9-patch. I basically just work with reproduction fabrics and I dearly love your books.

  24. Joyce from NY

    Closed 5 ads. I’m quilting my #8 it is called canning season, by Lori Holt, I’m way behind. Love your companions & the #5’s, they are beautiful. Thank you for the book giveaway.

  25. Jody Randall

    Right now I’m working on a fall cross stitch project. I’ve just recently gotten the bug to stitch again.

  26. Rita AM in CT

    I am working on a small charity quilt for Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness. I just finished the binding and will get it in the mail by the end of the week. It is a charity swap I participate in every September this is the fifth quilt I have made.
    There are ads again so I have clicked refreshed the page and clicked again.

  27. Connie in Prairie Village is

    Am digging into the depths of the fabric closet
    Trying to finish the hundreds of UFOs that haven’t seen the light of day in years

  28. Jean

    Closed 4 ads. Earlier this morning there were none. Currently working on stars upon stars by edyta sitar. A HUGE challenge. Waiting to see if Jan patek will respond to my email requesting the pattern for the anniversary quilt. That’ll be up next if she responds.

    1. Carla J

      Jean, it is in the Book Together Again that she co wrote with Linda Brannock. I heard it was still available there last week. You may want to check on it.

  29. Vickie S.

    Working on some cross stitch and some quilt blocks for a two person swap. Also, trying to get rid of clutter to put in new flooring. YUK!

  30. Beth T.

    Because our puppy had a serious orthopedic surgery a month ago, he has been under strict orders: No running, no playing, no ‘bumping up against the other dogs’, no excited activity, no jumping, no pulling…Basically, a 9 month old puppy has to keep his arm still, straight, and without any opportunity to undo the benefits of surgery while it heals over the course of 8-12 weeks. So he and I are on “house arrest” in a guest bedroom (the “cat room”, while the cats have been banished). I’m using this time to bind quilts– not my favorite job usually, but it’s more pleasant when I don’t have other things to do. I also did some needle-turn appliqué for the first time! Sixteen blocks, just what I needed for a small wall-hanging! I’m so excited about this. I’m determined to “find the good” in this block of time, and also get some things done.

  31. Carol Garner

    Got to close a couple of ads, love your blog and applaud you for working so hard to keep it going. Presently working on an embroidered quilt, vintage tins. Almost have all the blocks embroidered and then on to the patchwork. Your new books are amazing. You encourage all of us to keep on moving on and do what we love to do.

  32. mj from WI

    Hurrying to get outside projects done here..before the predicted storms due tonite.
    Spent last week in Door County, having lunch AND dinner at Al Johnson’s Restr. in Sister Bay, the Swedish Restr. and gift shop with the live goats on the sod roof…I took my Sept. project with me to work on…still have a few more days to finish it before Oct one is announced..I am so motivated about this monthly project, thanks so much for doing this Mary.

    Closed about 5 ads today..

    1. MJ

      Closed 5 ads. I moved so I am working on setting up my sewing room. Wow I have a lot of fabric – future quilts. 🙂
      I love reading your blog.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      I enjoyed going to Al Johnson’s the one time I visited Door County – we watched them bring the goats in for the day and then watched them climb all the stairs to the roof. I loved it!

  33. Darlene in Texas

    I had six ads to close today. I am pulling fabrics for a blue double wedding ring quilt I want to make for my daughter and SIL for their 10th anniversary. I have about six months to get it pieced and hand quilted.

  34. Kay Crandall

    Just closed six ads again. Working on a queen Blooming 9 patch from Blanch Young’s Tradition With A Twist book, trying to finish UFO #5 and quilting a table runner for my son’s MIL.

  35. Carol Reents

    I have not chosen borders for my bulls eye quilt and am getting some great ideas I would not have thought of. Definitely outside my box. I read your blog for a long time and never closed any add because I did not know to do it. Perhaps you could post for the newbies to know to do it.

  36. Cathy McCool

    I’m working on finishing a Dresden Plate table runner for a friend and also putting together a quilt called Nexus by Jane Snedden Peever from McCalls Quilting Sept/October 2017.

    I was able to close several ads.

  37. Marsha from Kansas

    This morning I have been binding the Thimbleberries quilt my LAQ quilted for me. I’m trying to finish at least one a year from the many club quilts and BOM from past years. Now I am going to go finish cutting out the 6 Lori Holt Vintage Holiday BOM blocks I am doing through Stitching Heaven. I’m doing these while waiting to get to Charlotte’s Sew Natural quilt shop to get the binding fabric for my September Dirty Dozen Kim Diehl club project. The binding didn’t get included in my kit. The project is pieced and quilted, waiting on binding. Telly and Hazel just chilling out are so cute. That we all could just completely relax like that!!

  38. Sue from Duluth MN

    Hey Mary, what is YOUR favorite quilt? I’m sure too many to choose from for only 1 answer!

  39. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary,

    My seam ripper gets more use than my sewing machine. Will be working on a ByAnnie Divide and Conquer bag that has cost $$$$$$ in supplies, so I cannot allow it to become an UFO. The adds have been sporadic since you had problems with the blog, but I always close any that I can.

  40. Mary M Rhodes

    Just love that pretty bullseye quilt! Closed 5 ads. Finished block of month from The Quilt Box in Dry Ridge Ky. Cutting out pumpkins for small quilt. Have finish weaving a basket that I started several weeks ago tonight. Hope get litter boxes done too. This morning very cool 54 degrees. Love reading what’s going on the farm.

  41. Rita in Iowa

    Yesterday got a call from my daughter in Illinois and she needed us to come and pick up our grandson from school as his normal sitter ended up in the hospital. So I packed up up sewing machine and Frank project to work on as it will be for my Grandson. I will take a picture of it and my Grandson when It’s finished. Left the other two Franks at home.

  42. Chris B in NW PA

    The finished UFOs have been very enjoyable to see and motivating. I am working on a
    Kansas Troubles table runner. Closed 2 ads that I found.

  43. Jo in Wyoming

    I was thinking about Hazel last night, I’m so happy you posted her and Telly. They are great “watch”dogs…they love to watch want your doing!
    I’m getting ready for a retreat. Our challenge is to use a Jellyroll. My first pattern will take the rest of my life to finish, so I think I’ll go to plan b, and hope it works.

  44. Maureen Fry

    Right now I am making a couple of skirts for my granddaughter. I am thinking about making a bullseye quilt! Closing ads every chance I get.

  45. Gayle Shumaker

    I’m working on a quilt for my oldest grandson who is in the Air Force. Several years ago when we were discussing an “adult” quilt for him he saw a deer panel I had just bought and loved it. Sadly it threw me into a tizzy of how in the heck was I going to make a bed sized quilt for him. I’ve had several strokes and it has affected my ability to understand the written word, how math and measuring work and if you speak to rapidly to me what you just said.Anyway I just reached the point I figured it all out, blocks are pieced and ready to be layed out in rows and sewn. Then I got the bright idea to make it reversible. I saw a cool panel with a flying eagle and 3 shadowed military men, background will be antique cream background with the Constitution printed on it, it will also have an about 5″ stripe that has the notes and lyrics to the Star spangled Banner and America the Beautiful on it. There were no ads this time for me.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      What a fabulous quilt he’ll have – reversible! Wow! Figuring it all out is a difficult task even for us who have never suffered a stroke. Math was never my strong suit!

  46. Diane, Squeak's MOm

    I had six ads to close. It’s very rare that I don’t have at least 4 or 5 to close. We just returned from Oregon and then Western NY. I found two neat quilt shops on the trip to Oregon–one was in Eureka, CA and one in Redmond, OR. And, I found a new one in Lakewood, NY. I love to see what the local “flavor” is of each shop.
    One of my favorite quilts is my Grandmother’s Flower Garden that my Nana made. My mom could pick out the fabrics from dresses my Nana made for her and for her friends whose mothers didn’t sew. I LOVE it:)
    Good to see Hazel and Telly getting a nap–Ha.

  47. Nancy TD

    Closed 2 ads. That was all there were now. Iam finishing the binding on #5. There is another Nancy T on the comments today.

  48. Anonymous

    Only found one ad to close but will try more later. I am doing embroidery on my thru the woods panels, to be put in quilt later. I am retired, but on vacation in Maine, so I do handwork along the way.

  49. Sue Hoover

    I just closed several ads. I’m working steadily on two projects right now — Hospital Sketches QAL by Barbara Brackman and Dresden Workshop Challenge with Susan Marth of SuznQuilts. Of course there are various other projects in the works but these are the ones I’m really trying to get done! The Dresden one was my #3 — yup! I’m behind!! Lol!

  50. Beryl BC

    I’m currently finishing the binding on a 9 patch with sashing. It will go to the donations bin for the church sewing group. It has taken forever to get the machine quilting done.

  51. Nancy TD

    Another Nancy T. this morning— not me! Busy sewing the binding on #5. Enjoy seeing the #5 completed. This is so fun to clear some things that were just nesting in the cupboard. We are under a tornado watch— hand will be good.

  52. Gloria Y

    I am binding my Kaleidoscope quilt and i have been able to finish some old projects this year.

  53. Paula Philpot

    Closed 7 ads just now. I have #5 finished. I hope to send pics of the 3 months soon. Paula in KY

  54. Nancy A Poole

    Working on boxes of stored scraps I haven’t seen for ten years. Huge pile of 2″ squares, I’m trying to sort to make 4 patches and 9 patches. After that I’m trying to decide what to cut for strips like Bonnie Hunter’s Scrape system. I’m overwhelmed. I made 20 ,16patch blocks and now I’m stripping borders to come up to youth or twin size. I want to complete a quilt to feel accomplished. I found a stack of quilt tops, not yet quilted. Gave 5 to local guild to complete for charity quilts.


    6 ads closed today!! I am working on Civil War era doll quilts right now. I “gallery” them in my entryway hall and alot of friends have found them fun to look at. Recently I went through them and noticed I have alot of red quilts with multi color scraps so I am now doing a series of just blue and white quilts for the winter, pink and brown or lavender/burgandy and white for Spring, cheddar , green, red, and brown for Fall and of course my favorite, red/ white and blue for Summer. I piece everything by machine and either machine quilt or hand quilt if there are not many seams. Love to wash after I finish as they give them a soft textured life that I love. I still make big quilts and being from California I often make bright colorful quilts but my favorite are the timeless colors used in country or reproduction fabrics. Not many people in California like these colors butI love them!!

  56. Robin Malloy

    Favorite quilt was the Country Living 30th anniversary. Hangs in my powder room and I see it everyday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I think that might be MY favorite quilt, too. I should tell that story sometime – when I don’t have anything else to say – haha! When would that be?

  57. Jan from TN

    Closed 5 as today. Still working on a small project for a gift. Decided to make a pieced back s taking longer.


    I closed 6 ads today! I am working on Civil War era doll quilts that I gallery in a long hallway. They make me smile everytime I walk by! I noticed i make a lot of red quilts with multicolored scraps, so I am now making Blue and White quilts to hang in Winter, Pink/brown or lavender/burgandy and cream for Spring, Cheddar, red, brown and green for Fall, and of course red/white and blue/ for Summer! I still make large quilts but i find the small ones charming and I love to wash them after they are quilted as it gives it them this soft timesless appeal that I love. California quilters make lots of colorful, modern, and wonderfully playful quilts so i also make these colorful quilts as well. I guess you could say that what type of quilt I make depends on what my “quilting soul” says i should make.. happy and cheerful, sophisticated, romantic, timeless reproduction or country. I love it all! I have loved the inspiration that both Mary and Connie have given to me over the many years. I am a blessed woman!!!

  59. JudyE

    I am working on pillowcases and a quilt that has a bicycle marathon theme for a birthday gift. It was a lot of fun searching for bicycle fabrics and selecting just the right pattern to show them off. I even found a fabric that had bicycle tire treads on it. This has been a fun project!
    Closed several ads more than once.
    Severe storms in the Rochester area tonight. Hope everyone is safe!

  60. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    I am currently finishing a baby quilt for my new grandbaby that will be coming the end of October!! This little boy is the first grandchild for my husband and myself, we’ve waited a long time…we’ve been married since 1973 and had just about given up. Our son and his wife will be the proud parents! Woo Hoo!

  61. Heather k

    Closed ads. I am currently finishing My Small World-Jen Kingwell- I just have one sky section left but I am burnt out. This week just started Those Trees – Zen Chic – that I hope to finish this weekend and off to quilter so it’s back for Xmas decorating.

  62. Sunflower from Michigan

    Currently working on embroidery alphabet patches. Up to the letter “U” so making good progress. Because of vacation, my ufo is to get the blocks completed, not the quilt. Had to make this months project easier on myself!
    I closed 4 ads. Loved the dog pictures.

  63. Tina zee

    Closed ads! I’m currently working on too many things but tomorrow I am starting a baby quilt which has a deadline..the shower is October 5! Wish me luck.

  64. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Your table top arrangement is really nice. That plate is lovely–so vintage! The dogs. . . .well, wonderful.

  65. Patty Turner

    Closed many ads today. All these quilt pictures are very inspirational. I’m retired from teaching but went back very part time as a consultant- that’s my travel and hobby $$!

  66. Sally J.

    Closed 6 ads today. Working on “30 Stars For 30 Years” I ordered this quilt kit when it was offered in Country Living magazine many years ago. Pulled it from the stash and making slow progress as life just seems to get in the way of my sewing progress!! I so enjoy the pictures – great motivation! Thank you Mary for all the hard work you do to keep this blog going – your a sweetheart!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I’ve just got to write the story of the 30 Stars quilt someday soon – we think it was our 10 minutes of fame!

  67. Dianne Aboud

    Hi Mary,
    I have been quilting since 1992. The Marcus Brothers Christopher Columbus fabric for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America was my inspiration. I have sewn since I was 9 but made clothing instead of quilts.

  68. Dianne in Ohio

    The Bullseye quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. I am currently working on a quilt that I started in a class that I took from Corey Yoder during Quilt Gathering weekend at the end of August in Berlin, Ohio. The pattern is called “Beholden”. I have a bad habit of not finishing a quilt that was started in a class. This time I decided I had to finish it before I started on a new project. Only 8 blocks left to piece out of 28.

  69. Margie Braaksma

    I had 6 ads to close! I’m working on my Iowa shop hop quilt from 2 years ago. My favorite quilt I’ve made is blueberry buckle, which is from one of Country Threads books.

  70. Nancy Norris

    Closed my ads and I’m working on a thanksgiving table topper. I’m going to help a granddaughter make one for her family when she stays with with for a few days. I also want to make one for a special friend.

  71. Jeanie S, central IL

    That Bullseye with the veggies/fruit is beautiful!
    We are in the process of moving, and my quilting supplies are in boxes in our new garage. We are bringing furniture to our new house this weekend. Hopefully, I will be able to set up my sewing room soon after the furniture moves in. Thanks, Mary

  72. Barb

    Have just sent 2 quilts to my long-arm friend and have the backing and batting now for a 3rd to send over. Just finished the top of an Elizabeth Hartman Unicorn quilt for my grand daughter…great pattern! And now I am sewing the rows together for the Jaybirds Chopstick quilt…..all Kaffe Fassett fabrics with white background….it really pops!
    Love the blog….never quit!

  73. Meri in SoVa

    I’m working on a donation quilt for a veterans group right now and need to quilt a top that’s been finished for 5 years!

  74. Carolyn Boutilier

    No ads. I finished a sample block of a quilt, Buhl-Bushong Quilt, circa 1855, that is the property of the Virginia Quilt Museum. I like doing the applique part but not very good at making the 5 points in the center block. Doreen Johnson will teach us Saturday how to put these center blocks together. This is a challenge for me as I am a new quilter and doubt that I would do all the center blocks. Love the Bulls Eye quilt and your 2 lazy companions. Are you buying potting soil to take in some of your plants for the winter. Here in Shenandoah Valley our temperatures are running 10 -15 degrees above normal and will till mid October so they say. I want to start taking cuttings of some of my plants and make room for these plants in the garage in front of a double window for the winter. Hope you are not getting all that cold and snow.
    Carolyn b

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