Two Book Reviews

I will really enjoy looking at these new books and then telling you about them.  Of course, like all of you, I will have my personal favorites but I know I’ll find something in each of them that interests me so here we go!

The title says it all — Perfectly Pretty Patchwork!  Lots of smaller projects that are oh, so sweet!  This would be a great book for a grandma with a very “girly” granddaughter- the colors are so delicate and the projects cute enough to make any little girl smile.  I was especially impressed with the author’s clever piecing method in two of the projects – I would never have thought to do it her way but oh my goodness, does it ever make a complicated little block easy to construct!

And from our friends, Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs, comes a new charm book with 21 quilts using 7 different designs, 3 color ways each.  Since we started Charm School all those years ago when charm packs were first introduced, we are always interested in new ways to use those tempting little charm packs!  They’re like potato chips – bet you can’t  buy just one!

150 thoughts on “Two Book Reviews

    1. Alvera Dothage

      Both books look very interesting. I have a 8 year old girly girl granddaughter and I have a shoe box full of charm packs.

  1. Pat O’Neill

    I have the perfect little girly girl that would love anything I would create for her! The book Perfectly Pretty Patchwork would be wonderful if I won it! I did close the ads I found too!
    Always love reading your emails!! You are a great inspiration😘

  2. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Both look interesting and very pretty.
    PS. I think I forgot to put a return address label in with my check so I will mail it tomorrow. OOOPS!!🙀🙀

  3. Marsha Ivers

    Both of these books look interesting, so I would be pleased with either one. Over the course of the day I have closed at least ten ads. I feel so powerful when I close these. ads every day. I have never made a quilt per se, I made a toss pillow using the log cabin pattern and have quilted a small doll quilt using small squares, it was backed, but no batting. My, I’m certainly windy!

  4. Jane lamborn

    Favorite CT fall wall hanging has leaves, turkeys, apples, pumpkins , stars and I replaced the house with a schoolhouse. It is a red schoolhouse with flag n pole and reminds me of attending a red one room schoolhouse thru 8th grade. Love putting it up each fall!

  5. Kay Crandall

    Just closed six ads! My favorite quilt is one I saw on an antique quilt calendar in the early 90s. I collected fabrics for several years before I made it and it was beautiful. I called it Vintage Stars but don’t remember what the name on the calendar was. I had enough blocks to make two of the same quilt but the second pile of blocks is waiting for it’s number to be called in the dirty dozen UFO challenge.

  6. Sandra Allen

    I love charm packs and am always looking for new ways to use them. The Third Time’s a Charm book looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Melody Rust

    My favorite quilt I made was the 150 block Canadian Centennial Quilt. Took awhile but pretty. At least for now it’s my favorite.

    1. Sharon Lowy

      My favorite quilt I have made is Japanese Lantern. I copied one my grandmother made which had seen better days. I felt like I was sewing with her when I was making it. I was almost sorry when it was completed.

      I keep closing ads.

  8. Diana

    I did not actually make the quilt top. It was a top from a neighbor woman and the top was about 30 years old when I got it. I had a quilting group of older women from my church help me quilt it while they taught me how to hand quilt. They were all in their 70 and 80’s and I was in my 20’s. It is a wedding ring pattern and everytime I look at it I think of those women who have all since passed on. They were quite a group!!! That quilt top is now about 60 years old!

    1. Teresa

      What a great story, Diana. Reminds me of years ago when I was a young wife and Mother my elderly neighbor invited me to join her Garden club. I really didn’t want to, thought it would be more hassle then it was worth with a new baby and a toddler. All the ladies were age seventy and beyond, a couple in their nineties. What a great group of women, and like you, all of them gone now. I learned a lot at those meetings, some about gardening but mostly about life and friendship.

  9. Carmen

    Both books look nice. My favorite quilt I’ve made is Farm Girl Vintage. I even waited to finish so I could get the second book because it has more great blocks

  10. Pat Smith

    When I’m in the quilt store, I have to be stern with myself or I’d keep buying charm packs! They have such beautiful combinations and colors. The hardest part of a quilt for me is combining the fabrics and colors. Charm packs are great for people like me with a timid color sense. There were a lot of adds to close. I Xed out of the site and when I came back, they were all there again to be Xed out. Such a deal!

  11. Linda in NC

    Love the books. Closed three ads. My favorite quilt is one I made years ago with a quilt group of friends. It is Irish Chain. Made from fabric scraps.

  12. Jan VanDeWalle

    The books look fun and such pretty colors Got to close 5 ads this time, maybe again as I scroll back to the top
    Jan, Oregon

  13. Carla J

    So surprised to see a few closable, I don’t think that’s a recognized word but it applies, ads while on my phone. Many times they don’t appear here. All three closed.
    The books look so inviting. Must be time to sit with one and a cup of hot tea and explore.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s books.

    1. Karla T

      Love the books. I think my favorite quilt I have made is called American Jane with pieced hexagons, and is the one I wrap up in on the couch watching TV.

  14. Toni Anne

    A favorite quilt that I’ve made is a Dresden Plate baby quilt, I think I’ve made 3 different versions with the baby’s name appliquéd on the front. Both books look like books I’d buy.

  15. Kathleen Grom

    My favorite quilt I made is called My Small World. It has dresdens, hexies, applique, paper piecing and patchwork all in one quilt.

    Thank you for the chance to win a book.

  16. Susan Sundermeyer

    Charm packs introduced me to sewing. The first quilt I made was a rag quilt. I’m not a great fabric cutter and charm are fun to use.

    1. Lisa Boles

      Oops forgot. Favorite quilt would be a BOM in Civil War prints with a diagonal setting and yards of other fabric to make it queen size. It is the first one my son was enthusiastic about and I gave it to him for Christmas as few years ago.

  17. Diane Bauer

    I love your book reviews. The local quilt shops don’t seem to carry as many books anymore so it’s nice to get an idea of what they are all about before heading to Amazon. Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts!

    I’ve thought more about favorite quilts and after reading comments on your earlier post, I’m curious about Gypsy Wives that several mentioned. I’ll have to do some research on that one! I still think Bullseye is my overall favorite for it’s ease and versatility. I do have a snowball quilt I made for a Jenica when she was tiny—love the colors and the pattern and the fact that I was actually able to handquilt the whole thing before she grew up! I also did a fun teddy bear quilt for her called Bear With Us by Toni Phillips and Juanita Simonich of Fabric Expressions. You and Connie have a couple of quilts in that book too!!

  18. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    My favorite quilt is the one I made for a dear friend who retired from teaching, like I did, same school together for 35 years. She retired to Florida, and every time there’s a hurricane, we are sure to communicate so I know she’s ok. And every time, I ask her to wrap herself in my love with her quilt. Just did that two weeks ago.
    Have tons of charm squares, would live some new ideas! And I closed the four ads!

  19. Robin McGuire

    Both books look great! Every quilt I make seems to be my favorite, until I make the next one!

  20. Martha Engstler

    Closed 6 ads on this blog but the earlier blog had that many more. One of my favourite quilts was one I made for my son out of his old flannel shirts. I had to go to thrift shops to find more shirts.

  21. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Love finding patterns for all my charm packs. I don’t have any little girls in my life, just little boys….
    My favorite quilt I made 10 years ago. I bring it out every fall. It’s just a simple 16 patch in autumn colors with a pop of teal sprinkled through it.
    The ads are so funny for me. I now am getting Chinese or Japanese ads for I don’t know what? I just keep closing them.

  22. Vicki from West Des Moines

    Both books look like they’re full of great ideas – especially the charm book. My favorite quilt I made was called Blue Moon Over Kentucky and is mainly blues, tans and creams. It was a BH&G American Patchwork and Quilting pattern and was one of the first quilts I made. Closed five ads for you. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Carol F.

    I just love charm packs and 3 color ways is a fabulous idea! I closed ads to say thank you for sharing these books with your readers. Two people are going to be very happy!

  24. Sharon Ray

    Love the colors on both these books. Lots of new projects and I love learning new techniques for piecing

  25. Marilyn Lewis

    Love these books!! I have a Jacob’s Ladder quilt that I made scrappy in blues and whites. Love it!!

  26. Donna Sproston

    Your charm books and charm club taught me how to quilt. I still look through those patterns for inspiration. I have a layer cake and yardage from the two Moda lines from Pretty By Hand, just waiting for the perfect pattsrn.

  27. Mary N.

    I have many favorite quilts, but I think my favorite is the double wedding ring. I have not made one yet, but maybe someday. I closed 2 ads tonight, and more on your previous post.

  28. Nan

    My favorite pattern is the Bull”s Eye. I mad it by exchanging blocks with my grandmother, my mom, my aunt, and me. We each used fabric from our own stash. It is a precious quilt to me especially since my mom and Grandma are gone.

  29. Susan from Rockwell

    What nice quilts on the new book covers. Working with charm packs is so fun and easy for teaching granddaughters to quilt.
    Thank you Mary and Connie for your continuing generosity!
    I am continuously closing ads for you. Love the blog even though I don’t post very often.

  30. Jane from Alabama

    I like both of the books reviewed today and closed the required number of adds. My favorite quilt that I’ve made is a courthouse steps quilt with a pied star border. The quilt was made with Civil War reproduction fabrics, contains 235 different fabrics with no repetition. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog.

  31. Linda from MN

    My favorite quilt that I made was Over the River and Through the Woods by Crab Apple Tree to honor my wonderful Grandmother.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I made two of Over the River quilts and really enjoyed doing each. One went for a gift and the other one now resides with my daughter. I did mine with the black embroidery but I have since seen in done with burgundy threads and loved that too. I still find hand embroidery one of the most relaxing things to do.

      1. Linda from MN

        I also did mine with black thread, but have also seen it in red and also blue. I brought the embroidery panels with me on a cruise to work on, and was surprised to meet up with a lady from Canada who brought along the same panels to work on. She was doing hers in blue.

        I thought I had brought along more than enough embroidery thread, but ran out. I had mentioned at our dinner table I was going to be looking for black embroidery thread at the ports we stopped at. We were in the South Pacific and black was very difficult to find, as they seemed to like the bright colors. An older gentleman would ask me each night if I had found the black thread, and I would have to always have to say no. At the last port before having several days at sea which would give me lots of time to embroider, I went into EVERY store that I thought would be a possibility of having black thread. No luck. At dinner again, the gentleman asked me if I found my thread. I had to tell him no and that I would have to finish the panels once I returned home. Then he reaches under the table and hands me black embroidery thread! My jaw dropped to the ground! I asked him where he found it, and how he even knew what embroidery thread was!!! He said his aunt used to do embroidery work, and he was out looking for toys for his grandchildren and saw it in a toy store and got it for me. What a sweet, kind man!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Wow what a story Linda!!!! How keen the man even payed attention to what you were needing. I too ran out of black embroidery floss on a camping trip while working on it, so stopped into Walmart, sure they carried it. It was one of those years they decided not to carry DMC floss in their stores anymore and I was floored. I checked to see if there was a local quilt shop in the area or a Joann’s but there wasn’t. I think I have 20skeins now of black embroidery thread hoarded in case I ever run out!

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Oh, Linda – what a wonderful story about the black floss! Did you keep his name and address to send him a card?

  32. Connie McGrew

    I enjoy reading your book reviews. The vivid descriptions you give makes it tempting to run out and buy the book. I only saw 3 ads, which I did close.

  33. Sherry Whalen

    Cute books and I love the colors – they are inspiring me to gather a few of these colors to make another log cabin – my favorite quilt to make…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Me, too, Sherry! Log cabin always tempts me to start another – maybe this winter?

      1. Sherry Whalen

        I think so! I just finished one – I’ve had the blocks done for a couple of years and this month – my #5! is quilted, labeled and bound! Time to get a photo sent to you. I think I still have 3 or 4 more sets of blocks ready to build into a top…but that certainly won’t stop me from starting another set of blocks lol.

  34. Terri Mulinix

    one of my favorite quilts is the bullseye and then I have a wool applique that I love. Such good books out there is hard to ever pick what you want to add to your library. Glad the blog is working better.

  35. Jan from TN

    I closed 5 ads!
    Both of these books look interesting but I much prefer the Third Times the Charm book I have their 1st two & love them!

  36. JudyE

    My favorite quilt is a log cabin. Thank you Mary for sharing these books with all of us.
    I closed 6 ads this time. Many times after reading the blog and comments I go back in and close the ads a second time. I figure every ad closed contributes to the cause, the blog support.

  37. Sue in Oregon

    Such pretty covers on the new books you are showing. Both look very interesting. I love that little basket block on the 1st one. This time the xs were on the ads and I closed them.

  38. Peggy S

    Closed 6 ads tonight!
    Have several favorite quilts. One that sticks out in my mind is one I found in a quilting magazine designed by Mabeth Oxenrider. Don’t remember the name of it. It has many small, light squares in diagonal rows that make me think of an Irish chain, with many 4 patch squares.
    Carry on Mary. All is good!!

  39. Jeanine

    My favorite quilt I made was a wool applique called Woodland Babies by Ewe-nique creations. I think it became my favorite because of how it came about. My daughter saw it at a vendor in quilt show in Lancaster, PA. She fell in love with it and said if I ever have a boy that’s what I want you to make for his room. So I bought the kit. Three years later i started it for her after we knew she was expecting a boy. Thanks for giving all of a chance on the books.

  40. Sue in Oregon

    Hmmm –Having trouble getting my comment to post. Here is the 2nd try.
    I love the colors on both books. Both books look very interesting. I love that basket block on the 1st one.
    This time there are some xs to click and close, so I did.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book. Love it.

  41. Rita AM in CT

    I have collected a ton of charm packs they are always so tempting. My favorite quilt is a very scrappy king size disappearing 9 patch that I made with 5” squares.
    Some ads have reappeared on this post so I clicked on them and refreshed and clicked some more.

  42. Linda in TN

    Yaay! I was able to close 6 that’s 6 ads. I love the Third Times The Charm book. I have many cham packs just waiting to be used!

  43. Linda in So Cal

    Love the charm packs. Always looking for new ideas using charm packs for quilts I donate to the local Children’s hospital. . Still trying to get the hang of ads. Only one was available to open but not sure if I closed it correctly. Have you seen the gosling lately? Growing?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I will TRY to get a picture of the gosling who is so big I often mistake it for a small adult! Yikes!

  44. Jeri Niksich

    Third times a charm, I think I have more charm square packs than I have Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarter packs combined lol. I can’t really pick my most favorite quilt I’ve made to date but the prettiest and one that was a first time ” set on point” quilt for me was called Texas Loud and Proud. It was done in reds, whites and blues with directional Blue Bonnet fabric that I had to find more of due to cutting the diagonal triangles wrong. But it was so worth it. I was very proud of myself for finishing that one 😊.
    Jeri in Texas

  45. Judy Jones

    My favorite quilt was a Lori Smith pattern, Pieceful Nights, that I did as a quilt along with Jo’s Country Junction a few years ago. I was able to close several ads.

  46. Cathy Barr

    My favorite quilt was Summers Quilt and fortunate enough to buy material for the quilt in SouthPort North Carolina for the actual quilt. Was on vacation.

  47. Donna W.

    I have so many charm packs so I would have to say my favorite quilt is one made with them, possibly four patch or nine patch.

  48. Meri in SoVA

    My favorite quilt is the log cabin with the flags from one of your books in the 80’s! It still is used almost daily.
    Closed lots of ads!

  49. Marsha from Kansas

    I have charm packs and will cut scraps into 5-inch squares if there is enough. Coincidentally, the Missouri Star deal of the day not long ago was a Me and My Sister charm pack bundle which would be ready to go for their book. My favorite quilt right now is my Block Heads 1 quilt with the 6-inch blocks set together with log cabins (repeat from earlier blog post). Unfortunately, I don’t have any younger children in my life right now. Closed ads with an X.

  50. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Both books look great!! Lots of ads to click today, especially if you count the ads clicked on your earlier post as well. I love clicking on those little “x”s – power to get rid of something I don’t want to see AND put a penny in your pocket!!

  51. Linda B

    Hi from Blue Earth! I’m commenting in the middle of the night due to extreme jet Lag! I love to work with charm squares! So fun to work with many of the fabrics in a line!

  52. Sandy's.mcpherson.212

    I have made the same quilt as Peggy s. Macbeth identifier is one of my favourite quilters.

  53. Charlotte S.

    I have a very girly granddaughter. I love both books. It’s late here on the west coast. I only had one ad to close but I opened your post twice to close another ad. Usually there are several to close but not today.
    Have to get my #5 finished this week!

  54. Jacqueline Spivey

    I have sooooo many charm packs! These books look interesting! Closed all ads that would let me.

  55. Dawn Stephens

    My favorite quilt I made was for my grandson. It was a pirate quilt that he uses on his twin bed.

  56. Jessica in FL

    My favorite (and only) quilt I’ve made was a Montreal Canadiens (hockey) throw quilt for my husband. It had so many flaws in it, I couldn’t stand looking at it and yet, my husband treated it like it was worth millions. I’m looking forward to trying again with a second quilt!

  57. Jean

    Not one single ad to close this morning!!! I’m interested in the charm pack book. My favorite quilt is the anniversary quilt by jan patek.

  58. Denise

    My favorite quilt that I made was a simple patchwork quilt made for my best friend’s first grandchild, Made in beautiful girly prints and hand- quilted with perle cotton..

  59. Jodee Blue

    I made an all red jelly roll strip quilt with a handful of lime green 2 inch square sprinkled throughout. It turned out so pretty. Thanks for your blog.

  60. Susan B.

    My favorite quilt I’ve made was the first one I completed (you noticed I said completed!!) It was a “Turning Twenty” quilt made with Red Rooster Gentle Christmas fabrics. That quilt comes out every November and usually stays on the couch until Spring. Love it! I closed 3 ads. There were 3 more, but for some reason they don’t have the “X” on them. That seems to happen sometimes and I don’t know why! Thanks for all your work keeping this blog going. I love it!

  61. Virlinda Day

    So hard to choose my favorite quilt. I think it would be my Easy Street quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I challenged myself by choosing my own colors rather than going with hers. First quilt I made with so many pieces. Thanks the opportunity to win!

  62. Judy

    My favorite quilt that I have made….the very first one I made years ago for my new daughter. Both books look like they would be fun to browse. I don’t usual buy charm packs. I like to pre-wash my fabric for quilts, but I have enough fabric that I can make my own charm packs. The cover of the one book looks like those would be fun quilts.

  63. Sarah

    My favorite quilt that I’ve made is Tennessee Puzzle by Jill Reber, in 1930’s.
    My favorite that I’m wanting to make is Omigosh by Sue Garman, it’s such a challenge, not sure I’m capable. Closed 7 ads today. Raining this morning in Arkansas which is much needed. Thanks for all you do, Mary love your blog❤️

  64. Judy

    I just remembered that I needed to close ads, so I’ll leave another comment. I usually do close ads, but I got so interested in reading about the books. Current favorite quilt that I didn’t make is the Bonnie Hunter Good Fortune. I see it every time I open her blog. I have it started. I like the charm pack book. I like some of the arrangements of the blocks. It gives me ideas for my my leftover four patches.

  65. Linda West

    My favorite quilt right now is the pumpkin quilt from Bonnie Hunter. My favorites change as I make new quilts.

  66. Jo

    Good morning from Michigan 🍁
    I have a lot of favorite quilts that I have made. And some not so much. Just glad when they are done! One that I truly enjoyed was a spider web quilt made out of my mom’s fabric. It was a replica of one that she had made. But digging through her fabric and sewing brought back sweet memories and I had a feel good feeling the whole time I was making it. I sure do miss my mom. I have all of moms old fabric that I hope to turn into scrappy quilts for other family members. She would be proud that her stash is being used. The spider web quilt went to my brother and his wife for their 50th wedding anniversary. ❤️

  67. Ellie

    Love the colors in both those books! Picking a favorite quilt is like trying to pick a favorite child! It changes from time to time. Lots of ads to close.

  68. Nancy T.

    We all seem to have a different amount of ads to close. I closed 4 now. Books sound interesting. Favorite quilt is a hand appliqué Christmas sampler. Guess I wasn’t suppose to say that yesterday. Have a great day everyone!

  69. Susan McC

    I have closed 5 or 6 ads (I lost count😊) – I would love either one of the books – I have 3 girly granddaughters as well as I would love to have ideas to use my charm packs

  70. Sally J.

    6 ads to close today. My favorite quilt is the first king size I made for my bed. It is blue and white in a snowball kind of pattern. Love your blog !!

  71. Deb Renken - SW Minesota

    Love both the books. My favorite quilt is the memory quilt I made from my Dad’s shirts and hankies. It is my treasured quilt and the one thing I would grab if the house was on fire – it’s irreplaceable. Closed all the ads once and will close them again once this comment is published.

  72. Kris in Naperville

    HI Mary! Lots of ads to close today! Yeah! My favorite quilt is a tie… the first quilt I ever made, it was just horrible, wonky and ridiculous… the dog chewed it up, I guess he knew how horrible it was. It’s one of my favorites because I learned so much of what not to do, being a self taught sort of gal…. lol… the other favorite quilt is the bullseye quilt that you guided us through…. it freed me up to be more “relaxed” …. let the magic happen randomly…. it has really loosened me up to be less uptight concerning colors and patterns… thanks Mary!!!!!

  73. Carol Collier

    My favorite quilt that I made was one for my son, when he was about 8 yo. Each block represented something he loved, including his favorite stuffed animal, and his dog. It brings back good memories now, when I see it. The books look really fun!

  74. Linda Taylor

    My favorite quilt is a king size “Yellow Brick Road” made up in scrappy green and beige fabrics. It resides on my bed! Both books look like they would be great to have. Me and My Sister designs are always so cute and colorful. Perfectly Pretty Patchwork does look like girly stuff and I have 4 granddaughters who all like girly stuff!

  75. Dee in Ohio

    My favorite quilt I made is a Grandma’s Flower Garden I English paper pieced. It took me a year to cut the papers, the hexies and stitch it all. Sadly I wasn’t able to hand quilt it because I have Parkinsons and my fingers started to cramp too much. But, my 14 yr. old grand daughter fell in love with it and claimed it as hers. A few years ago I learned to do free motion quilting on my home machine.. what fun I have! the quilting isn’t always pretty but it keeps me busy..(yesterday I finished a Bullseye lap quilt).I make small quilts for family, friends and charity using mostly charm packs, layer cakes and jelly rolls. Never give up!! Love your blog and closed a couple ads today.

  76. Tanya T. in Houston

    Sounds like a lot of us like charm squares! Nothing like log cabins, charms, and easy peasy sewing to relax and use up our scraps!

  77. Janice Hebert

    Fun books! My favorite quilt that I made to date is from Little Qults, All Through the House by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Sylvia Johnson. It’s called Hopscotch. I love little quilts! Clicked on the ads. So happy that the blog is up and running properly Mary, much be such a relief for you. I know we are all so appreciative that you “won”! Jan from MA

  78. karen m m

    Great looking books.
    All time fav quilt was scrappy log cabin. We all brought in strips, laid them out on a table, then proceeded to march around the table picking up strips to make our quilts. It was fun.

  79. Vicki in Seattle

    The books are “Sew Charming!” I belonged to Mary and Connie’s original Charm School and that is where I first learned about charms.
    My favorite quilt that I have made is a row quilt that was a challenge for our quilt guild.
    Have a great week, everyone!😀

  80. Judith Ann Jaques

    I closed 4 adds> I actually try to close all adds I see. I have done small quilts for table toppers and wall display from patterns. I think a favorite is pinwheel. Judy

  81. Jeanine from Iowa

    I closed 6 ads and my favorite quilt to make was the Vortex quilt by Amanda Jean. I get bored with doing the same block over and over, so that is why I like doing scrap quilts. I am working on wonky courthouse blocks now like Bonnie Hunter made into a quilt. Like to use my scraps.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, how I wanted to sew those courthouse blocks with Bonnie but I got ahold of myself and made myself finish several projects instead.

      1. Mary

        Just to let you know there were 5 ads closed once, and then again with another later. And, just to let everyone know, they seem to be placing a BIG ad ABOVE Your Header, so everyone, look up there first!

        Now, what was it I wanted to let you know???? Oh yeah, it appears that pastels are trending.

        Mary E. in Portland

  82. Rhoda Ebersole

    Pretty colors on those book covers. I closed the ads, Log Cabin was my first quilt and think I will try another after all these years.
    Cooler here this morning in NE Wisconsin
    But sunny.

  83. BarBQue

    Lots ads closed ! Darling books. I can see many tempting projects just on the covers. Can’t imagine
    what might be inside. Wish it would quit raining for our southwest Iowa farmers.

  84. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning,

    I was thinking of past quilts I have made and one special quilt came to mind. It was a flannel log cabin that really made my heart happy 🙂

    The 2 books you shared this morning are rightful my alley! And I was able to close several ads! Woot!

  85. Janet M.

    I was able to close 4-5 ads today. I usually make smaller quilted items. My favorite is an Ice Cream
    Cone wall hanging. Very summery!!

  86. Debra Miller

    All 5 ads able to close. My favorite quilt so far that I am still working on is my Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I always loved the design and I knew that if I ever got one I would have to make myself and it is entirely sewn by hand with English Paper piecing. I have all my flowers made and just have to finish the pathways. It isn’t fast but is a labor of love. Love Me and my Sister Designs!

  87. Debbie G

    I am so happy the blog issues have been resolved! I love seeing that there is a new post pretty much daily. One of my favorite quilts is the one I made for my dad for his bed. We did a work trade. I made him the quilt and he built me a book shelf for me to use for my quilt books. It was a great trade and I will treasure that and the story forever!

  88. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Ooops, I forgot; my favorite quilt: I have to say my very first sampler quilt. I started that quilt in 1983, took a class at a local quilt shop and used cardboard templates and shears for cutting; my quilt teacher became a dear and treasured friend and remains so to this day. I lap quilted the blocks, by hand. This quilt was completed in 1985, I made it for my son’s bedroom and finished the handwork on the binding one day when he was home sick from school, he was five years old. I recall placing the completed quilt over him and he responded “this is like being covered with love.” I never looked back, I’ve been a quilter ever since, but it’s that quilt that started it all! Times and construction methods have changed dramatically since then, but the feeling of creating tangible love through quilting never has.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      “This is like being covered with love!” Takes my breath away just thinking about that!

  89. Penny C Maryland

    Both books are fabulous! I love cutting leftovers and scraps into charms. I do have a very girly granddaughter, who absolutely wants nothing o do with wearing blue jeans, Lol Her mother was and is the total opposite!

  90. Holly in Two Harbors

    I love to use charm packs and also love Me and My Sister, so that book looks like a real treat!
    My favorite quilt just might be the one I just finished after working on it on and off for about fifteen years. It’s a hand-applique design by Becky Goldsmith called Flowering Vines and I made it in bright, cheerful colors. It’s uplifting to me, just to look at it. It fits the top of a queen-size bed, so sometimes I put in on my bed for the day, just because it makes me smile.

  91. Caryn Goulden

    Charm packs are so much fun to collect and use! Me and My Sister fabric and designs are bright and happy. My favorite quilt that I made from their fabric was a disappearing 9-patch that was donated several years ago. Fun to do! Seven ads closed in this post.

  92. Wendy

    The quilt I love the best (right now) is the Bullseye. It was so much fun to make and very different from anything else I had ever done. The Good Fortune (Bonnie Hunter) was a favorite as well. Again – never made anything like that before! Thanks for the interesting book reviews Mary.

  93. Rikki

    Love your bullseye quilt have not made one yet but will soon. My favorite quilt I’ve made is a crumb quilt small pieces of crumbs sewed on 2 1/2 x 8 inch papers and then sewed into 8 inch blocks just love the mindless piecing and using up all the tiny pieces saved for years. Read your blog daily and like to hear of all your busyness in the country.

  94. Mary Durham

    Charm packs are just fun. My granddaughters, ages 7 and 9, love to sew and shop for fabric. The last time we shopped together they both got a charm pack. The 7-year-old has used hers for a couple of pillows and the 9-year-old has selected a pattern from a Me and My SIster book I have. I would love to have this new one.
    My favorite quilt I’ve made is a wallhanging that has appliqued flower blocks in the middle and little houses all around for the border. I think I got the pattern from Miniature Quilts magazine.

  95. Carolyn Rector of Sw Ohio

    My favorite quit I ever made was all hand sewn for my sister when she had her son. It was a Jacob’s Ladder from scraps I had at the time.

  96. Sue Hoover

    My favorite quilt that I made (to date) is My Big Gold Star. It was Miss Millie’s Mystery QAL run through my LQS.

  97. Beryl BC

    My favorite quilt I’ve completed would be the Bonnie Hunter mystery Celtic Solstice. It was the first mystery quilt I’d done, and started not too long after I’d heard Bonnie speak.

  98. Janet Orr

    Charms – love them! In fact, I fondled some in Farmer’s Daughters Quilts shop today. Didn’t buy them. But winning one of these books might make me go back and purchase them. Love the quilts on the covers. I clicked on several ads – hope that helps you out.

    Praying for you Jo!!

    1. Janet Orr

      My favorite quilt I’ve ever made is a churn dash quilt made from blocks from friends from all over the United States. Red and white – my favorite!!!

    2. Janet Orr

      Hope Jo Kramer sees my comment – she could use lots of prayers right now. It has been a tough year for her but she always has a positive outlook.

  99. Dianne in Ohio

    I have many, many charm square packs and am always looking for new patterns and ideas. Both books look great.

  100. Rosie Westerhold

    My all-time favorite quilt is the row by row quilt I made with my friends, The Corny Bunch. I think we wrote the FIRST book about using rows to make quilts. Mine was made using plaids and homespuns. It turned out just as I imagined it would, and is SO soft and cuddly now after 20+ years.

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