This will crack you up!

Hercules found my favorite chair tonight.
And – the kitten came out from hiding. We’re making progress.

28 thoughts on “This will crack you up!

  1. Judy Moore

    You all have just flat out gone to the kittens and the dogs! Hercules needs to learn to relax…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Rose, he finally got home Monday. And….I can’t believe you have a reality show in mind. My life is not always so crazy! Ha!

      1. Rose Mikulski

        As much as I love hearing the updates about the four-legged creatures in your life, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about the two-legged ones. I still think my idea about the reality show is a good one, if Hallmark Channel can do the Cedar Grove novels, then they can do Country Threads. BTW, I love being in the Pinterest Club, and not that you don’t have a lot on the plate, but will one be done for December?

  2. LMK

    looks like he could use a bigger chair, real cute picture. glad to hear the new kitty came out. is it a him or her???? have you named it yet???? cold again, hoping it warms up soon. enjoy reading what’s going on over there, that’s the first thing i read when i check my email. the little bit of snow we got is pretty.

  3. Connie

    Glad to read Rick got home safely Mary…. I was going to ask about him. This photo is priceless (and funny) – I’m going to copy and send to a friend and family in Idaho who are now proud owners of a Great Dane — now 6 mos old and so BIG!! I get good laughs out of photos they post – and from this one of Hercules!!! All of your ‘adventures’ in your little corner of the world are such fun to read about! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Pat

    You need a bigger chair!!! He looks very content.
    So glad hear your kitten is no longer missing in action.
    Never a dull moment.

  5. PJ Combs

    Setting here chuckling, he really does not look comfy, but it brightened my morning….thanks for sharing….:-)

  6. dee

    my son had a dane/mastiff his name was the big lebowski I just called him BIG this reminds me of him he thought he was a lap dog sometimes…..funny….he has gone to the heavenly dogs…..btw is the kitten in this picture ….this is too funny I want to come stay at your house some day …seems like it would be fun

  7. Jackie Baumhauer

    What a lucky dog! Where can you board a dog and get this kind of treatment and stay in a beautiful home.

  8. julie erickson

    makes it all worth it!
    i would love to take in dogs and cats but my husband is alergic.
    So glad and thankful for people like you.

  9. Michelle H

    I look just like this some nights in my chair…priceless! Good news with the kitten…way to go Mary!

  10. donna mease

    I just LOVE Hercules! What a simply perfect pic of him. I hope the kitty calms enough that it will snuggle up to Hercules, too. That would be a wonderful photo op! I love to see what you write and photograph in your blogs. Don’t ever think that it would be tiring for us. No way! I always hope to see something from you daily. (as if you do not have anything else to do in your life). Take care….Hope it will be a sunny and warm day for you up in Iowa!
    dj from sunny south Kansas

  11. Joleen Rolland

    I am the ‘mother’ to Hercules….or at least his adopted one. While it is good to have him home, I know he misses you already Mary. I should send you a pic to post of him…he is stretched out chillaxing in the sun right now. What a galoot!! He was a little restless on the way home but I think its because he couldn’t sit on my lap!!! I will try to send you pics of him so you can post them here so everyone who has fallen in love with him can still keep up on his life! Thanks again for the GREAT care!!! I knew he was in good hands!

  12. Rose Mikulski

    Now I’m really bummed, first Mary’s cloud not working so there were no new pics so I was going through Hercules withdrawal and now to find out that Hercules is back home. I kind of wondering now if this technical difficulty was arranged so Hercules could leave without protest. Mary, we need lots of pictures now of Bailey, new kitty and of course Susannah.

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