Thrift Store Find!

This framed patriotic needlepoint picture measures 22″ x 26″, is perfectly blocked and flat and framed.  I paid $10 for it and all I can think of is how many hours of work went into this project.

The workmanship in this piece of needlepoint is excellent and I am so happy to give it a good home.  It is not signed anywhere which is sad because I’d like to know who made it and whose family took it to the thrift store.

Who am I kidding?  All of my treasures are likely to end up at the thrift store, too.  I only hope someone buys it for a few bucks and appreciates all the work.

Remember that leggy unattractive philodendron I whacked off a couple weeks ago?  All the slips are rooting in water and I just noticed today that the plant is sprouting again.  This is one tough plant.  It belonged to Gladys so of course it’s tough!

I brought some of the hen and chicks out of the garage last week and after that rain, they’re looking good!

I put a spring quilt on the wall in the living room and finally took down Wear Warm Clothes – until next year.

And after a busy morning, Baby Hazel fell asleep in the chair.  Like all new mothers, I’m going to work fast while she’s sleeping.

27 thoughts on “Thrift Store Find!

  1. Tina W

    You have such good luck thrifting and growing plants! I have a question for you. Would you recommend trimming a Christmas cactus? Mine is close to thirty years old and very leggy. A couple times it’s gotten so heavy that branches broke near the soil. Could I give it a trim?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tina – yes, by all means give it a haircut! It will love it – and don’t throw the trimmings away! Plant them after the cut ends are dry/scabbed over. Sounds wrong but it’s not.

  2. Diana

    Saw a post today where they hung a kids xlaphone on the wall in their chicken coop where the chickens could reach it and the chickens would peck at it and they said they heard beautiful music coming from the coop all day long

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana – yes, I’ve seen it and I’m on the lookout for one for my chickens!

  3. Lynn

    I have a philodendron named Myra. When we moved from Phoenix to Denver, all the leaves got burned in the car. I cut them all off and wouldn’t you know, it started sprouting new leaves. It is still alive and doing well.

  4. Sneed

    I am so glad that someone like you found and purchased the needlepoint. It is absolutely beautiful and looks grand on your wall.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sneed – I agree and I’m hoping there’s someone like me to buy my things at the thrift store when the time comes!

  5. Angela Brady

    Mary I enjoy reading your blog everyday. The needlepoint picture was a real treasure. Yes I sometimes wonder what will happen to all my sewing stuff and quilts when I’m gone. I don’t have any kids to leave it to. Spring has sprung at my house too, I decorated last weekend for springtime. Baby Hazel is adorable. Would love to come to your sale but I’m in coastal North Carolina.

  6. Kathy Schwartz

    In 1976 I did a crewel emb. picture of the eagle, framed in a round black frame. This was my “contribution” to the centennial of the US. I took it down at Christmas to hang something “Christmas” in that spot. Now, I can’t remember where I put the eagle picture. Must be old age. Cute Hazel–a keeper. Wish I could come to the sale–good luck.

  7. Helen Jane

    Mary…really like the Eagle handwork picture. Doesn’t it mean peace when the eagles head is turned toward the olive branches? Yesterday I went to Canton Tx trades day and my best find was a pie bird. I remember you have been there. So fun to shop for treasures. You do have special finds. Enjoy your writings.

  8. Leslie

    I want to tuck Hazel’s little bottom back into the chair! Oh what a sweetie!
    My Mom used to do needlepoint and what patience it takes. Great find, Mary!

  9. Ann Barlament

    All my treasures have been packed. I just need a place to call home so I can be reunited with them. I have 22 queen sized quilts and about 40 children’s quilts, and look forward to finding homes for all of them.

  10. Donna Sproston

    I am glad you rescued that treasure. Yesterday there was a post on facebook from a woman in Virginia. Last week she had a pile of items ready for Goodwill, and she asked her son to deliver them for her. Next to the pile was a memory quilt she had recently been given as a gift. He picked it up with the pile of old clothes. She is heartsick. Perhaps the now viral post will reach the new owner, and this story will have a very happy ending. I agree quilts should be signed. I have two family quilts but I am not sure which family member made them. Only the feedsack cottons give me a clue as to when they were made.

  11. Rhoda E

    Mary – you are the best thrift store shopper I know.
    I am off to a quilting heritage tour tomorrow to DC and Lancaster, PA with daytrips out of Lancaster and returning on April 8 from Philadelphia.

  12. Diane

    6.3 pounds of unbridled energy, then, crash and sleep like a log! She is so adorable!! That needlepoint is stunning. Good luck with the sale😃😃

  13. Pat

    That little Hazel is sooo cute. I would love to cuddle with her. I enjoy your blog so much. Happy Spring.
    Pat in Burnsville MN (a past customer).

  14. Debbie Miller

    I occasionally find hand stitched treasures at my local thrift stores also and they are usually very cheap. No one seems to appreciate the time and workmanship much any more. I bought a beautifully matted and framed cross stitch “Home Sweet Apartment” sized 13″ x 25″ for $2.00. When I hung it up , my husband looked at it and said-“But we live in a house.”

  15. Barb

    Love seeing your Thrift store treasures. It’s almost like going myself and encourages me to find my treasure. My sister-in-law found a large yo-yo quilt at a thrift store and had it appraised —- $850!!

  16. Brenda archambault

    I hope you encourage all of your quilting friends to label their quilts with their name, date, name of quilt, etc. I usually bind the label into the corner, as I’m doing the dreadful binding. As to needlework, I add my initials and date somewhere on the front and, if it’s later framed, I add my name, date and quite often location too. It’s a shame so many beautiful pieces of needlework and quilts are lost to future generations for lack of identification. Just returned from the quilt store with backing for a red work baby quilt and another 13 skeins of floss for a Dear Jane cross stitch piece. Trying to kit a few projects for an upcoming trip next month. Be prepared!
    Looks like Hazel loves the red and white throw. Did you weave it? No? But you could have. Have a wonderful sale tomorrow.

  17. Martha Engstler

    Wow, you really did get a treasure for $10. I’d say the frame is worth more than that. I used to do a lot of needlepoint and whoever did this one did a beautiful job.It looks great on your wall. Baby Hazel is so sweet sleeping away. Love your spring quilt. It’s raining all day today, good for quilting.

  18. Janice McColm

    Thanks for sharing. I sure hope someone in my family will cherish the things I have hand made too, but you are probably right, they will most likely end up in a thrift shop somewhere!
    I love your Hens and Chicks, mine are starting to brighten up too. I love seeing new growth in my perennials that our slowly starting to pop out of the ground! Spring has sprung! I sure hope the snow is aware of that and stays away!

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