Today’s Project

Bentley spent the night with us and he and Tucker had a big time!  Here they are looking out the door to my sewing room – too exhausted to go around to the dog door to get outside.

After a good night’s rest in the kennel, they were happy to go outside to “rassle” this morning.  Telly just barely tolerates them.  Poor girl.

I bought this frame at the thrift store for $5 – the picture isn’t even too bad but that’s not why I bought it.

Here’s the back.

I removed the cardboard and took out the matted picture.

I cut a piece of paper the same size and laid over the picture.  Then I used double stick tape to layout 12 photos.

Flip it over.

Put it back in the frame and use glazing points to secure the cardboard back.

Flip it over to reveal 12 of my favorite photos.  I love it!

Now I have to find an empty spot to hang it.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Project

  1. Ann Barlament

    I thought everyone bought pictures for the frame? Hahaha. And my favorite frames are home made. The barn wood frames, my brother made, with moss on it have my photography in them. And my dad made frames to look old and worn, they hold my Amish children photography.

    I wish I were a dog, so I could play at your house!!

  2. Marian

    Hi Mary! A very fun email came to my box today! Yours! Love the doggies. Love the frame and your fave pictures! So fun to find something for a few dollars and make it into something. Voila!
    Enjoy this spring-like weather. Heard some golf courses are going to open in Iowa! Whoopie for those folks!

  3. Anna M

    Fun pictures…enjoying this great weather!! (SE SD). I actually saw a flock of geese heading north!

  4. Bobbie

    That’s a nice idea, I love the one with President Trump. And I love your post on all the animals. I’m a big dog lover and enjoy your blogs on all your fur borders. They seen to get along so well. I read your every blog and love everyone. Have a great day.

  5. Diana in Wisconsin

    I’m in awe of your creativity! Great frame, with great photos. I’ve been cleaning up emails -I’ve saved most of your posts (I’m back in 2015 now). I absolutely love the quilts you make and I have to admit I have stash envy – even though I have a huge stash, I’d surely trade your fabrics for mine any day! I confess too, that I’ve made a few of your quilts (also own a few of your books). I’m a huge fan. I really enjoy all your posts! Keep them coming – love the animals, weather, plants, gardens, antiques, and especially your beautiful quilts.

  6. Diane

    That’s a great idea, Mary. I’m going to steal it:) Love seeing Millie up there. This AM Squeak jumped until she turned on the bathroom light–5:17 AM. Gotta love her!!

  7. Brenda archambault

    Don’t you just love it when you purchase a picture for the frame! When I volunteered at a thrift shop, a lot of the pictures I priced were based in the frame’s value, not the picture. Sometimes I feel guilty removing the “art” work, but …. That’s life. And I too have to search for an empty spot to hang the picture, whether it’s a piece of needlework or antique quilt block. Love the assemblage you made of your favorite photos.
    Now, back to my landscape quilt.

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