Some goats have bad feet – their hooves become overgrown and it affects the way they walk and then others never seem to have a problem.  Two of the Three Amigos had become quite lame so I called Betsy and her husband and they came to my rescue.  It’s really too bad we couldn’t get a good picture but I’ll describe what was happening here.  Darwin would grab the horns and we’d lift the goat on to a table and lay the goat on her side.  Betsy would hold the head and the horns and I laid over the back half of the body to keep the goat lying still so Darwin could do the actual trimming.  Betsy took these photos with one hand up close – ha!  Too bad because it was quite a sight!

Glad that job is done!

They had no more gone than Tucker came in the house bleeding all over the floor from a front paw.  I wish I had thought to take pictures because this wasn’t just a little paw print!  It was dripping all over!  I finally got ahold of him and applied pressure to his paw and the blood just bubbled out – you should have seen my towels!  Where in the world could he have cut his foot so badly?  About that time Chuck and Tonya arrived to pick up Dakota so Tonya helped me with Tucker.  When I got the bleeding slowed up, I wrapped it with gauze and put an old sock over his foot and taped it.

He gladly laid down and rested and a couple hours later the blood had soaked through but not too bad.

I let him go outside to pee and then rewrapped the paw before we went to bed.  This morning he is favoring that paw but it’s not bleeding, thank goodness!

Tucker and Hope both went to the barn with me this morning.

I quilted the baby quilt yesterday and today I’ll bind it so I can show it to you soon.

There were so many questions in the comments yesterday that I will devote a post entirely to questions.  I won’t answer them here because then you’ll never find them.

I hope today is calmer but it’s always something, isn’t it?

20 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. julie stancato

    Oh my goodness you have had a busy day, haven’t you? I always feel so bad when an animal is hurt, they really can’t tell you exactly what they’re feeling. I’m happy they have a good caretaker. Lucky animals!! Julie

  2. Diane

    Whew–that looks like quite a procedure for you and the goats!! Poor Tucker’s paw; glad it’s better. You will never be bored with all of your animals and activities:)

  3. Delores

    Mary, you wear so many different “hats” and we’re all thankful for you and all the wonderful pets.

  4. Martha Engstler

    Did you wonder when you closed the shop if you would have enough to keep you busy? You are unbelievable, you ware so many hats and do them all justice. All I can say is WOW!!!!

  5. Jo

    Mary, you are one amazing woman! I’m a city girl here and the next time I think I’m busy I will think of you! Of course, I get to every day reading your posts which I love. Thanks for sharing! You do more in one day than anyone I know! Bless you for caring for the animals and for your many friends and family!

  6. Anna M

    I bet the goats are happy with their manicures! Hope Tucker’s foot feels better. Bet you’re glad to get that all done before the snow comes❄️

  7. Sue

    Poor Tucker! Hope he is much better today and hope the goats are walking better. You had quite a day. Also, I just love Selma’s baby quilt from yesterday’s post.
    Our weather here is still rain, rain, rain. Now, we are getting colder, so it is cold rain. Yuk.
    My closest friend just left. We have started a new sewing project together and really enjoyed our togetherness today.

  8. Bobbie

    When I was a girl and went to my grandmothers. If we got a cut or scrape a toenail ripped or a fingernail. She would put turpentine on a cotton ball and the a bandaid on it. You have to put it on as soon as it happens not 30 minutes later. I swear it ‘S the best thing I’ve every used. The cut will not be sore. You can knock half your nail off and it won’t be sore. I ask our old doctor about it when I was a teenager he said it singed the nerves and that made it not sore. I ask a doctor a few years ago he said he never heard of it. This is just regular turpentine like you use when you are using oil paint. If I was putting it on a dogs foot or a cut anywhere on him I would just pour it on or put his paw in a cup and add turpentine. Just don’t put around his eyes. Try it on your self or a cat or dog. They don’t care for the smell but it really really works.

      1. Bobbie

        No it doesn’t sting, it smells like turpentine but it doesn’t hurt. If you have ever pulled your fingernails or tow nail part off, it can be so sore you can’t wear shoes for a week or two. Nothing can touch it or you’re finger. But put the turpentine on as soon as you have a cut and it won’t be sore. Don’t want anyone to cut or pull a nail but get your turpentine ready. I have a small glass jar in my medicine cabinet so it’s handy when something happen I can get to it right away. It really works.

  9. Polly Perkins

    Yes it always seems to be something. Beefy (my cat) got sick this weekend and could not keep anything down. Monday he seemed to be hungry but choked on anything he attempted to eat. To the vet we went. He just came home today. Many tests and Xray and scope to see if anything was in his throat. He had IV with pain med, anti nausea med. Finally ate some special food with prodding. He is allegric to chicken. Have you ever tried to find a food that does not have added chicken in it? Nearly impossible. Maybe he became allergic to the fish? They thought pancreatitis but did not have the classic symptoms. He seems to be peppy tonight and ate some rice and special food tonight.

      1. Polly Perkins

        He stayed at vets until yesterday. He is eating very little and must be encouraged. I tried cooked ground beef and he will eat a little. They do not know what it is. It is not kidney, liver, bladder…. May be pancreatitis but not classic symptoms. May be growth down lower in throat beyond where they scoped it. If so, not good news and very difficult surgery. He may have become allegric to fish now. And no he will not eat eggs. They gave him z/d prescription food …. chicken broken down so protein molecules are not recognized as chicken. He ate some but now refuses or chokes.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Polly – I am so sorry! Think ahead about his quality of life and comfort. It is so hard to see them fail.

          1. Polly Perkins

            He is doing better with hamburger and rice. He has put on some weight. I did ask the vet if he should be put down and he said NO. He said it may take 2 weeks to get him back to normal and he did not think he was in pain.

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Polly – oh that’s good to know! Maybe he just had a touch of the stomach flu!

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