Tuesday Update

I feel like Collin and Michael on Saturday Night Live when I announce an “update”! Haha!

It’s September, kids are in school, Connie is home from the lake and it was time to introduce Hazel and Betty. Neither one walk too good on a leash but we did it anyway.

They are true to their breed – the competitive terrier trots out front with the lab casually strolling along behind – haha!

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Yesterday I finished up the chair covers for the two red recliners.

When we were buying the fabric for the couch quilts, I also bought 2 yds. of this red cowboy fabric. I don’t love cowboys but I loved the colors in this home dec fabric. It was on sale for $4.00/yd. and 2 yds. with my coupon brought the total to around $7.00! I think I may have showed you this fabric.

I pieced a back and put it on the quilting machine a few weeks ago. Of course I quilted it with straight lines.

The next step was to trim the batting and backing. No picture, I guess.

Then cut it in half up the middle and bind each piece.

These will be great chair covers through the fall and until I change for Christmas.

Here’s a picture I forgot to post from the day we visited the Grotto. Myra saw this phone booth and was fascinated with it – and couldn’t believe a phone call was only 10 cents when I was a kid. Oh man, did I feel old!

I leave you with Betty and her toy raccoon.

Tune in tomorrow when I post the cover and title of our new book!

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. Marilyn Lewis

    Love reading your posts! So is your chair cover in two pieces? One for the back and one for the seat? Love this idea!

  2. Miriam

    A dime in my shoe when going on a date. if it turned into a situation I wasn’t comfortable with, I could call home.
    I like your recliner cover. my recliners need them. thank you!
    Hazel is such a cutie! So glad she is finally getting past the puppy stage. Terriers can be such terrors through that stage—voice of experience!

  3. Kathy hanson

    Loved seeing Hazel and Betty together! What fun to have them be friends – hopefully!!
    I haven’t covered chairs but enjoy seeing yours!! Looking forward to seeing the cover of the new book!

  4. Jeanie from sw IL

    Mary, I love the cowboy fabric in your chair quilts. We are on our way home to Illinois after spending all summer out west.
    Precious little Betty absolutely melts my heart! Thanks.

  5. Jeanie from sw Illinois

    Mary, I love the cowboy fabric for your chair quilts. We are presently on our way home to Illinois after a summer spent out west.
    Betty makes my heart melt; she is so precious. Thanks, Jeanie

  6. Launa

    Great pictures to see today. Am so thrilled about your new book…congratulations…can’t wait to see cover and title and purchase one!!!

    We had a family dinner out when some from CA were visiting a few weeks ago….as we exited Ramies we noticed an old phone booth on the porch! It was more “ vintage” than the one pictured.

  7. SusanfromKentucky

    I love how you compared the terrier with the lab. Ha ha! My dog is a mix of both! Yellow Lab/Jack Russell Terrier!

  8. Colleen

    Wow 😳 I saw that fabric last year at hobby lobby and it was expensive. I was making small suitcases for my grandchildren and that print and weight was perfect. I am going to hobby lobby to see if it is on sale here. I think the colors will work for Christmas and valentines, if you don’t study it and see the bucking bronco theme.

    You are so smart as an animal lover to cover what you know would suffer if used by those sweet four legged friends.

  9. Kathy

    I loved your comparison to Colin and Michael on Saturday night live!!
    And what’s this about a new book ????????? Can’t wait to hear about it.


  10. Sherry Whalen

    Oohhh, Colin and Michael, love them (and you!) – do you have update music too?!? 😉

  11. Moe Baly

    You have so much fun Mary!!! And Connie too! Love hearing about all you do and all you create. Love the idea of the couch quilts and chair quilts. I already keep a quilt on the couch but not on chairs. Good way to use up fabric.

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