Just look at that little face!

I just took New York Beauty off the quilting machine – I love it!

Rox had a grooming appointment this morning and I was able to deliver the pink and gray quilt to Hannah, her groomer.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

I took Hazel along and left her at Hannah’s to play with a puppy who is boarding there.   Hazel needs as much socialization as I can provide and I brought home a very tired little puppy.  It’s good for her to play hard and then rest.

Connie and Roy are coming home tonight and Hope will be happy to see them.  She is like our dog when she’s here – I love her and she is comfortable with us but like all vacations, it’s good to get home.

Hazel is crate trained for naps and overnight and I’ve never done that before.  I always felt guilty about a dog in a crate but the experts are right, she is so happy in her crate and she doesn’t whine even once when I put her to bed at night.   She does her business outside – I take her out on a schedule and she’s almost 100%!  She sleeps through the night, going to bed about 11 pm and getting up between 6 and 7.  She sleeps in a crate by my bed.

In the picture in the driveway, she has her first dead bird!  She was so proud.

I think this is going to post – let’s hope so!

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  1. PJ

    Love your new puppy,….but ick on the dead bird, I always think they care nasty critters or something bad…what a lovely quilt you gave to your groomer, how nice, and love the New York quilt…thanks for sharing…always love your blog….PJ

  2. Gail

    Hazel is growing – you might not see it since you see her all the time – but she looks adorable! Thanks for all the pics!

  3. Becky Rose

    That is the cutest little puppy face ever!! So glad Hazel likes her crate, I mean who doesn’t need their very own little I’ll be down soon for my Hazel fix!

  4. Beth T.

    I know just what you mean about crate training–both about feeling a guilty resistance, and then about seeing how they take to it and are comforted by it. What sold me on it was when our neighbor’s dog had a terrible injury (she impaled her abdomen with a piece of stray barbed wire, one of those random country things). We were only able, with extreme difficulty due to her pain, to snip the wire down enough so she could move (it turned out that internally the wire was pressing down on a torn artery and keeping her from hemorrhaging, so a reminder not to yank things out when one is tempted to…). There was no way we could have lifted her without jostling that wire and open wound and causing much more pain. All the while, she was whimpering, and had the most pleading look in her eyes. It was awful.
    Then my neighbor ran and dragged her kennel down to the field and said, “Maggie, go to bed.” The sweet dog very gently maneuvered herself into the kennel, which my sweetheart and Maggie’s owner then lifted into our cargo van and raced to the vet. That kennel was Maggie’s safe place and after I saw her go to it in a time of extreme pain and distress, I knew I wanted our next dogs to have that same feeling of comfort, whether it’s on the 4th of July or if they’re ever injured or ill.
    Now we feed ours in their kennels, so they have happy associations with them, and we leave the doors open and often find them curled up in there, napping, when they need some time to themselves.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – what an amazing dog story, one I won’t soon forget and just the encouragement I need to keep using Hazel’s crate. Did the dog survive this terrible accident? I’m afraid to ask.

      1. Beth T.

        She did! We have a wonderful group of vets just 5 miles down the road. They did emergency surgery, just whisked her right in, and were able to repair the vessel and avoid any infection from the rusty wire. She was a really good, sweet dog, and we were all very relieved. I will never forget that. I heard her crying in the field and I climbed over our 6″ chain link fence to see what was wrong–John said he looked out the window and saw me “flying over the fence”. But really, what stayed with me was how Maggie (the dog) thought of her kennel as her sheltering place, when I’d been thinking of it as a cold, possibly harsh choice. We thought we had dog raising down, but we learned something and changed our routine for the better. (For us, at least.)

  5. Amy

    Oh my gosh…where to start. That face looking at you is just to die for! Good think Hazel isn’t a little kid that can ask for candy or toys, she would be more spoiled! The New York Beauty is WOW! Not on my bucket list because precision to that degree is not my thing but that is absolutely WOW! I don’t think you have to worry about Hazel being social at your house but it was probably good for her to play with someone her own size 🙂 My sister’s lab, Al, loved his crate. If the door was closed he would stand there until you opened it so he could get in. I agree with Becky, who doesn’t love their own bed!! So the dead bird, did she actually catch it, is she that fast? I haven’t seen a spec of any color on her, is she solid white? How many baths are you having to give her to keep her clean? This is quickly becoming the Hazel blog!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy – she has some gray/brown spots on her ears and eye liner around one eye. Really was hoping she had the typical JRT markings but I think she’s pretty adorable the way she is, too!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy – I didn’t answer all your questions. The cats killed the bird – she just took credit-ha! I have not bathed her yet. The dirt must rub off on her bed because she’s very clean!

  6. Teresa

    She is so adorable! We crate trained our dog and he loved it. If there were too many people over and he wanted a break he went in on his own. We had the rule if he was in there children were to leave him alone.

  7. Linda James

    Hazel is precious! Do I detect wire-hair rather than smooth coat? Love the quilts, too! Crates are just flat out safe and security.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – I think she’ll have a broken coat – somewhat wiry which will make living with weeds and brush lots easier.

  8. Betty Klosterman

    The barbed wire reminded me of something I read many years ago. People were moving and the kids were helping carry stuff. The boy was carrying Gramma’s knitting bag, fell and was impaled on one of the knitting needles. They took the kid to the hospital, knitting needle and all. The doctor said they were very lucky they left the needle in as if they had pulled it out, he might have bled to death. It was plugging the hole…
    Your little dog is really cute. They really know how to wind a person around their paw. You’re sunk.
    And doesn’t it really give a person a feeling of accomplishment to do a New York Beauty? And when they are paper pieced, they are just a snap to make. How do you feel about making them now that you have had some experience?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – I actually enjoyed the New York Beauty experience and would make another one someday. The knitting needle story echoed the barbed wire story – don’t pull anything out!

  9. Debbie grisanti

    The quilt you made Is beautiful, but Hazel is a little more beautifuller!!!!! It’s not a word, but it fits!

  10. Teresa

    Hazel is a little doll! Every dog needs a crate, it is their safe place. Like the Teresa above, when our dogs are in their crates no one is to bother them because they go there to rest and relax. I’ll suggest that you might want to cover three sides of the crate so she feels more ‘den-like’ when she’s in there.

    The pink and grey quilt for your groomer is adorable! She is very fortunate to have clients who care about her.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Teresa – I actually pull down the 4th side of the cover during naps and nighttime.

  11. Sue

    Hazel reminds me of a pure white terrier I had when I was a little girl. I dressed him in doll clothes and took him for rides in my baby buggy. When he got tired of it, he would jump out and go find my parents downtown at the coffee shop. (We lived in a very small town and our house was practically in town)
    Anyway, everyone would enjoy my Sugar Pie in his doll dresses. They are great little dogs, especially when treated like an important member of the family.
    I love the crate idea. I would do that if I got another dog. We have been 6 years now without one.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – I keep thinking of this little white terrier in clothes riding in a buggy! Ha!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jennifer – yes, she is named for our mom who would have expressed outrage on the surface but would have been secretly pleased that such a cute little thing was named after her.

      1. Beth T.

        We named our Mary after John’s mom. At the time, I still hoped we might be able to have kids, and I asked him was he sure, because that would take it out of the running for a kid of our own. Later, when no “real” babies came, I was glad we’d given our girl his mom’s name–we sure loved our Mary, and she was a honey. I do think one of his sisters thought it was a little off to give a dog their mom’s name, though, even though she was crazy about our dog. Oh well.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Beth T. – Faye was named for Rick’s mom and when she died last May, we just assumed that our next girl would be named for my mom, Hazel. I have favorite names, too, that I had picked out for kids but never got to use. Sad.

  12. Delores

    The top picture of Hazel peering out the window needs to be made a poster. Everything in it has promise – Hazel with her beautiful eyes-nose-ears (all perfect), the Mason jars with “pretties”, the window, door frame, the step…..
    Thanks for sharing Hazel, lovely quilts, Hannah and you.

  13. Kathy

    Thank you for sharing your fun day with us, your reader friends. Love the pink and gray quilt and am inspired to make one from my scraps. That Hazel is going to keep melting our hearts with the cute pictures.

  14. Susan Jonak

    I think Hazel is just the cutest-and am so very happy for you-you’re the perfect Mom and you will find crate training is the best-no worry about her chewing an electrical cord in the middle of the night-and our dogs love their crates-we took one down and our golden would go to the exact spot it was and curl up as if it was still there. I am so glad that you waited till just the right time to find this special pup. Thanks for posting and letting us share her with you-

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan – I am still haunted by those very sad days just one year ago this week when we brought Faye home from Iowa State University. Hazel is a welcome diversion and certainly will keep me busy.

  15. Lee

    Mary, the New York Beauty is so beautiful. A pattern so old done so modern. You rock!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lee – thank you! I’ll take another picture when I get it hung.

  16. Lauren

    Hazel is absolutely adorable. I am so happy for you that the empty space in your heart is being filled. We love each of our pets and can’t replace them with another. Each animal gives us different love and finds that special place in our hearts.

  17. Barbara Russell

    She couldn’t be much cuter! She is a lucky puppy to have found her home with you!

  18. Ann Barlament

    I’m a lover of large dogs, but Hazel’s sweet face certainly pulls at the heart-strings!!!

  19. Pat Smith

    I’m loving these pictures of Hazel! I get to enjoy your puppy vicariously. With 2 Shellie’s I’m not going to be having a puppy any time soon. Dogs are the best (with cats and goats close behind!

  20. Kathy Hanson

    Hazel is so precious and your quilts are gorgeous!! Love hearing all about your new baby and see your quilts! Your blog makes my day…….

  21. Paula (Texas)

    I love your little sweetheart! I want one! Does she get along with your cats? I have three, soon to be five when my daughter and her husband move in for awhile.

  22. Pat Pratt

    Love the New York Beauty quilt!!
    Hazel is growing so fast, I can see it in her pictures. She’s going to outgrow your lap way too soon!

  23. Wendy

    The picture of Hazel in the window frame is just precious. However did you get her to sit still for that? Your NY beauty is amazing. Have always wanted to make one of those. The gray and pink baby quilt is wonderful too. Lucky dog groomer!! Thanks for sharing all of your treasures with us.

  24. Freda Ireland

    We are just Loving all the Hazel PIC’s!!! (Love all of your Blog!!!) Read all Comments today & your Blog MAKES MY DAY Too! Not much more that I can Add to all the Hazel & Quilt Comments and all the Crate Advice! You have great supporters! Just Keep this blog going!!! William & I LOVE it!
    Thanks for all the Time Effort & $’s that it takes!
    Freda in Alabama!

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