You won’t believe this!

I am a novice machine quilter, at best. Can you believe I quilted a scrap of paper in the center of this spiral quilting????
Went to see the movie “God Is Not Dead” tonite- excellent movie!
Temps went from 65 degrees this afternoon to 25 degrees tonite with a wind chill in the single digits….brrrrrr!

12 thoughts on “You won’t believe this!

  1. Gail

    Mary, that’s a riot – about quilting in the piece of paper!
    It was 66˚ here today, but very windy. Looks like your temps dropped like a rock. It’s just 56˚ here right now, but we will be getting a rain/snow mix in the next 2 days. Guess old man winter is still not done with us.

  2. Beth T.

    Heck, yeah, I believe it. Not too long ago, still very early in my machine quilting life, I quilted a scrap of fabric to the back of a quilt. The good news was that with very, very careful snipping, thread by thread, I was able to remove it without having to unpick all my quilting. Hang in there. And thanks for sharing!

  3. MartyCae

    I went to the movie last night also. Excellent movie! I recommend it to everyone. My question is – is it ever going to get warm?

  4. Lynn

    Love the quilting and the embellishment! Haven’t we all sewn something into our quilt that wasn’t supposed to be there at one time or another?? Glad to hear that movie is good because I saw NOAH over the weekend and it was AWFUL!!

  5. Beth Strand

    You’ve invented a new technique…paper quilting! lol Actually, I’ve several times found I quilted a small scrap of fabric into the back of my quilt. I’ve become quite adept at removing them without removing the stitching, actually!

  6. Kathie Chapman

    Now that’s something I would do. Congrats on the quilting though – looks great!

  7. Jane Dumler

    At least you didn’t quilt the edge of the backing to the back–been there and done that. You just invented tear away quilting!!

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Maybe it’s the Chinese in me but I see a fortune quilt. I love the machine quilting, you have to share how you did this since I’ve started to machine quilt more. Think Happy Spring!

  9. Ann Barlament

    The first washing, that paper will disappear…just like magic!!

    I looked at my stack of UFO’s and said, which one wants to become a spiral?!?!?! Love it!!!

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